Https // employee questdiagnostics com – Login Portal for Employees

Using the employee self-service portal at, Quest Diagnostics employees can access their PeopleSoft Employee Self Service.  An employee can access their individual payroll data, benefits information, and personnel files online once logged into the secure site.  

A User ID and Password are required to access the employee portal, which is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to all employees.

How to Access the Quest Diagnostics Employee Portal

The Quest Diagnostics employee portal allows employees to assist with managing their personnel records and payroll information.  Many of the edits that are normally processed through the Human Resources department can be performed by each employee through the ESS portal.  

If you need to change your address, add a dependent, verify your timesheet, change your deductions, and more can be done by the employee online.  This saves HR and management lots of time and allows employees the ability to help manage their file.

Login Details for Quest Employees or Guests

When logging in to the site users will need to go through the User Verification process that asks specific questions to verify your identity. You will definitely need to know your Quest Diagnostics Employee ID number along with your Remote Access Serial Number. If you are not aware where this number is it is located underneath the grid on your card.  

How to Login to Quest Employee Portal


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How to Login for Guests

  • visit
  • Under Guests click the Visit button

You will be taken to Quest’s HR Portal with several options to choose how you want to navigate the website.

The actual grid has coordinates as well which are needed to authenticate your card.  You will notice B2, E3, and F3 coordinates with values that you will enter during the authentication process.

After you’ve successfully completed the logon process you will have access to your individual file online.  Any questions you may have about your benefits or payroll can be answered by reviewing the information in your file.  

There is no need to contact your Human Resources, Payroll department, or Supervisor when you have certain issues because the Quest Diagnostics portal provides you with lots of information from your file that you can access.

QuestDiagnostics Employee Self Service Info

In addition to company benefits information, Quest Employee Self Service is available at When you have questions about your benefits or simply want to review what you signed up for, you can log in to your employee portal through the employee portal instead of having to find your benefits packet during your New Hire Orientation. You can access the information at any time and it is always up-to-date.

At Open Enrollment time, employees can easily login and select the changes they want to make to their healthcare plans online.  It simplifies the Open Enrollment process since no paperwork is required.

A further benefit of the Quest Diagnostics Employee Self Service is that employees will receive their W-2s when it is time to file taxes.  A W-2 is no longer mailed to your home, but can be accessed online faster when it becomes accessible. Using the employee login page at, you can download the form and print it out.

www healowpay com – Online Patient Pay

The Healowpay web portal is an online payment source and resource for patients to pay their medical bill along with review some of their health billing data..  The site is easy to use and is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week for patients to access from their home computer, mobile devices, or smartphones.

How to Access Healowpay

  • Visit
  • Enter your statement code
  • Enter your last name
  • Click the blue Login button

If you do not have a statement code you can click the do not have a statement code link

Enter the following details:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Date of birth
  • Phone number
  • Click the blue Next button

What is Healowpay?

Healowpay is a convenient and electronic payment solution for providers to provide both online and in-office co-payment collection.  Typical payments made through Healowpay are for paying balances or past-due amounts.  

Healowpay makes the entire process of customer paying and tracking payments easier.  A text or email alert is generated instantly as billing statements are generated.  Payments are made directly through a link in your text message or email with no paperwork involved which ultimately saves time for the patient and the provider’s billing staff.

Healow Pay Account Features

  • Access e-statements
  • Provides 24/7 online access to your account
  • Make payments online
  • View your balance
  • Access billing data from any heathlow provider from one centralized location
  • Track your payment history

HealowPay Payment Services Overview

healow Pay™ makes it easy for your patients to pay their bills online. And that could mean less paperwork and faster collections for your practice.  When payments are made they are tied directly to the actual claim.

healow Pay can be used through a healow secure text. Patients simply provide a phone number to receive statements via a secure text link. They can then easily make payments without having to log in to a portal and with no need to remember a username and password.

With healow pay, patients can choose to pay by:

  • Secure text message
  • Email
  • Clicking on a “Bill Pay” button providers can put on their website*


www searchpeoplefree com – Free Online Search For People is an online resource for users to find public information on anyone within the United States.  The site is free to use and anyone can type in their search criteria to find information on someone.

How Does SearchPeopleFree Work?

Search People FREE allows you to find information about anyone. The People Search fields at the top of their website allow you to enter a person’s name as well as their city and state of residence. By reviewing results, including identifying information, you can confirm that the person you’re looking for is the one you want:

  • Full name
  • Age
  • Current and former addresses
  • Current and former phone numbers
  • Likely relatives and associates
  • Corporations or businesses with which they’re associated

When you find someone, click “More Free Details” to find out even more information about them. You can also access the person’s entire background history (including criminal records, bankruptcies, foreclosures, etc.).

SearchPeopleFree Website Search Criteria

The website gives visitors four ways to search for people.  The four ways are:

  • Name
  • Phone number
  • Address
  • Email address

If you have any of these 4 search components you can be that much closer to performing a successful search for someone.  

How to Use SearchPeopleFree

Select from the 4 categories you want to search:

  • Name
  • Phone 
  • Address 
  • Email

Enter in the information and click the black Search button

The website scours the web and retrieves public data that identifies with the criteria you put in the search field.  Some of the results you will see are:

  • Names and locations of people that share the same name
  • Ages
  • Current and previous residences
  • Phone numbers
  • Related family members

SearchPeopleFree Remove – How to Opt Out

If you desire to have your public removed from Searchpeoplefree for whatever reason you can visit their SearchPeopleFree opt-out page to have your info removed – here’s how:

  • Visit
  • Enter your email address
  • Agree to terms
  • Click Begin removal process button

The next step is you will receive an email including a link to validate your email address.  Click the link to validate your email which begins the opt-out process

Search for your records and click the details link which will display your record

Look towards the bottom of the record detail page and click remove this record button.

How to Contact Search People Free

If you have questions or need to contact the people behind the Search People Free website you can visit and complete the online form – it requires:

  • Name 
  • Email
  • Subject
  • Your message
  • Click the Send this message button 

Send Correspondence to:

PO Box 17598

Baltimore, MD  21297

Call 1-800-958-6869


Www comerco com lowes to register – Lowe’s Protection Plan Registration

Enhance your coverage with Lowe’s Canada Protection Plan. Additionally, it eases the burden of unexpected failures. This warranty extends beyond the limited warranty offered by the manufacturer. Here are a few benefits offered by Comerco Services Inc. (Comerco):

  • No deductible to pay
  • No-lemon warranty*
  • Transferable from one owner to the next without charge
  • Up to 4 additional years on parts and labor

*Replacement after the fourth failure of the same major part during the coverage period of the Plan.

Customers can register by phone or online at to register.

How to Register for Lowes Canada Protection Plan Insurance

It’s easier than ever to register for a Protection Plan. The registration process is safe and secure, and you can attach your receipt if you wish to keep it safe. to register

Enter the following info:

  • EPP code/Activation code
  • Protection Plan code
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Primary and Secondary Telephone number
  • Email address
  • City
  • Country
  • Province
  • Zip Code

How to Upload Your Lowe’s Receipt

  • On the Lowe’s Canada protection plan registration page Under Invoice file click the Select files button
  • locate your receipt on your computer hard drive
  • Click the receipt for uploading

How to Register Comerco Lowes Plan By Phone

Customers will need to speak with customer service to register their plan – here is the phone number and availability:

  • Call 1-866-375-7869

Monday – Friday 8am to 8pm EST

How to Initiate a Service Request For Lowe’s Warranty

Need to manage a Protection Plan, make a service request or order product? Connect to Comerco’s website.

  • visit to register
  • Under Request for Service click the Get Started button

Users have a few options to login and create a Comerco account, the most convenient is if you are already logged in to your Facebook, Google, or Microsoft accounts.  If you want a simpler way to register simply click the button on the right side of the screen and your account will automatically be created.  The manual route to registering for an account is via the “Register as a new user” link.

Click the Register as a new user link

If you are a customer under the Customer section click the blue Register button

enter the following details:

  • email address
  • password
  • first name
  • last name
  • telephone number
  • address
  • Retailer

It’s mandatory to create an account with the same name as the owner of a Comerco Protection Plan if you already have one.

  • click the blue Register button

How to Retrieve Your Login Info

  • visit
  • click the “Have you forgotten your password link”
  • enter your email address
  • click the blue Submit button

You should receive reset instructions in your email inbox

At the end click the blue Submit button to submit your online registration with receipt attached.

Contact Customer Service

Call 1-866-465-6937

Reference to register

www mydocbill com quest – Access Your Bill Online

www mydocbill com quest – Access Your Bill Online

Quest Diagnostic patients looking to pay their bill online can visit the MyDocBill Quest Diagnostics website.  This is a new pay portal for patients to pay their bill as the previous Quest Diagnostics website is switching over to the MyDocBill Quest site.  You should see a notice on the old site.

How to Pay Your MyDocBill Quest Bill

To help visitors pay their Quest Diagnostics bill they can follow this brief guide to assist you with the transition to the new site.  MyDocBill is a new online service provided by Quest Diagnostics allowing customers to pay their bill online.

To get started you will need to have the guarantor’s account number and date of birth

Enter the following info:

  • Account number
  • Patient date of birth
  • Click the gray Sign In button

www mydocbill com quest – Access Your Bill Online

To check to see your itemized bill after logging in you can click the down arrow next to History to enter the date range of services you want an itemized bill for.  Your results will be displayed via a PDF.

Need Help Logging In

If you need assistance logging in to the website you can click the Need Help Logging In link

Enter your email address and date of birth

Click the gray Continue button

How to Make a MyDocBill Payment Online

There are a few ways to pay your Quest Diagnostics bill which are online, by phone, or mail.  

Pay Online


Complete the online information

After you have signed in you will have the option to make an online payment via entering in your credit card info – the site accepts:

American Express




Electronic debit

Pay By Phone

Call Customer Service at 1-866-254-3859

Pay By Mail

On your billing statement there should be a mailing address for checks or money orders.  The invoice on your bill needs to accompany your payment.

Who is MyDocBill For

Any patient or guarantor that received a MyDocbill Quest bill in the mail may be eligible to use MyDocBill using the guarantor account number and guarantor’s date of birth.

A guarantor is a person who covers the cost of a patient’s clinical services. In most cases, the guarantor is the patient if that patient is over 18 years old. Usually, the parent of a patient under 18 years of age is the guarantor, as he or she presents the child to the doctor at the visit.

Contact Customer Service

Call 1-866-254-3859

Monday – Thursday 8:30am to 5pm

Friday 9am to 4pm

Automated attendant is available 24/7

What is MyDocBill

There may be some people that ask the question “is MyDocBill legit” and the answer to the question is MyDocBill is an online service provided by Zotec Partners, the billing service provider for Quest Diagnostics, that provides guarantors secure access to pay their bill, update insurance, edit their profile, and view their account history.

MyDocBill Account Features

  • Access your account
  • Pay your medical bills
  • Update insurance
  • Recall billing history