Https // employee questdiagnostics com – Login Portal for Employees

Using the employee self-service portal at, Quest Diagnostics employees can access their PeopleSoft Employee Self Service.  An employee can access their individual payroll data, benefits information, and personnel files online once logged into the secure site.  

A User ID and Password are required to access the employee portal, which is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to all employees.

How to Access the Quest Diagnostics Employee Portal

The Quest Diagnostics employee portal allows employees to assist with managing their personnel records and payroll information.  Many of the edits that are normally processed through the Human Resources department can be performed by each employee through the ESS portal.  

If you need to change your address, add a dependent, verify your timesheet, change your deductions, and more can be done by the employee online.  This saves HR and management lots of time and allows employees the ability to help manage their file.

Login Details for Quest Employees or Guests

When logging in to the site users will need to go through the User Verification process that asks specific questions to verify your identity. You will definitely need to know your Quest Diagnostics Employee ID number along with your Remote Access Serial Number. If you are not aware where this number is it is located underneath the grid on your card.  

How to Login to Quest Employee Portal


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How to Login for Guests

  • visit
  • Under Guests click the Visit button

You will be taken to Quest’s HR Portal with several options to choose how you want to navigate the website.

The actual grid has coordinates as well which are needed to authenticate your card.  You will notice B2, E3, and F3 coordinates with values that you will enter during the authentication process.

After you’ve successfully completed the logon process you will have access to your individual file online.  Any questions you may have about your benefits or payroll can be answered by reviewing the information in your file.  

There is no need to contact your Human Resources, Payroll department, or Supervisor when you have certain issues because the Quest Diagnostics portal provides you with lots of information from your file that you can access.

QuestDiagnostics Employee Self Service Info

In addition to company benefits information, Quest Employee Self Service is available at When you have questions about your benefits or simply want to review what you signed up for, you can log in to your employee portal through the employee portal instead of having to find your benefits packet during your New Hire Orientation. You can access the information at any time and it is always up-to-date.

At Open Enrollment time, employees can easily login and select the changes they want to make to their healthcare plans online.  It simplifies the Open Enrollment process since no paperwork is required.

A further benefit of the Quest Diagnostics Employee Self Service is that employees will receive their W-2s when it is time to file taxes.  A W-2 is no longer mailed to your home, but can be accessed online faster when it becomes accessible. Using the employee login page at, you can download the form and print it out.