DDVWU DU7 Massage Gun Review – Excellent Muscle Pain Relief

Massages are the best way to unwind after a tough workout or a long day at work. Perhaps you’ve been wondering if the ddvwu massage gun is the right choice for you if you’re looking to enjoy the benefits of massage at home.

In order for you to make an informed decision, in this DDVWU DU7 massage gun review we are hoping to provide you with relevant, accurate information. Afterwards you should be able to decide if the DDVWU massage gun is right for you, we take a closer look at it and try to answer these questions:

  • What is the ddvwu massage gun?
  • ddvwu massage gun how to use
  • How long does ddvwu massage gun last?
  • What comes with the ddvwu massager?
  • Is the ddvwu massage gun worth it?
  • Do the ddvwu massage gun actually work?

What is the DDVWU Massage Gun


There are a variety of benefits to massage gun therapy, including improved athletic performance, quicker recovery times, and relief from muscle soreness and tension. With a massage gun, you are in complete control of how much pressure you want and where it goes. 

DDVWU DU7 massage gun review

The following benefits may be enjoyed with muscle massagers such as the ddvwu massage gun model:

  • Relief from stress and muscle tension
  • Increased circulation 
  • Faster healing and muscle recovery
  • Improved mobility and flexibility
  • Reduced pain and soreness
  • Increased range of motion 

The DDVWU Massage Gun is available on Amazon.  It is a popular product that has over 8,800 customer ratings.  83% of customers rated the product 5 stars – click to read customer reviews!! 

Check the ddvwu massage gun price!

Handheld percussion massage guns like the ddvwu massage gun are competitively priced. With this device, you can adjust the intensity and choose from twelve interchangeable massage heads. Enjoy hours of soothing massage and don’t worry about disturbing others with its quiet design. 


What is So Special About the DDVWU Massager?

Reliable and customizable performance is a hallmark of the best massage guns. As well as offering deep-tissue massage, they must have a long battery life to relieve your pain. There are seven intensity levels and a 3300mAh rechargeable battery on the ddvwu cordless massage gun.

Product Highlights

  • Equipped with 3300mAh high quality lithium-ion battery
  • Last up to 15 hours on a single charge
  • 12 massage heads
  • 7 speed levels
  • Noise level less than 40 DB
  • Comes with a carrying case
  • LCD touch display
  • 22-70lbs strength
  • Weighs 1.98lbs

How do you use the DDVWU DU7 Percussion Massager?

Using intelligent high-frequency impact force, the DDVWU DU7 professional massage gun eliminates deeper muscle lactic acid.  It shocks and penetrates the deep tissue of the muscle with its high torque and surging power.

Ultimately, this leads to less physical fatigue and a greater sense of vitality.  It is great for the office worker, body builder, active seniors, and manual workers.  Among the muscles targeted are:

  • Shoulders
  • Chest
  • Abdominals
  • Legs
  • Arms
  • Back

Utilize one of the 12 massage heads to penetrate tired muscles in any of the above muscle groups.

How Long Does DDVWU Massage Gun Battery Last?

The ddvwu massage gun du7 is projected to last from 8 to 15 hours on a single charge depending on how you use it.  It has a 10 minute auto-pause setting to extend the battery life.

It has a built-in rechargeable lithium ion battery that can be charged to full capacity overnight.

What Comes in the Box of the DDVWU Massage Gun?

You’ll get everything you need to start relieving tension and muscle soreness with the DDVWU cordless muscle massager. The massage gun comes with a charging cable and 12 interchangeable massage head attachments. 

Included with this massage gun are the following attachments:

Round head:  for large muscle groups – back, leg, and waist

U-Shape head:  relieve cervical spine stiffness

Dispersed shaped head:  should massage

T-shaped head:  arms, foot massage

Spade head:  relax hamstrings, glutes

Flat head:  relax and reline whole body muscles

Semicircle Head:  relieve shoulder, arms, legs

Gyro Head:  massaging soft tissue

Thumb head:  massage soft tissue

Fan-shaped head:  back muscles

The DDVWU Massage Gun is available on Amazon.  It is a popular product that has over 8.800 customer ratings.  83% of customers rated the product 5 stars – click to read customer reviews!!

Check the ddvwu massage gun price!

Does DDVWU Massage Gun Really Work?

DDDVWU massage guns might be the perfect choice if you’re looking for an affordable, compact model. With twelve massage heads, you can target the particular muscles that need the most attention. Because it is lightweight, it is very portable. 

You can benefit from the ddvwu cordless muscle massager.  In addition to soothing sore, stiff, and aching muscles, it is a simple, compact device that can be used anywhere.

A rechargeable battery can last up to 15 hours on the handheld design. You might be interested in the ddvwu cordless massager if you’re an athlete seeking muscle recovery or suffer from chronic pain. 

Regardless whether you choose the ddvwu massage gun or another model, we hope this DDVWU DU7 Massage Gun Review provided the insight you needed to make an informed decision. 

Reference:  https://ewr1.vultrobjects.com/ddvwu/ddvWu-massage-gun-review.html

www.toyotafuelpumpssettlement.com – Toyota Lexus Fuel Pumps Settlement

A class action lawsuit involving a proposed settlement has been filed against the Toyota Motor Corporation and Toyota Motor North America, Inc including Denso International America involving Toyota and Lexus vehicles.  If you feel this settlement includes you continue reading so you can learn of your rights and steps to take prior to any deadline.  A website has been established:

If You Own or Lease or Previously Owned, Purchased, or Leased Certain Toyota or Lexus Vehicles Equipped with Denso Fuel Pumps, You Could Get Benefits from a Class Action Settlement.


What is the Toyota-Lexus Fuel Pumps Settlement?

Denso and its affiliates are accused of manufacturing defective fuel pumps that are installed in certain Toyota and Lexus vehicles.  Neither Toyota nor Denso admit any wrongdoing, and the Court has not decided the outcome.  In the end, the parties settled their differences.

What Criteria is Necessary to be Included in the Toyota Lexus Proposed Settlement?

There are certain criteria that must be met to be included in the settlement which starts with the following date – September 19, 2022.  These criteria must have been met prior to the September 19th date:

  • You own or owned, purchase(d), or lease(d) a Toyota or Lexus vehicle covered under this Settlement (“Covered Vehicles”); and
  • Your Covered Vehicle was distributed for sale or lease in any of the fifty States, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and all other United States territories and/or possessions.

A full list of the Covered Vehicles and the VINs can be found at the Toyota-Lexus Fuel Pumps Settlement website and follow these instructions:

  • visit www.ToyotaFuelPumpsSettlement.com 
  • On the right side of the page click the VIN Look Up button

  • Enter your vehicles 17 digit VIN number
  • Click the blue Submit button


There is also a list of vehicles which you can browse the list to see if your vehicle falls in line with the categories.  At the toyotafuelpumpssettlement website click the Documents button at the top of the page and click the Long Form Notice link.

That link will display the court documents which near the bottom of the list of pages includes a comprehensive list of vehicles covered under this settlement.

What is the Settlement Offering?

There are a number of benefits to be expected from this settlement which basically centers around the vehicle.  Here is a list of benefits:

  • Customer Support Program which will provide prospective coverage of 15 years, measured from the date of original sale, for any repairs to correct defects in the fuel pumps or an Extended New Parts Warranty of 15 years, measured from July 15, 2021 or 150,000 miles, whichever comes first.  
  • Offers a complimentary Loaner/Towing Program for vehicles undergoing repairs
  • Reimbursement of certain out-of-pocket expenses
  • Reconsideration procedure
  • Settlement oversight by a Settlement Special Master

Some of these toyotafuelpumpssettlement.com benefits require action by Class Members by certain deadlines. 

Accident-related claims such as wrongful death, personal injury, or property damage are not covered by this Settlement.

What is Required to be Included in the toyotafuelpumpssettlement?

If you do nothing, you will remain in the Class, receive certain benefits and will not be able to sue Toyota, Denso, or the Released Parties.  

You can exclude yourself by December 2, 2022, if you don’t want to be part of the Settlement.  You won’t get any settlement benefits, but you keep the right to sue Defendants.  

You can submit a Claim Form by a date to be set, which will not be earlier than 90 days after the Court’s issuance of the Final Order and Final Judgment, if you have out-of-pocket expenses covered by the Settlement and don’t exclude yourself.  

According to toyotafuelpumpssettlement.com you can object to all or part of the Settlement by November 25, 2022, if you don’t exclude yourself.  The full notice describes how to exclude yourself, submit a Claim Form, and/or object.

The Court will hold a fairness hearing on December 14, 2022 at 10 a.m. ET to: (a) consider whether the proposed settlement is fair, reasonable, and adequate; and (b) decide the plaintiffs’ lawyers’ request for fees up to $28.5 million and costs and expenses of up to $500,000 and Class Representative service awards of either $2,500 or $3,500 each, depending upon whether they had an inspection.  

The motion for attorneys’ fees, costs, and expenses, and Class Representative service awards will be posted on the website after they are filed.  You may but are not required to appear at the hearing, and you may hire an attorney to appear for you, at your own expense.

Where to Send Questions?

If you have questions that you need answers for you can submit correspondence to the following address:

Cheng v. Toyota Motors

℅ Kroll Settlement Administration

PO Box 5324

New York, NY  10150-5324

Call 1-833-512-2318

If you want to use the Contact Form on the toyotafuelpumpssettlement website click the Contact link at the top of the homepage and complete the form with the following info:

  • Class Member ID
  • First name
  • Middle name
  • Last name
  • Address
  • Select the option that best describes you
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Message Subject
  • Entire Message
  • Click the blue Submit button

For more information or a Claim Form call 1-833-512-2318 or visit www.ToyotaFuelPumpsSettlement.com.

Www getpgoffer com costco – Earn a  Costco Shop Card

Www getpgoffer com costco – Earn a $25 Costco Shop Card

Costco shoppers can take advantage of an exclusive offer to receive a $25 Costco Shop Card via the getpgoffer Costco program.  The program is running from August 29, 2022 until September 25, 2022 and as long as shoppers purchase $100 of select P&G products they are eligible to receive the $25 card.  

P&G Costco 2022 Program Details

Purchase $100 of select P&G products (after discounts and before taxes & shipping costs) at US Costco locations in warehouse or online and earn a $25 Costco shop card by mail.

  • Visit www.getpgoffer.com costco
  • Valid for Costco members 
  • Must be US residents
  • Only for US purchases
  • Limit 2 Costco Shop Cards per valid US Costco membership number
  • Promotion period runs from 8/29/2022 – 9/25/2022
  • Receipt submissions must be postmarked or submitted before 12am PST 10/31/2022
  • Participants can receive 2 shop cards per valid US Costco membership number

What are the Eligible brands?

Align®, Always®, Bounce®, Bounty®, Cascade®, Charmin®, Crest®, Dawn®, Downy®, Downy® Unstopables, Febreze®, Gain®, Gillette®, Gillette® Venus, Head & Shoulders®, Metamucil®, Mr. Clean®, Olay®, Old Spice®, Oral-B®, Pantene®, Pepto Bismol®, Prilosec OTC®, Secret®, Swiffer®, Tide®, Tampax® Pearl and Vicks®.

How to Submit a GetPGOffer Costco Warehouse Purchase Online

  • Visit getpgoffer.com costco

If you are new to the website and this is your first time submitting receipts you will need to register for an online account.

  • Under the Register section click the red GO button

Www getpgoffer com costco – Earn a  Costco Shop Card

Enter the following info:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Address
  • 12 digit Costco membership number
  • Email address
  • Password
  • Review the terms and conditions
  • Click the red Sign Up button

Once you have successfully created your account and logged in you can view your dashboard.  From here on every time you log in to your account it will show your upload history.

How to Submit a GetPGOffer Costco Warehouse purchase Online

  • Select Costco warehouse receipt option from the program getpgoffer.com costco website, select the number of participating products found on your receipt, upload the image of the receipt then click submit to complete submission.
  • Submit a Costco warehouse receipt as one (1) image formatted as jpeg, png, pdf, file types.
  • Maximum file size of 5MB per image.
  • Any personal information that appears on the sales receipt should be removed.

How to Submit a GetPGOffer Costco.com Purchase Online

  • Select Costco.com order option from the getpgoffer.com costco program website.
  • Input a valid Costco.com Order Number and click submit.
  • Purchases from Costco.com must be submitted online and cannot be mailed-in for processing.

How to Submit an GetPGOffer Costco Instacart Purchase Online

  • Select the Same-Day Costco.com Powered by Instacart or Instacart.com option from the www.getpgoffer.com costco program website.
  • Select the number of participating products found on your receipt then forward the Instacart Shipping Confirmation receipt to the email address displayed on the screen.
  • Forward the Instacart.com Shipping Confirmation from the email address that was used to register for the program. The email MUST be forwarded with no changes made to the body of the email or subject line.
  • Purchases from Instacart.com must be submitted online and cannot be mailed-in for processing.

How to Submit a GetPGOffer Costco Warehouse Purchase via mail-in

  • Obtain a submission form from a Costco warehouse location or print a submission form the getpgoffer.com costo homepage.
  • Mail completed submission form and copies of receipts to: P&G Spend $100 Program PO BOX 6093, Dept. 44706, Douglas, AZ 85655.
  • Mail-in Submissions must include participant’s full name, complete mailing address, email address, valid U.S. Costco membership number, and telephone number.
  • Mail-in submissions must include a legible qualifying receipt(s) of in-store purchases.
  • Mail-in Submissions must be postmarked no later than October 30, 2022.

How to Contact P&G Offer Costco Customer Service

If you have questions or need to speak with someone in customer service call toll free below:

  • Call 1-888-254-4054

Use the Contact Us form on the getpgoffer.com website homepage

  • Visit website
  • Click the Contact Us link
  • Complete the form and submit your question


www.getpgoffer.com costco

www.amex.us/getbusinessplat – Apply for Amex Business Platinum

If you’re a business owner and would like all of the exclusivity that comes with having an American Express Business Platinum card then take advantage of the offer to apply.  There are a number of benefits to being a member, here are some highlights:

Business Platinum Card Highlights

  • Earn 130,000 Membership Rewards points after spending $15,000 on qualifying purchases on the Business Platinum Card within your first 3 months of card membership
  • $695 annual fee
  • Earn 5 x points per dollar on travel

Visit www.amex.us/getbusinessplat

  • Earn 1x points per dollar on eligible purchases
  • Earn 1.5x points on various business uses, explained below

Ways to Apply

  • Online
  • By phone
  • Scan the QR Code with your smartphone camera

How to Apply for Amex Business Platinum Card Online

  • Visit www.amex.us/getbusinessplat
  • Enter your 14 digit Amex Get Business Platinum RSVP Code
  • Enter your zip code
  • Click the Apply Now button


If you do not have your RSVP number you can get assistance via the Can’t Find RSVP number on the amex.us/getbusinessplat homepage OR click the “Don’t Have Your RSVP link and enter the following details:

  • Legal business name
  • Street address
  • City
  • Zip code
  • State
  • Click the Search button

Continue on with the beginning of the application process which will require you to enter personal and business financial information.  At the end you will receive an instant decision that can take approximately 30 seconds.

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How to Apply for Amex Business Platinum Card by Phone

  • Call 1-800-276-2152

How to Apply for Amex Business Platinum Card by Smartphone

On the offer letter you received in the mail look for the QR Code that indicates you can scan with your smartphone.  After scanning the QR Code you will be prompted with a web address link – amex.us/getbusinessplat on your phone to click and go directly to the application website to apply.

Amex Business Platinum Card Rewards

Here is a breakdown of many of the features and perks that are tied to the Amex Business Platinum Card.  There are other basic benefits available but you can read the points below to see the value:

  • Earn 5x membership rewards points on flights and prepaid hotels at amextravel.com
  • Earn 1.5x points for every dollar spent on eligible purchases at US construction material and hardware suppliers, electronic goods retailers, software providers, shipping providers, including on eligible purchases of $5,000 or more everywhere else on up to $2 million of these purchases per calendar year
  • Earn 1x points for each dollar spent on eligible purchases
  • 35% airline bonus after using membership rewards Pay with Points for all or part of an eligible fare
  • Get up to $400 in statement credits per year toward US purchases with Dell Technologies 
  • Get up to $360 in statement credits per year for purchases with Indeed
  • Get up to $150 in statement credits per year for purchases for purchases with Adobe 
  • Get up to $120 in statement credits per year for wireless telephone service purchases

Amex FAQ

Who is the Amex Business Platinum Card For?

With the Amex Business Platinum card, you can receive some of the best travel benefits the world has to offer.

With this card you can put big purchases on your card and travel in luxury.

How do I qualify for an Amex Business Platinum Card?

It’s easier than you think to qualify for a business card, even for a big-name card like the Amex Platinum Business card.

It’s not necessary to have a complicated business structure or tons of employees.

You can qualify for business cards even if you’re just starting out. You can obtain a business card as a sole proprietor, freelancer, or independent contractor.

Credit scores, bank-specific application rules, income, and payment history (if applicable) for your other Amex credit cards all contribute to your approval.

Why does the American Express Business Platinum Card have an annual fee?

The $695 annual fee is high compared to most credit cards but there are plenty of premium features you will enjoy with the card that outweigh the annual fee.

What credit score is necessary to get approved for an Amex Business Platinum Card?

To get approved for a Business Platinum Card a credit score over 700 is required.  There will be a hard inquiry into your personal credit history.



www.tdbank.com/apply18 – Pre approval for TD Cash Card

Consumers that recently received an offer letter in the mail to apply for a TD Cash Credit Card can quickly apply for the card and get approved online.  If you received a letter you’re basically pre-approved for the card but just need to go through the online application process.  The other ways to apply are by phone or by mail but the online option is faster.

How to Apply for TD Cash Credit Card Online

Consumers interested in applying for the TD Cash Credit Card online can follow these steps from start to finish:


Begin the online application which will require the following info:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email address
  • Primary phone number
  • Secondary phone number
  • Social security number


  • Birth date
  • Address
  • Enter your TD Cash credit card preferred customer number
  • Residential status
  • Monthly rent or mortgage amount
  • Gross annual income
  • Source of income
  • Click the Next button

Continue on with the rest of the online application at tdbank.com/apply18 until you can submit the form for approval.  You will receive an instant decision on your application and learn if you’re approved and if approved your credit limit.

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How to Apply for TD Cash by Mail

If you received your credit card offer letter in the mail you can complete the application form attached to your offer letter and mail it back with the self-addressed envelope.

How to Apply for the TD Cash by Phone

To apply for the card by phone consumers can dial the toll free phone number and speak with a customer service representative live.  

  • Call 1-855-605-2458

TD Cash Credit Card Highlights

  • 0% introductory APR on balance transfers for 18 billing cycles after account opening
  • Earn a $200 bonus after spending $500 on eligible purchases within the first 90 days of account opening
  • 3% cash back on dining
  • 2% cash back at grocery stores
  • 1% cash back on other purchases
  • No caps
  • No limits
  • No expiration dates
  • No annual fee

Available Services With Your TD Cash Card

  • Enjoy Using the Digital Wallet
  • Visa Zero Liability
  • Instant credit card replacement
  • Contactless payments


When will I receive my new TD Cash Credit Card?

After getting approved online at www.tdbank.com/apply18 you should receive your card in the mail within 7-10 business days.

What are the credit limits for the TD Cash Card?

There is a starting minimum credit limit of $500 up to a max $25,000.

How do I request a credit limit increase?

You can call customer service via the toll free number on your offer letter.













How the Tomo Credit Card Pre Approval Works?

If you’re looking for a cashback reward credit card with no annual fees, Tomo Credit Card might be just the right product for you. Despite its low interest rates, no annual fees, and cashback rewards, this card offers a great value for your money. 

Moreover, you’ll only need an ITIN and a valid source of income to apply for the card.  And with no annual fee, you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of this credit card regardless of your financial situation.

Getting Started With Tomo Credit Card Apply

If you are interested in applying for a Tomo World Elite Mastercard you can follow these steps to getting started:

  • Visit Tomo credit card pre approval
  • Enter your email address
  • Click the Apply Now button

Tomo Credit Card Pre Approval

The next step is you will be creating your Tomo account – enter the following info:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email
  • Password
  • Click the Get Started button

Continue on with the rest of the Tomo credit card pre approval registration process and answer every question until you reach the end of the application process then wait for a decision.

What is Required to Apply for a Tomo Card?

If you have no credit history, you might be interested in applying for a Tomo credit card. The company uses several different data points to determine whether or not you will qualify for a credit card. 

  • Negative credit history will require more further screening
  • Minimum credit limit is $1,000
  • No interest on purchases
  • 18 years and older
  • Accepts social security, ITIN numbers, and travel passports
  • No credit history requirement
  • Must have a bank account

Who is the Tomo Card Designed for?

If you’re looking for a new credit card but don’t have a perfect credit history, you may be interested in a Tomo credit card review. This unsecured credit card is designed for people with less than perfect credit. 

Tomo uses alternative underwriting methods, so it doesn’t check your FICO score or VantageScore. Instead, they look at your bank and investment accounts to determine whether you’re a good risk for a new card. 

Tomo underwriters claim to evaluate your financial situation holistically, including how much money you have on hand, how you spend on your card, and how you manage your investments.

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Is Tomo Credit Card Legit?

If you have bad credit and are looking for a new credit card, you may want to consider the Tomo Credit Card pre approval offer. This credit card doesn’t require a security deposit and is a great option if you don’t have a good credit history. 

Having a checking and savings account and having a lot of money in savings is a good sign. You’ll also be more likely to qualify if you get paid on time.

There are many perks to the Tomo credit card. One of the biggest benefits is that it’s a no credit check, unsecured card that can help you build your credit. Even people with bad credit or no credit history can apply for it, and it doesn’t matter where you live. 

Tomo World Elite Mastercard Benefits

Up to $10,000 spending power

No credit history required

$0 fees

0% APR

Take 3 rides with Lyft and earn $5 credit

Free 3 months of DashPass and $5 off each month

Discounts on your first 5 boxes plus free shipping

Free membership 2 day shipping and returns at Shoprunner

Spend $20 on movie tickets or streaming via Fandango and get $5 off your next purchase

Access to travel rewards in over 40 cities 

Exclusive PGA Tour experiences and access to 1000+ private clubs

24/7 concierge service

$1000 cellphone protection

Mastercard ID Theft Specialists available 24/7/365

Zero Liability

Global Emergency


tomo credit card pre approval