www mygetpix com – Print Your Photos From Your Smartphone

If you’re looking for an easy way to print your cherished photos from your smartphone or mobile device wirelessly then the Mygetpix option is an easy solution for you.  You can already have your pictures stored on your phone then within minutes have those pics printed out in the size you want.

What is MyGetPix

Consumers can easily print images from their smartphones with MyGetPix, allowing them to display and share special moments. To get your photos processed, users simply upload their images to www.mygetpix.com and visit a photo kiosk near them. 

By entering the code they receive after uploading their images, they are ready to print their photos in no time. You can stop to the nearest Kiosk and use their printing platform to produce your My Get Pix quality photos in a matter of seconds.

Printing sizes for GetPix Quick include 4” x 6”, 5” x 7”, and 6” x 8”. Now you can pay with any major credit card via Square®, and you can also pay with Apple Pay and Google Pay.

How to Get Started With MyGetPix

  • Visit www.mygetpix.com
  • Read the terms and conditions
  • Place a check in the box
  • Click the I Accept button


  • Click the Select Photos button
  • Locate the pictures on your smartphone, mobile device, or PC that you want to upload

  • You should receive a code that you will need to write down which you will need to enter a the nearest Kiosk you’re planning to use to print your pictures
  • You can also select to have the code texted to your phone or sent to your email just click the blue Send Me This Code button and enter either your email address or phone number

***each code has an expiration date that you will need to have the pictures downloaded by – you are given a date and time

Download the MyGetPix Mobile App

There is also an app that is available for consumers to use that will allow them to upload their photos and transfer to a Kiosk.  It is an even easier solution for them and it works similarly to the mygetpix.com website.

Find a supported Fujifilm Kiosk at a participating retailer by visiting our kiosk locator at http://myfujifilmkiosk.com/.

How the App Works

Download the app from Google Play or the App Store

You have 4 options to choose from:

  • Connect & Transfer
  • Order Now
  • Preselect Photos
  • Scan & Order

When you are ready select the Preselect Photos button

Select the Mygetpix photos you want to transfer

Click the Connect & Transfer button

Transfer to Kiosk

Take note of the access code

Find the nearest Kiosk to visit to print out your pics

App Features and Benefits Include:

  • Use your mobile device without a cable to transfer images
  • Transferring images is faster than using Bluetooth
  • Only select and transfer images you intend to print or use for product creation
  • Skip the kiosk: By using your mobile device, you can order quick and easy photo prints in as little as 1 hour

Additional Features:

  • Preselect: Having trouble finding your perfect shot at the Fujifilm Kiosk? If you use the preselect feature at home, your most important photos will be ready the next time you visit a Fujifilm Kiosk.
  • Social Media: You can select photos from your Google, Facebook, Instagram, and Dropbox accounts before transferring them.