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www.Hdfreeunlimited.com reviews  Should I Buy? >> If you’ve been thinking about cutting the cord the time to do it is now.

Hdfreeunlimited.com reviews:  Who doesn’t understand that cable TV is expensive and not many people are satisfied with what’s available for watching.  With sports on hiatus with the coronavirus pandemic people have adjusted their thinking about paying extra money for cable TV.

Many of their friends have already made the switch from cable to an indoor antenna that is saving them money each month.  The indoor antenna can pick up many of the TV stations/channels they enjoy.

The great thing about indoor antennas is they can pickup HD quality pictures and you only pay once, not monthly.  This is why we’re introducing a popular antenna on the internet which is the HDFreeUnlimited as seen on TV powered antenna.

www.hdfreeunlimited.com reviews

What is Hd free unlimited?

This product is an indoors/outdoors antenna that spans 100 miles in diameter to pick up as many channels as possible back to your television screens.  It offers 4K viewing and if installed for outdoors use is protected from the elements as it’s weatherproof protecting from rain and snow.

Install wherever you think you will receive the best signal in your home/RV or outside and know it’s durable enough to last.  One of the intricate details HDfreeunlimited is if you’re in the vicinity of a cell phone tower which has the potential to interfere with most antenna signals, don’t worry this product is protected against that.  

Another feature you’ll like is with most of its competitors you can only use one antenna per television but with the HDfreeunlimited each antenna will power up to 3 televisions.

The best part about any cord cutting device is the one time price.  No more monthly payments, you’ll receive free television forever and it installs easily depending on where you want to mount it.

How HDfreeunlimited Works?

  • Technology to truly cut the cord
  • Receive free movies and networks
  • 100 mile range
  • Works indoors and outdoors
  • Rainproof
  • Snowproof
  • Reception that cuts through any weather
  • Delivers 4k resolution to any TV anywhere
  • Easy and works right out of the box
  • Perfect for apartments, boats, and RV’s

What is Included in the TV Offer?


If you saw this product on television here is a breakdown of what the TV offer is, note HDfreeunlimited is not sold in stores:

What is the price?

  • 3 payments of $33.33 or 1 payment of $100 with free processing & handling
  • $19.99 processing & handling
  • 60 day money back guarantee

What you get?

  • Deluxe Cable Cutting Kit
  • Fully assembled antenna with VHF extenders that help pull in stations in excess of 200 miles in diameter
  • Weather proof mounting bracket for indoors or outdoors
  • Cables necessary to setup
  • Powered amplifier 

Customer Service

For anyone that needs assistance customer service is available 24/7 free.  Here are the details for contacting them:

Phone: 1-888-596-2538 

Call between 8:30am to 5:30pm

Monday – Friday EST

Email:  customerservice@inventel.tv

Whenever you email you will receive a response within 24-48 hours


Inventel Products, LLC

200 Forge Way, Unit 1

Rockaway, NJ  07866

Should You Buy This Product?

www.Hdfreeunlimited.com reviews works just like most HD antennas that you can purchase anywhere.  You’re getting more control over what you watch at a much more affordable price.  The best incentive for purchasing this product is each antenna will power up to 3 televisions.  

You can try the product out and if you experience any problems simply return it under the 60 day money back guarantee.  

Pros of HDFreeunlimited

  • One time investment
  • Easy to install
  • Serves up to 3 televisions
  • Offers free FM radio
  • Built in 4G filter
  • Uses each TV’s existing remote
  • Get stations 100 miles in each direction which essentially covers a 200 mile diameter
  • Weather proof

Cons of HDFreeunlimited

  • New product with few customer reviews
  • Depending on may factors may not pick up as many channels

Final Thoughts

We all know cable TV tends to play the same movies and re-runs over and over again.  The problem with this is you’re paying for re-runs mostly.  Many of these shows, movies, or episodes can be found for free online.  So why continue to pay high cable prices each month.  

With www.Hdfreeunlimited.com reviews you will receive a product that has extra features that most typical HD antennas don’t offer.  This is your next grade antenna that you’ll want to consider.  One antenna powers 3 TV’s which is a big deal.  


www.hdfreeunlimited.com reviews