www paynuver com – Check Your Card Balance

Customers that have funds deposited on a prepaid or virtual card that uses the Paynuver portal can check their card balance online for free at the Paynuver website.  The site is available for cardholders to access 24 hours a day 7 days a week to view their funds.

How to Check Paynuver Balance

There are a couple ways to check your card balance – by phone or online, here is how to get started:

How to Access Paynuver Funds Online

First Time Registration

Since this is your first time visiting the site you will need to go through the registration process.  Follow the steps below:


  • Click the black Register button
  • Enter your email address
  • Click the Begin Registration button

  • You will receive a link in your email inbox
  • Click the Register link in your email inbox and be prepared to enter the following info:

First name

Last name

Email address

Create password

Enter 16 digit card number

Create your card PIN

Select which type of critical message you want to send

Click the Create your account button

Once you have completed the paynuver.com registration process you can login to your account.

Forgot Password

In case you forget your password you can click the I Forgot My Password link on the homepage of paynuver.com.

Your password will need to be reset so you will need to enter your email address and click the Reset My Password button

How to Unlock Your Paynover Account

If you have other problems preventing you from accessing our account you can try the Unlock My Account link which requires your email address.

How to Check Your Paynuver Balance by Phone

Call toll free number on the back of your card

Call 1-888-743-8863

How to Check Your Paynuver Balance by ATM

An ATM can be used but you will be charged an ATM fee.  Using the Paynuver website or calling the toll free options are free to use.

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Download and Features of the Paynuver App


  • Immediate Access to Funds
  • Account History and Balance Updates
  • Payment Notifications
  • Create New Accounts or Link Existing Accounts
  • Custom Email and Text Alerts
  • Account Fraud Protection
  • Access to 24x7x365 Bilingual Customer Support
  • View and Edit Account Profile
  • Freeze and Unfreeze Accounts
  • All Accounts in One Location

What is Paynuver?

If you are asking the question, “Is Paynuver legit” probably because the service is used by Paynuver Allegiant Airlines to refund customers when they cancel flights, please know it’s not a scam.  The airlines definitely use this service and offer it to their customers for reimbursements.

The Paynuver payment method allows account holders to choose how they wish to receive their payments. With Paynuver, users have the option of self-directing payments through both evolving and traditional payment methods. 

Payment options including virtual card numbers, direct deposit, a reloadable prepaid card, or even a check! Users can also choose to split payments between multiple methods. 

A Paynuver account holder can access their funds 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Managing your money has never been easier!