Www onpointclaimform com – On Point Global Refunds Lawsuit

This is a review of the On Point Global Refunds lawsuit that a ruling was made allowing customers to receive a refund.  They can visit the onpoint claim form website at www.onpointclaimform.com to file a claim and gather more details about the status of their claim and the ruling.

What is the OnPoint Claim Form Website?

The Court rendered its ruling in this lawsuit against On Point Global on November 16, 2021. As a result of the Court’s decision, On Point Global’s customers can get refunds for money paid to it, and consumers can get money back if they were not happy with their experience on the company’s website.

Who can File an Onpoint Claim Form

There are some criteria for claimants that want to file an Onpoint claim form via onpointclaimform.com.  You must meet these guidelines:

You either (a) you bought a guide from On Point Global in 2017, 2018, or 2019 and you are not satisfied with your purchase (“Paid-Guide Customer”) or (b) you provided your personal information to On Point Global in 2019, and you were not wholly satisfied with what you received from On Point Global (“Freemium Consumer”).

The Proof of Claim Form and Customized Notice were emailed to all eligible claimants. If you believe you are an Eligible Claimant but haven’t yet received your Customized Notice and link to access your Proof of Claim Form, please check your spam or deleted mail folder.

How to File an On Point Claim Form Online


  • Answer the question “Do you remember the email address used to interact with On Point Global?
  • Enter the email address
  • Click the orange Submit button

You will be directed to a personalized claim form if your email matches our records. On the next page, a blank claim form will be provided if we are unable to verify your email address. 

How Much Money can Claimants Expect?

Depending on your type of claimant and your interactions with On Point Global, the amount of money that you receive will vary. The amount of money available for your claims will be specified in an email you receive as an eligible claimant.

If the claimant has not already received a refund or completed a chargeback, paid-guide customers are eligible for a full refund – visit onpointclaimform.com. 

According to the amount of personal information collected and the number of people who have filled out the Proof of Claim form, Freemium Consumers can receive varying amounts of money. A maximum of $15 will be given to you.

Prerequisites Prior to Filing a Claim

Before filing a Claim you Paid Guide customers must have these things:

  • According to your online Proof of Claim Form, you are due a refund.
  • The guide you purchased through the defendants’ websites does not meet your expectations.
  • A full refund has not yet been issued to you.

Refunds will not be given to Paid-Guide customers who do not meet these three requirements.

Before filing a Claim you Freemium customers must have these things:

  • Your personal information was provided on the websites of the defendants.
  • Defendants’ websites didn’t satisfy you completely.

If these two requirements are not met, Freemium consumers will not receive a refund – visit onpointclaimform.com.

You must submit the Proof of Claim Form by August 31, 2022. This lawsuit cannot be settled if you do not submit it by the deadline.

When Will I Receive My Payment?

The Receiver will release payments after she determines whether claims are allowed. Receiver’s determination is due September 10, 2022. Occasionally, additional information may be provided about the release of payments before or after that date.