Slabway Cordless Hand Massager Review

The Slabway Hand Massager is a product that customers suffering with hand issues find great relief from.  It brings compression and heat to the troubled areas of the hand to reduce stiffness and pain.

In this Slabway cordless hand massager review you will learn how this product works and the benefits you’ll receive by having your own.

What Hand Issues Does the Slabway Hand Massager Target?

Carpal tunnel syndrome

Hand pain

Finger arthritis

Swollen hand

Joint pain

Wrist pain

slabway cordless hand massager review

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Slabway Cordless Hand Massager Benefits

Pain relief

Increased circulation




8.26” wide x 7” long x 4.09” high



How Does the Slabway Hand Massager Work?

The Slabway Massager targets hard-to-reach pressure points on the hand, fingers, and wrist. The compression, kneading, and heat stimulate circulation and provide relief for hand pain.  

As your massage progresses, the heat function gradually warms the body. The format is designed to get you used to the process gradually as the machine warms up.  

The hand massager comes with three automatic experiences to suit every user’s needs. Each mode is designed to target a different part of your hands.  Various intensity levels are available to choose from.  

Using compression along with heat therapy may help with multiple issues including Arthritis, Carpal Tunnel and general aches and pains.  

Hand Massager Info  

Using a personal massage device can be an alternative to visiting a massage therapist. People are often able to insert their hands inside hand massagers. Vibrations from the device then increase blood flow to the different areas of the hand.  

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