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“When you have a ‘conversation piece,’ kids are a little safer when it comes to walking up to the library or just about your outfit and asking questions,” she said.

Emily Filos for Your Style July 16, 2021. (Ken Klotzbach /

Emily’s second title is that of visual artist. She said it was partly a hobby, partly a job, depending on her motivation.

“Most of the time when I work, I scribble animals and fantasy creatures on scratch paper and leave them there for colleagues to find – graffiti with little effect.”

While she’s a big fan of black for her clothing, Emily has a strong penchant for plaids, rainbow stripes, and colorful flair – all enhanced by a glowing nod to the early 2000s.

Describe your style.

I just wear what feels right every day, although I especially like things that are decorated with flowers, bugs or unnecessary metal eyelets. In autumn I always end up as a full-fledged skater girl, wearing a tied jacket, fingerless gloves, Converse and band tees. (I’ve never been on a skateboard before.)

How does your job affect your clothes?

I wear a lot of black, but on days when I work in the children’s area, I attach particular importance to a bright color or a fun design.

Whose style do you admire and why?

From a celebrity point of view, I admire people who can rock an “edgy” personality, but still look cute when they feel like it. I think of Lil Nas X and Remington Leith from the band Palaye Royale.

Which colors and patterns do you tend to most often?

Anyone who has known me for more than a week could probably answer that. I love black, white, and red and checks that include all three. However, I usually add a few rainbow stripes for flavor when wearing black.

What is your favorite decade in terms of fashion?

I can’t deny that I tend towards the 00s in my own wardrobe, but really every era has some cool style elements that are worth incorporating.

Thoughts on today’s fashion scene?

I think everyone in my age group is a little concerned right now about how the worst bits of ’90s fashion are coming back to haunt us, but half of my wardrobe is straight out of Hot Topic, so who should I judge?

Article is worth it?

Get thick, comfy, cute socks that will last a while.

Emily Filos for Your Style July 16, 2021. (Ken Klotzbach /

Emily Filos for Your Style July 16, 2021. (Ken Klotzbach /

What was your best thrift find?

Years ago I found an amazing six pocket knee length brown skirt; it was basically cargo shorts in the shape of a skirt.

The best clothes purchase you’ve ever made?

I think I have to mention my holographic raincoat. You won’t believe how many total strangers stopped me on the sidewalk, in the supermarket, in the parking lot just to ask me where I got this coat from. People leaned out of moving vehicles to tell me they like my raincoat!

The most sentimental item you have?

A bracelet that I got at home at an art fair (shoutout to Decadence Jewelry). It’s just a small brass bracelet with the number “515” engraved on it, because that’s the area code for the part of Iowa I’m from and the number of my old library and town hall in my hometown.

Fill in the blank: I feel best when wearing _____.

An outfit with a related theme, be it a color spectrum or repeating pattern, or just a general mood. That’s the artist in me – I’m more concerned with the aesthetics of the outfit itself than with functionality or what it actually looks like on me.

Tips to say goodbye?

Don’t feel obliged to hold onto things that you no longer feel comfortable with, but don’t be afraid to hold onto something “out of date” that you really love, either.

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