Younger Sonoma artist brings in new model

Art is hard, but some people can make it look easy. At least that’s what the presentation school student Charlie Wilhelm does. Charlie is now 13 years old and has always loved drawing, and during the time of the accommodation he used the newfound free time to develop his own drawing style.

Using a number, Charlie creates portraits of various people, including his mother Ann. His mother’s favorite number is 22, so for Christmas he drew a portrait of her from the number 22.

“If it’s dark in an area here, I’ll put several layers of the number there,” Charlie said. “If it’s the eye, like the pupil, I make numbers super small, or if it’s a wide or fairly large area that I’m trying to cover to pass the time, I make bigger numbers.”

The process of drawing can be slow, but the end result is wonderful. In addition to his parents, Charlie also draws famous athletes such as Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan.

“I think it’s the easiest to do with them. They already have a number and that’s something like what it represents. ”Charlie added.

Two months into the pandemic, he retired to his room for hours and returned with a great creation.

“I think it’s a great escape from other things. I can just do it for a while and I won’t really get bored. I think I hopefully want to keep doing this for a long time, ”said Charlie.

In addition to his numbered drafts, Charlie also spends time with ordinary sketches, the quality of which is anything but ordinary. Charlie, his father an architect and his mother a designer, made sketches for years, and talented ones at that.

“I think he’s always had a passion for it,” said Charlie’s mother Ann Wilhelm. “For birthdays or Christmas we gave him doodle notebooks and pens and charcoal pencils, and he started creating crazy, amazing masterpieces.”

Now that his work is growing, Charlie takes orders to fund a new mountain bike. On his behalf, Ann Wilhelm created an Instagram page for Charlie to show off his artwork. Despite his talent, Charlie was initially shy about his artwork.

“He’s starting to understand his talent; It’s cool, he gets great comments and people are following him on Instagram now and I think he likes that part, ”added Ann Wilhelm.

At the moment, Charlie and Ann Wilhelm see this as a hobby for Charlie, not as the be-all and end-all for him. But just because they don’t want to climb higher doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy the view from where they are.

“With people hiring him now, I told Charlie I think you need a signature now,” Anne joked at times. “Everyone says we’re watermarking all of these photos of me, but it’s just a hobby, obviously a talented person with a hobby.”

If you take orders now, you can find Charlie Wilhelm on Instagram at wilhelm_charlie or send an email to