You should purchase a little bit Delta Air Strains now

DigitalOcean: “Look, it’s in the right place. There are tools for developers. I’ve always liked this type of company. I think you’re in good shape. It’s a very high multiple stock, and that’s why it does Decline.”

Vaxart: “You can speculate about it … but it wasn’t a winner and I don’t think that’s going to change.”

Gores Guggenheim: “No. I looked at that. We talked to the people at the investment club about it. We met and said, OK, just one more, one more, one more. I’m not there. I don’t support this group. I just can’t. “

ThredUp: “Commodities. Too many other companies are doing the exact same thing right now. If anything, you’re hoping with ThredUp that Macy’s will spin off its ecommerce and then buy these guys. Otherwise I’ll say … no way out.”

Nokia: “I actually got warm with Nokia. I’ll tell you why I warmed up for it: Because we’ve tried to shut down the Chinese on a lot of different telecom infrastructures and it’s starting to matter because people all over the world are getting a little tired of their repression. The repression tactics don’t go well with the democracies Nokia sells to. I like her.”

Delta Airlines: “Delta is very interesting because I think you should buy some tomorrow and then buy more when things get worse at omicron because Delta is a very good company and, apart from United, has become my preferred airline.”

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