Why Athletes Are Choosing PowerDot

What is the next big trend in the fitness industry?  There are lots of new products on the market but a portable device called the PowerDot Smart Muscle Stimulator is something athletes are focusing on.  It’s an at home EMS – Electrical Stimulation System that focuses on workout recovery and muscle strengthening.

What is EMS or ESTIM?

Athletes have always used Electrical Muscle Stimulation treatment which is the process of sending electrical impulses from a device to a certain part of the body.  ESTIM has been treatments that medical professionals administered to athletes.  This treatment creates involuntary muscle contractions which help do a number of things for muscles:

Increase blood flow to muscles

Improve muscle strength

Decrease muscle atrophy

Speeds up healing process

Alleviates pain

Massage out muscle knots

Exercises your muscles

For the above mentioned reasons is why athletes and anyone that exercises find an instrument like the PowerDot useful.  

How Is The PowerDot Different?

EMS devices have been around for years but they’re getting smarter and more convenient for everyone.  The PowerDot allows anyone to receive EMS treatments without having to visit a medical professional.  Most of the time these electrical stimulation machines are large and bulky and require you to be hooked to the machine for 15 minutes or more.  

With the fast paced world we live in if there is a faster way to do something everyone is interested.  The PowerDot is a portable EMS machine that is compact in size and can be taken and administered anywhere you go.  It can focus and treat one side of your body or both sides simultaneously.

There are 2 options available for customers which is the PowerDot Uno or the PowerDot Duo (2.0).  The Uno comes with one pod, four sets of electrode pads, one set of lead cables, a charging cable, and a carrying case.  The Duo comes with double what the Uno has.