Which model of face masks protects higher?

LANSING, Michigan (WILX) – Masks are an important part of the fight against COVID-19. It is important to remember that the mask will protect others from contracting the disease.

“It’s really important that we all respect each other. Stay home when we cough, but when we could cough, wearing a mask protects those around you. ”Dr. Karen Kent, Chief Medical and Quality Officer at Sparrow Hospital.

But is there a difference in protection provided depending on the style of mask you are wearing?

According to a study by the Environmental Protection Agency, the answer is yes. A study published in April showed that a three-layer knit mask only blocked about 26% of the particles. A two-layer woven mask with a bridge of the nose blocked about 79% of the particles, a big difference.

Dr. Kent said, regardless of style, any mask is better than no mask.

“I actually walked through an airport the other day and saw someone take their mask off their ear, cough in their hand and put the mask back on,” said Dr. Kent. “I was like, ‘Geez, it looks like we’re not clear about the concept here.’ So you really have to think about what you do when you wear your mask: you have to keep your droplets to yourself, and there are also some studies that show that we touch our face less when we wear masks. “

The EPA study says the mask material isn’t as important as the craftsmanship. One particular fabric did as well as medical masks. Researchers say the most important thing is that it covers your nose and mouth.

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