Whenever you set your aspirations on this precept, cash comes alone and in heaps

August 16, 2021 7 minutes to read

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What is the key to entrepreneurship? Before I answer this question, let me introduce myself: You know me as Don Koenigsegg ; In addition to my presence in social networks, I have a degree in business administration, a businessman and an entrepreneur; I started my first company at the age of 15 and had endless successes and failures too. At 17 I had three very successful companies, I achieved financial freedom before I came of age, but I was doing business for profit and something always ended badly, I closed them out of disinterest, negligence or fraud by third parties.

Then I understood everything: I had to do something that triggered passion in me, that I did with joy, that excited me every time, not just to find something that made money; I’ve really gotten used to the fact that if you just chase the money, you never get it. I understood that a company should focus on changing lives, making a difference, meeting needs and contributing to people’s daily lives.

If you direct your business pursuits on it, the money will come alone and in piles. It was then that I realized that lack of passion is one of the main problems when trying to do something. But what is passion? For me, it is one of the most intense emotions I have ever experienced, which includes enthusiasm and a relentless desire to achieve a goal, a feeling that makes you seek many paths and results, one of which can be a business goal .

The real question now is how do you find passion, that drive that is necessary to start a business that takes away the dream of emotions? First you need to be aware of your abilities, analyze what you can best offer the world, identify what you can do better than anyone that creates so much passion that you would do it for no pay. As Apple As CEO Tim Cook put it, “If you do what you love, you won’t work a single day in your life. You will work harder than you thought possible, but the tools will feel very light in your hands. “

Realizing this has been a great revelation for me: Following our passions and finding your business opportunity for you will at some point be in line with our financial aspirations, personal goals and work pressures.

One of my favorite examples of entrepreneurship is when Candido Jacuzzi invented a hydraulic pump in 1956 that could be submerged in a tub to give hydrotherapy to his son who had been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. In 1968, Roy Jacuzzi decided to take the project further, realizing its commercial potential, and suggested adding jets built into the architecture of the bathtub to create the jacuzzi as we know it.

This is what I want to achieve. The Jacuzzi family found one problem that directly affected them, the need to solve it, generated undue passion until they managed to solve it and later they found a business opportunity; Thanks to his invention, millions of people had a better quality of life.

So when I changed my mindset that I lacked passion, my reality changed, my business flourished in ways I never thought possible. Throughout my life, after understanding certain things, I noticed that many people, including friends and family, came to me for advice; everyone told me the same thing: “Whenever I do what you tell me, I do better.” At that moment I saw clearly and said to myself, “Who could lead better than someone who has failed a thousand times to help others not make the same mistake?”

It was when I found helping others, another passion in my life that I curiously connected to another: driving a car. At the same time as I was discovering this new passion of helping others and developing a plan to turn it into a business, I was in a car accident that went viral and made international headlines in a matter of hours.

Out of curiosity, people followed me on social networks and I wanted to die because of the news about the accident and my lack of experience in dealing psychologically with the trauma and attention; So I asked myself: Could I help someone like that? Under this question, I decided to reveal my reality to the followers and I managed to connect that vulnerability to the people attracted to the scandal and more people who wanted to continue my journey began to join.

Through the tragedy, I found a niche where I could help many people with what is most important today: knowledge. I realized that most of the people who are present on social networks have not contributed anything positive and have lived an ambitious lifestyle that was virtually impossible to achieve.

I knew I needed to make this knowledge available and I’m not just talking about money; I decided to interview, know, and understand my audience. He wanted to observe their needs and see how he could positively influence their lives, as he had done with so many friends and acquaintances.

Out of nowhere my followers started asking questions about business, entrepreneurship, emotional intelligence and I decided to turn social networks into a tool to convey my experiences and share the results they had gained thanks to my advice.

Checking the fact that social networks can be used for something positive has me very motivated as I have always been interested in how people are currently receiving behaviors that result from our activity on the various networks. Therefore, thanks to my many years of experience and my studies, I have developed a synthesis of my life as an entrepreneur, with the necessary tools to encourage everyone who wants to start their business, and I have decided to turn them into a Workbook , based on administrative knowledge that can serve as a basis. For someone interested in entrepreneurship, the slogan follows that experiences go beyond institutions and that the best school is often our own mistakes.