Website clearing continues for Bonita’s first condominium and leisure megaplex

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The scope of Cabana Resort’s planning has generated a lot of interest since it was first presented last year, not to mention the significant sales in the first week leading up to the sale. The attraction is clear. Cabana is designed to become the place you never have to leave for a wonderful time with your family and friends. In a year when good news and fun times were paramount, Cabana’s introduction was greeted like a breath of fresh air.

The Phase 1 development includes a luxury 110-unit condominium, as well as 7-acre pools and water features in a huge and winding lazy river to appeal to homeowners, vacationers and locals alike. The air-conditioned Grand Food Hall stretches across Cabana’s wide facade on Bonita Beach Road. The sprawling open-view structure offers a world to all cabana-oriented entertainment, dining and shopping experiences in addition to their leisure and recreational activities that were previously unavailable in one location in southwest Florida. Cabana offers public spaces to lounge with a book or share a picnic on the performance lawn. The promenades are designed so that you can easily stroll between quiet garden areas and other sights. Special events, vacation pop-ups, art and music celebrations, and any of the vibrant arts that make the area stand out can be highlighted at the Cabana Resort.

Overall, the 25-acre facility is set to put Bonita Springs on the map of the best cities for family vacation destinations in Florida. The range and variety of attractions are aimed at all age groups and are designed in such a way that they offer comfortable spaces in all seasons and in all weather conditions and guarantee popularity all year round.

The demolition of Rode’s restaurant and fish market last month on the southeastern edge of Cabana’s property marked the beginning of the construction phase and coincided with the start of the winter season. It has also sparked a new wave of interest in the project which is sure to increase as more of the site is cleared and the site road and fences are installed.

The promise of future-oriented architecture, technology-driven attractions and mixed-use rooms for the entire community makes up a large part of its attractiveness. Cabana is going to be a party and everyone is invited. Projected completion of the condominium in early 2022, with prices for two and three bedroom homes in the range of $ 500,000. The prices before construction are still valid during the clearance and preparation phase.

Cabana’s highly visible location is an important selling point. On the north side of Bonita Beach Road from Luke to Vanderbilt Drive, you can’t get to the gorgeous beaches of the Gulf of Mexico from Naples or Fort Myers without passing them. The construction of the new condominium building in phase 1 is expected to take 14 months. Several other conveniences are also developed during this period. The building is designed for east or west orientations. On the east side of the resort, you can enjoy expansive views of the resort’s all-access water features. The resort amenities and the western horizon are opposite. During construction, Cabana will become a staple of the sights and sounds of everyday life in Bonita Springs. Its sheer size and range of attractions arouse interest and comment along the way.

It is interesting to note that while the first sales for units facing the Gulf of Mexico took the lead early on, the units facing east took off after the scope and size of Cabana’s recreational and community functions were communicated. To this day they are neck to neck.

The contemporary architecture and IT-rich design of the Cabana Resort offer a refreshing vision of what Florida style can look like today. It will incorporate the latest building innovations as well as proven success formulas to deliver exclusive resort experiences to its owners. The 7-storey residential complex is covered by massive floor installations on the roof with art installations. The technology is available to develop the ability to alter or rotate the visual displays, making them a moving and always artful expression of talent and invention.

The roof garden of the building offers unobstructed views to the west of the Gulf of Mexico. The sun and shade areas offer comfortable seating and a separate pavilion for private events. In addition to the spacious floor plans with wide inner corridors, extra-deep outdoor living spaces have been integrated into each of the apartments in order to differentiate them from any other terraced condominium in their price range.

Cabana’s condominiums offer a long list of luxury features as building standards, including soundproofed walls between units, higher ceilings, eight-foot solid-core interior doors, wide enclosures, and 6-inch baseboards. Premium floors are laid throughout and highlighted by intricate mosaic tile motifs per plan. Quartz countertops, solid wood cabinets with 42 ”tall wall units, Kohler faucets, and GE Profile stainless steel appliances come standard in the kitchen. Bathrooms have separate dresser spaces and full-height frameless shower screens that are tiled from floor to ceiling and include oversized rainforest-style shower heads. Bathtubs can replace shower screens. The cosmetic mirrors are fully illuminated with LED backlighting and all condominiums have powder rooms. Each residence has its own lockout suite.

The Bonita Village is part of the Cabana Resort. Renovation and redesign of the resort’s pool and tiki hut common areas will begin this year. Thereafter, renovation and updating of the existing buildings will begin to reflect the new face of Cabana’s contemporary architecture. Sun Village Vacations will continue to manage Bonita Village’s rental program. For those owners who choose the program, it will do the same for Cabana’s new residences. When Bonita Development LLC bought Bonita Village, it expanded its beach shuttle service for the owners. It will continue to evolve to meet the needs of Cabana’s new homeowners as well.

Cabana Resort is ready to put Bonita Springs on the Florida vacation destination map.

The Discovery Center is located at Bonita Village Boulevard 27901, Bonita Springs, FL 34134. It is open every Sunday from 10 am to 5 am and noon to 5 pm. The staff is available for virtual presentations and presentations on site or by appointment at 239-691-4455. The Cabana Resort is represented by JRW Developer Resources, a division of John R. Wood Properties.