Watercolor class on the park workplace this Saturday | Leisure

The new office is located in the park next to a new volleyball court and has a small classroom next to Sweeney’s office.

“This is really nice because it allows Parks and Rec to offer courses,” said Sweeney. “I didn’t have a place in the classroom before so people came to me … and I would (say) unless you can do it in the outdoor pavilion. I couldn’t really work with you at all. “

The watercolor class is taught by Tremblay and shows students how to create simple, elegant greeting cards using stamps, pens, and watercolor. No prior experience is required, and all consumables are included in the $ 30 registration fee for each attendee to create four take-away cards.

“I chose the watercolor greeting card class because I knew I could be leading the class in a few hours and there were some simple techniques that you can use to create really beautiful watercolors without requiring a lot of experience or technical skills “said Tremblay. “You don’t need really specialized materials, and people can leave class with something that can be used or framed later if they prefer. I feel like people enjoy art classes more when they end up with a useful snack. “

Tremblay has been painting with watercolors since 2002 when she took her first art class.