LANDOVER, Md. – “Imagine a collegial stunt team that meets DC-Go-Go, which also includes dancers.”

Petra Pope, the Washington Football Team’s new Senior Matchday Entertainment Advisor, is pleased to announce the new Washington Football Team coed dance team that recently completed their audition.

The dancers bring different backgrounds ranging from gymnastics to cheerleading to dance, and with these different skills it is more difficult to fit everyone into a routine.

“When I bring all of these really cool choreographers, I’ll tell them these are the subjects you need to make sure they shine,” said Pope. “There’s a lot of work behind it, but it’s all worth it because the end result is so much more interesting than what the fans are used to.”

Pope is no stranger to setting trends in the world of sports entertainment. She brings her 33 years of NBA experience, including 14 years with the New York Knicks, where she introduced stilt walking in the league.

“I was definitely the first in the NBA to introduce stilt walking,” said Pope. “I thought to myself, listen, if I’m going to ask the ladies to do this, I have to do it first, so literally stood on those four-foot-high stilts and left. I only took a few steps but I said listen guys, if i can you can do it.

“That was probably one of my proudest moments because I was scared to death.”

If you hope Pope will bring the use of stilts to Washington, you’re in luck because, according to Pope, “they’re going to try to hop on stilts, not just regular stilts”. “We have some great gymnasts. We’re going to buy a few, test them, and see how they work on the court.

“We’re going to see if we can use pop smoke so that there are all sorts of beautiful colors of smoke when you perform, so we’ll try to do that. We’ll see what the NFL becomes from the point of view of the rules.” let’s get away with it. “

After seeing Washington’s cheerleaders since the group’s inception in 1962, soccer fans are saddened that the First Ladies of Football are going and Pope gets it.

“Change is definitely very difficult for all of us in one way or another,” although she is confident that fans will love the new Coed dance team when they perform at FedEd Field this fall.