Volition Leisure Provides Luna Clever As Expertise Supervisor – Deadline

Volition entertainment has hired film and television managers Luna Wise as the newest addition.

Wise joins Volition as a Los Angeles Talent Manager under founder Ami Manning, bringing with her a roster of 25 aspiring actors who have appeared in numerous major studio films and network television shows. She will also be involved in the subsidiary of Volition Entertainment Dragonfly productionsat the end of development support in the production of film and television projects with and without a script.

Wise began her career in the industry as an agency intern with Keiko Nakamura in Tokyo before moving up in the youth business department. After returning to the US, Wise switched to talent management.

Wise is extremely passionate about bridging the gap between Hollywood and its underrepresented and diverse actors and storytellers. She hopes to put an emphasis on inclusive attitudes in industry leadership roles and the immediate need for more green light under the leadership of POC.

In the title role, Wise will produce an upcoming drama about the life of Elizabeth Hudson Smith, starring actress Nadine Jackson. The script was written by Gus Edwards, a famous playwright, writer and notable member of the Negro Ensemble Company.