Voice of the folks: On leisure and addictions of at this time | Letters to the Editor

About today’s entertainment and addictions

Gambling is popular with young and old alike. One researcher’s studies show that the majority of respondents view gambling as an acceptable lifestyle. The desire to win is a strong addiction. It is a very desirable practice, be it on the stock exchange, in the lottery, or in casinos.

Many states have vending machines that display items for the youth that drop coins in hopes of purchasing a toy only to be disappointed. Studies have also shown that winners don’t get the results they were hoping for. The desire to win has left some homeless and destitute behind.

In terms of the entertainment arena, how can games, movies, and sex trafficking provide any form of pleasure? Normal brain cells are affected, and many will be affected by these abnormal and lustful desires. The maker of a doll that most girls play with said they wouldn’t let their child play with it. Anorexia has had a major impact on many young girls. May God help us in this crippled society.