‘Vintage Roadshow’ flips the script with celeb editions | Leisure

Future episodes, which will air on May 10th, 17th and 24th, include humorist John Hodgman, actor Ronny Chieng, cartoonist Mo Willems, journalist Soledad O’Brien, fashion designer Christian Siriano and the TV Personality Carson Kressley.

“This is true across the board for everyone we’ve been to on this show and everyone else: they’re people like you and me,” says Bemko. “They are really curious about what they own and want to know, and not just because of the money. It’s not just about value. “

The Celebrity Episodes were a clever response to the pandemic and an opportunity to shake things up during the Antique Roadshow’s 25th anniversary.

Since flying wasn’t an option, the celebrities who were selected were within driving distance of the show’s headquarters in Boston at the WGBH. Everyone had to drive in separate cars, stay masked until the cameras rolled, and COVID-19 was tested regularly. Some celebrities felt more comfortable displaying their collectibles on their lawn. Others allowed reviewers in.

For Hall, a fan of the show, it was an opportunity to get answers about the things her family has long loved, including an antique table, old seltzer bottles, and chic handbags her grandmother collected.

Hall learned something too. Her high chair turns into a stroller, which neither she nor her mother knew until the appraiser pointed out. “It was just so wild,” she recalls. “I never knew it did. That was the biggest shock. “