Ukraine criticized for making feminine cadets parade in heels | Leisure

MOSCOW (AP) – The Ukrainian Defense Minister is being put under pressure by members of the government because he has decided to let female military cadets wear heels at an important parade.

“The purpose of any military parade is to demonstrate the military capabilities of the army. There should be no room for stereotypes and sexism, ”said a joint statement by three cabinet members, including Veterans Minister Yulia Laputina.

The statement followed last week’s announcement about the shoes in the parade slated for August 24, the 30th anniversary of Ukraine’s declaration of independence from the Soviet Union.

It found that around 57,000 women serve in the country’s armed forces and have “proven themselves with machine guns rather than heels.”

Defense Minister Andriy Taran said Saturday that he had instructed officials to check whether “experimental” shoes – ankle boots, according to news reports – could be worn by the female cadets in place of heeled pumps.

The military failed to explain why female cadets wore different types of shoes than male cadets.

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