Tyra Banks believes she is “experiencing a beauty revolution” after Victoria’s Secret retired her angels.

The 47-year-old model is pleased that the “bada ** Role Models” are taking on their new positions at The VS Collective, which consists of speakers such as actress Priyanka Chopra, model and skier Eileen Gu, plus-size beauty Paloma Elsesser and the Brazilian model Valentina Sampaio.

Celebrating the news, Tyra wrote, “I retired from the catwalk 16 years ago and I’m proud to be witnessing a beauty revolution in my life. I may have broken this door open for the new collective of tough ROLE models.” , but you all storm through. Keep doing this until we all LOSE COUNT how many break through behind you. #LetsLoseCount. (sic) “

Tyra worked as a contract model with the brand, the first black model to do so.

In a post on Instagram, she added, “The first is critical so a door can be opened so others can pass through. In 10 years from 1995, I was the first ever black @VictoriasSecret contract model Victoria’s Secret cover model. The first Black VS model to do so many other groundbreaking things to the brand – and other brands too. But after a premiere there has to be a stream of more. A stream of others. A stream of unique things. A flow so strongly, a stream of so many, that we LOSE COUNTING. (sic) “

Victoria’s Secret confirmed the changes in a statement earlier this week.

Their CEO, Martin Waters, said, “At Victoria’s Secret, we are on an incredible journey to become the world’s leading advocate for women. This is a dramatic change for our brand and a change that we embrace from our core. These new initiatives are just the beginning. We are full of energy and humility from the work that lies ahead. “