Trout Creek resident opposes federal cash

When the FEDS says “jump”, the Montana government says “how high”

Yes, thanks to the Biden Administration’s American Rescue Plan Act, our Montana lawmakers passed HB632, which can pour billions of dollars into our state.

We are told they have to vote YES or lose the money. So let’s get that straight. We, the people, must sacrifice the COVID manipulations of “control” and “compliance” in exchange for numerous better ways of living in Montana!

Let’s examine the funding allocated for these much-needed millions of improvement dollars, as cited in HB632: $ 462,689,925 for water and sanitation infrastructure projects; $ 275 million for communications; $ 150,000,000 for economic transformation, stabilization and human resource development; $ 213,859,768 for housing programs; $ 365,595,000 for public health and human services; $ 391,260,656 for education. Don’t worry, the grants associated with many of these funds are initially just taxpayer-funded money.

The judiciary is even allocated $ 944,721 to aid COVID19-affected court cases.

In Montana, do you feel freed by the $ 1.8 billion funding caused by the pandemic? Are you content to be a hostage to the American Rescue Plan Act?

Go back to your corner, sit down and be still.

Kathleen Hassan, trout stream