CNBCs Jim Cramer said on Wednesday that investors will not need to make major changes to their strategy because of the Fed chairman Jerome Powell‘s closely watched press conference.

“You don’t have to do anything,” he said “Bad money” Host said after parsing Powell’s comments earlier in the day and the updated projections from the monetary policy arm of the Fed.

If anything, Cramer said he believed the decline in stocks on Wednesday, combined with new insights into the Fed’s mindset, could open up opportunities for investors.

“I think you should just stay on track and maybe take advantage of this decline to buy some quality stocks, especially industrials, right into the teeth of a downturn,” said Cramer.

“With the Fed pulling itself out of the equation for at least six months, maybe longer, industrial companies have a lot more leeway,” he said, adding that he shares the same forecast for the technology sector.

The Federal Open Market Committee left rates near zero on Wednesday, but central bank officials pointed to an increase could come as early as 2023. In March, the FOMC expected rates to stay constant until at least 2024.

In general, Cramer Powell applauded for giving a “healthy” outlook on the US economic recovery as further coronavirus-era restrictions lift and activity picks up.

“Also the idea that Powell has to work out the game plan for the next two or three years right now is absurd,” said Cramer.