Tommy Togiai elevating cash for LiFE Sports activities at Ohio State’s professional day

Another horse chestnut will attempt to raise money for a fund that matters to them on Ohio State Pro-Day. After walking back Trey sermon announced he would Raise money for victims of domestic violence with its vertical jump and cornerback Shaun Wade he announced Collect money for single parents with his long jump, Tommy Togiai will raise money for something closer to home.

Togiai’s money will be used for LiFE Sports in the US state of Ohio, which will help improve the number and quality of recreational youth sports programs. For every bench press representative that Togiai completes, the money goes to LiFE Sports. Togiai has published his intention on his personal Twitter account.

Below is Togiai’s contribution:

Tommy Togiai’s bench press for LiFE Sports

Through partnering with LiFE Sports, Tommy’s goal is to raise funds that will help increase participation in sports in the Ohio state community. A contribution will be donated to LiFE Sports for every rep that Tommy can bench press on Ohio State Pro Day on March 30, 2021.

During his time in the state of Ohio, Togiai was consistently referred to as the strongest man on the team. This was often accompanied by evidence of his impressive bench press skills that he should be able to raise a good amount of money for LiFE Sports.

Below you will find the mission statement of LiFE Sports:

LiFEsports aims to increase the number and quality of sports and leisure programs for young people, especially young people from vulnerable backgrounds. The LiFEsports The initiative is the second largest of its kind in the country. Over 650 local young people are cared for every year. In 2018

  • 75.2% of adolescents reported using self-control, effort, teamwork and social responsibility (SETS) in their school, home or community.
  • 88.0% stated that they had improved their athletic skills through LiFEsports.
  • 72.8% of LiFEsports Teenagers indicated that they could work better in a team because of this program.

LiFEsports also hopes to increase the number of highly skilled youth development professionals in this area. In addition, LiFEsports seeks to promote best practices in youth development, social work and physical activity. In 2017-18, LiFEsports published two research articles in journals and presented them at four conferences. LiFEsports is a national model for public relations and youth development programs in universities.