Tips on how to hold your self heat in fashion this winter

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As Adam Schulman trudged across the quad during the first snowfall of winter, he realized his Air Force 1s weren’t going to make the cut. For the Californian Schulman, moving to college meant a major change in wardrobe, as average winter temperatures in San Francisco fell well below freezing point in Syracuse from the mid-1940s.

“Now that I’m here, I don’t know if I’ve been best prepared,” said Schulman.

The rapidly approaching winter in Syracuse presents the challenge of navigating clothing that adapts to cold temperatures and heavy snowfall while still taking personal style into account.

After realizing the effects of the weather, Schulman’s usual outfit choice changed. He experimented with different looks and finally decided on a minimalist style combination of khaki pants with a sweatshirt and a down jacket. He plans to buy more winter gear soon. Carhartt, a brand known for durable workwear, piqued his interest because of its good quality.


Parkas and winter shoes emerged as basic items among the items most frequently worn by students. The first thing newcomer Daniella Polanco bought in preparation for winter in Syracuse was a pair of snow boots. She used her experience in New York City to make her choice for the LLBean “Bean Boots”.

“In New York I wore sneakers in the snow, and that was fine because we took the train and weren’t outside that much anyway. But here I mostly walk to my courses, so I have to wear snowshoes and I am very afraid of slipping, ”said Polanco.

For safety reasons in the snow, durability is an important factor when choosing shoes.

Timberland is another popular brand for heavy-duty winter boots, Schulman said, and as the season changes, he’s considering buying a pair as his choice. But newcomer Stephanie Duan, another Californian native, doesn’t prefer the style.

“I think Timbs are kind of a New York thing. I’m not going back to California with Timbs, ”Duan said.

Duan stated that California timberlands are unnecessary in warmer temperatures. Students’ winter styles vary by hometown, but being in Syracuse creates common ground and brings trends together.

Rosemary McNulty, a newcomer from Chicago, noted the popularity of boot brands Uggs, Steve Madden, and Dr. Martens in Syracuse, though she didn’t see them as a trend in Chicago. She advises wearing layered clothing to stay warm.

“I like to try to keep things in a color palette and wear warmer weather clothing like tank tops and long-sleeved dresses,” said McNulty.

Despite the popularity of certain trends, Polanco found that cold weather comfort takes precedence over aesthetic endeavors. As an acting student who has a lot of exercise, she prefers to wear comfortable clothes such as sweaters and leggings and layer them to keep warm.

Duan found that layered outfits don’t always match personal style preferences.

“I had an aesthetic for winter clothes that I thought would work, but these kind of outfits don’t work because it’s so cold it’s hard to do cute outfits because the kind of layers that work well look, not enough. “said Duan.

The extreme winters in Syracuse are a big adjustment, especially for students like Schulman and Duan, who come from areas with such varied weather conditions.

“I had never lived anywhere normally below 30 degrees, but I chose this school and the weather came second,” said Schulman.