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If you were asked to give someone a tour of San Diego, where would you take them? The beach? Balboa Park? A secret place?

That’s the idea behind a website that allows locals to act as tour guides in their cities. Tours by locals is a Canada-based company that connects travelers with private tour guides in more than 190 countries around the world, including San Diego.

For the past four years, Marcus Peoples has shared his favorite San Diego spots with travelers.

“I take families, I take individuals,” said Peoples. “There is something about being with a local person. You know all the pros and cons. They know where to eat. You lived here. They know about secret places. “

Sara Cooke with Tours By Locals said that some people prefer to skip the large tour groups and personalize their travel experience.

“They love to go at their own pace,” said Cooke. “They love to be able to stay longer if they enjoy it, or they leave a place when they are not interested.”

Tourists can choose the tour guide they want to hire and they can follow the guide’s suggestions or help create their own tour.

Would you like to become a guide? Tours By Locals told us that they are picky about who to choose.

“They tell us a little bit about themselves, their background, they share some testimonials with us,” said Cooke. “They tell us what kind of tours they want to do. They then go through a video interview process. ”

The company said it is checking references and the guides are going through a background check.

Tours can last half a day or full day, and the guide often drives visitors in the guide’s vehicle. The price for a tour can range from $ 300 to $ 600.

For peoples, it’s a fun way to make money and celebrate the city they love.

“You get what San Diego really is like and how it’s being released now,” said Peoples.