Timms Wraps Up Speedweek In Type

Ryan Timms (Richard Bales photo)

OKTAHA, okla. – While it took a while to get there, Ryan Timms continued his hot streak with the Lucas Oil American Sprint Car Series presented by the MAVTV Motorsports Network with his fifth career win at Outlaw Motor Speedway on Saturday.

The Oklahoma teenager also won the Lucas Oil ASCS Sprint Week title presented by Smiley’s Racing Products.

“We ran out of California before we came and ran this, and it wasn’t very good, so I didn’t feel really good that week, but when we got rolling and finished well, I knew we did it can create ”, Timms said. “Thanks to my team. You and the sponsors are the reason I can do this and props for the track. It was really racy for us after they incorporated it. “

As an error in the preparation of the track had to be corrected, which led to the track becoming overwatered, the night races started late, but moved on immediately when the track was safe.

Timms won his run from third place, which brought Timms close to the top of the new draw, where he drew right in the front row. Timms chases Alex Hill through the first lap and slides against Hills Racing Team No. 77x in the second lap.

With a handful of warnings and a red lap on lap three, traffic kept the No. 5t DriveWFX.com little in the later stages of the event.

Matt Covington went from 10th to second, worked his way up to second on lap 17, and became the hard charger of the night. The run also brought him back to five points to lead the overall standings.

Jason Martin, a Friday night rebound run, ended his sprint week in third place, marking the sixth time the Kansas shoe made the podium in a National Tour competition.

The end:

Function (25 laps): 1.5T-Ryan Timms[2]; 2. 95-Matt-Covington[10]; 3.5X Jason Martin[6]; 4. 77X – Alex Hill[1]; 5. 63-JJ Hickle[8]; 6. 52-Blake Hahn[5]; 7. 10C-Jeremy Campbell[4]; 8. 19-Colby Thornhill[3]; 9. 8-Alex Sewell[9]; 10. 115 – Nick Parker[14]; 11. 41 – Colton Hardy[7]; 12. 26M-Fred Mattox[16]; 13.11-Michael Reifen II[21]; 14. 88-Travis Reber[20]; 15. 10P Dylan poster[13]; 16. 91T-Tyler Thomas[12]; 17. 50Z-Zach Chappell[25]; 18. 17B-Ryan Bickett[17]; 19. 32-Kolton Garissi[23]; $ 20. 9 -Kyle Clark[11]; 21. 55B-Brandon Anderson[15]; 22. 4-Joshua Tire[22]; 23.30-Joseph Miller[18]; 24. 47X-Dylan Westbrook[24]; 25. (DNS) 90-Lance Norick