TikTok including ‘presents’ characteristic in remark part to donate cash to creators

TikTok introduces its “Gifts” feature to annotate sections of some creators’ videos so that users can donate money to their favorite creators.

As the TikTok video sharing app continues to grow in popularity around the world, new stars are popping up regularly, some of which are recognized as celebrities in their own right.

People like Addison Rae and Charli D’Amelio have made great career moves beyond the platform, but the start of their careers can all be traced back to it Tick ​​tock.

Of course, there are also plenty of smaller developers in the app who often find the app workable Source of income.

Now it seems to be a lot easier for fans to support their favorite creators as the platform is testing the “gifts” feature in the comment sections of some videos.

@noahglenncarter(@jena) this is a game changer ##to you ## tiktokdown♬ Spongebob – Dante9k

“Gifts” were originally only available in live streams, so users could pay real money to buy coins which could then be used to buy “gifts” for people in the form of colorful icons. These gifts come with different costs, and at some point creators can redeem them and receive real money.

Users have now noticed that the gift feature is being added to some videos as a bar at the top of the comment areas, making it easier than ever for people to donate.

By opening the Top Gifts tab and clicking Top Up, users can spend real money to buy coins, after which they can choose from a range of Classic and Premium gifts. Coins currently cost £ 0.49 for £ 40, but prices vary from currency to currency.

So far it is not clear whether this function will be rolled out for every user or only for verified creators. Many will no doubt be delighted to see the feature expanded in the app as it provides an easy way for users to support growing YouTubers.