This Valheim mod provides Skyrim-style magic, and it is a blast • Eurogamer.internet

Ok, you beat Eitkthyr and some of the other bosses – and you might be wondering if it makes sense to visit them again. There’s little reason to do so in the Vanilla game as you won’t get any new rewards. But as always … there is a mod for that.

Skyheim is a magical mod for Valheim that introduces a number of new spells and abilities to spice up the fight, all of which are seamlessly tied into the game’s progression system. Each boss drops items that can be used to create rune spells. Hence, you will have to repeat boss fights to collect enough resources to craft them all. Here is a video showing some of the spells and what the making process looks like:

Try Skyheim – a Valheim Magic Mod

The spell style available in the mod pretty much reminded me of the basic spells in Skyrim, and I’m assuming the “sky” in the mod name is likely a nod to the Elder Scrolls game. While I imagine most people will be reaching for the fireball spell right away, it’s worth noting that this mod adds a lot of helpful spells that aren’t directly related to combat. With the spell “Light” you can summon a glowing ball to light the way. “Travel” increases your movement speed and there is a healing spell to help both you and your friends. There’s even a recall spell calling the Valkyries to teleport the player back to spawning – the equivalent of Gandalf calling the eagles, I suppose.

It wouldn’t be fair to leave all spells to the shamans, would it?

I experimented a bit with the mod myself and while some of the audio effects are a bit funky, the mod adds a fun new dimension to Valheim’s fight without making things too easy. To keep the spells from being overwhelmed, the mod introduces a “mana” bar, and the more powerful spells have a fairly long cooldown. As with any skill in Valheim, you will also need to practice the spells to improve your knowledge of this type of magic. I think it’s time to toast all the poor animals in the meadows. If only a fireball were used on wild boars, ready-cooked meat would be dropped.

The mod already has a fair number of spells available, but it seems that the mod writer Makzimus isn’t quite finished: a chain lightning spell has just been added, and Makzimus is considering ways for players to increase their mana pool. The author’s response to a request for a resurrection spell is currently “maybe,” but it would certainly reduce the demand for it Valheim’s Body Recovery Squad.

If all of this seems magical to you, the mod is available for download on Nexus mods and As with most Valheim mods, you need to install BepInEx first and then the Skyheim DLL in the BepInEx plugin folder. You can find the download page for this here over here.