This unusual-style of creating Japanese Omelette has left netizens amazed

Eggs are a universal favorite, although every part of the world enjoys egg-based delicacies in a unique way! Such a unique way of making omelette has taken the internet by storm. The Japanese are known for their innovation and this unique way of preparing omelette has amazed internet users with its unique rose-like shape and delicious taste.

Unlike fluffy or stuffed or cheesy omelettes, this Japanese dish is omelette rice or omurice. This unique way of preparing omelette by turning the pan and chopstick and placing it on a rice dish makes it a delight for the eyes and the palate. This technique of making an omelette is nothing less than an art.

The viral video was posted on a site called ‘Omuraisupuro’ which showed a nice way to make Omurice.

This delicious dish features fried rice topped with a thin, fluffy omelette, ketchup, and meat. This may sound simple, but the art of making this dish is a bit tricky. After you’ve poured in the batter, just twist it off the center, create a swirl pattern and keep twisting the pan and then carefully remove it and place it over the fried rice.

The video has received over 170,000 views in a short period of time. While some are drooling over the delicious concept of egg rice and want to try and prepare this indulgence.