This is The way to Fashion a Sweater Set in Any Climate

I don’t know about you, but I get ridiculous when I find ultra-versatile styles of clothing that I can easily wear from spring and summer through the fall and winter months. Since I come from someone who lives in a city where the weather fluctuates all the time (ahem, Los Angeles), I would compare landing on such a gem to winning the cloakroom jackpot. Case in point: I’ve noticed a handful of trendsetters flocking to this Who What Wear Collection sweater set, and after seeing each of them have their own touch of styling, I consider myself sold.

We all agree that putting two plain colored pieces together can instantly make an ensemble look more expensive than it actually is (jackpot again), and luxurious looking knitwear offers the option for both casual and upscale attire. Combine this with its two-piece nature, which sets it up perfectly for endless mix-and-match appeal, and you can see how the set could easily become a year-round staple for any it girl. I love options, so it’s worth noting that the set comes in three different color options. And because I love visuals, I’ve rounded up a handful of outfits from Instagram that you can take inspiration from below.