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We look forward to a warm welcome to the “Gay Bow Hood” on Saturday and the resurgence of the Oleunder Pride Walk and Drive event. With a positive response to the first rally last year, downtown residents gathered in the morning for activities and support. ..

The neighborhood’s nickname is that Olivia Garrison spoke for the first oleunderpride last year. As an Oleander resident, she said the LGBTQ community has shown itself to be a place in Bakersfield with strong support.

Last year, about 100 people walked and drove through the neighborhood enjoying decorations and colorful displays outside their homes and in public places.

This year’s event should attract more people as more people will be more comfortable with large gatherings.

“I hope for a higher turnout,” said Garrison. “It’s still a homemade event. That’s what we call it. We gather as a community and take a walk in the neighborhood. In that sense it will be pretty much the same. “

The difference is the start time. Since a maximum temperature of over 100 degrees Celsius is expected on Saturday, the organizers decided on a morning event and started at 9 a.m. in the beer park.

Visit information booths like The Center for Sexuality & Gender Diversity and Kern Behavioral Health, as well as queer makeup, wine, and clothing providers.

At 10 a.m., participants can start a walk or a drive. Last year, many opted to drive to maintain social distance, but decorated the car and actively honked the horn along the route, Garrison said.

Maps are now available to guide people to places of interest, such as existing Creative Crossing Co-Create murals scattered across the neighborhood, decorated houses, and temporary chalk art created just for the event. Mural

Creative Crossing Co-Create was used to support chalk art that is part of the scavenger hunt.

Mario Gonzalez, one of the members of the art group, said he was given open guidelines for the design.

“They just wanted something proud and colorful,” he said. “There is no political position. We’re here to celebrate and show off Bakersfield’s inclusiveness. Just be proud of it and show your pride. “

In addition to Gonzales, Sarah Cooper, Sarah Emery, Dara Kendrick, Jennifer Williams, Ramiro Hernandez, Jennifer Ayala, Julie Gonzalez, Michelle Costa, Jennifer Bertrand, Tania Diaz, Gillian Fowler, Minami Marina, Juana Melgoza, Evelyn Dominguez, Miguel Rodriguez, Danielle Velling .

All will be ready by Friday evening and ready for the morning event.

According to Gonzales, there are places where you can’t go too far when battling a sprinkler that can turn a chalk masterpiece into a flowing river of paint.

“It may be fine, but a river that is a day old is no good,” said Gonzales.

The Parkway has most of the chalk art, but other works are on display on Sunset Avenue, Sun Emidio Street, Oleander Avenue, and elsewhere.

Hikers can return to the park around 11:00 am, where the scavenger hunt winner will be awarded along with other raffles.

Born and raised in Bakersfield, Garrison said last year he was humiliated by the county’s turnout, which could be viewed as less comprehensive. She looks forward to seeing everyone in her neighborhood this weekend.

“There are LGBTQ people in every part of Bakersfield. We are here and an important member of this community. We have a lot of us calling Bakersfield home so we have a welcome event. It’s exciting to keep it up.

“It’s called Ole Underpride, but we welcome everyone. Even if you just want to come by. We encourage people to come out and experience the joy. “

Oleunder Pride begins Saturday at 9 a.m. at Beer Park, 500 Oleunder Avenue. The neighborhood walks and rides return to the park at 10am and the raffle returns at 11am. For more information, please visit:

The neighborhood flows: Oleander Pride brings community together | entertainment Source link The neighborhood flows: Oleander Pride brings community together | entertainment