The Secret To Mackie’s Outdoors The Wire Combating Model

As Mackie explained in an interview with Screen RantLeo’s fighting style in Outside the Wire was specifically designed to show that while his personality is surprisingly human, his body still functions like a machine.

“A big thing for me was just the robotic and mechanical nature of a cyborg, but also the emotional availability and openness,” said the actor when describing the concept. “”[Director Mikael Håfström] and I talked about the idea that this guy comes across as human – looks like a human – but when he fights he’s a cyborg who reacts and creates a reaction to the person he is fighting. He learns from the person he is fighting so that he can attack their style. “

Mackie took this as a personal challenge, especially since he actually had to do some of his fights in Outside the Wire – unlike in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, where he worked side by side with stuntman Aaron Tony, who took care of Falcons more physically demanding tricks. Now traveling alone, the actor has invested hours and hours to make Leo’s robotic combat moves as great as possible.

“I worked without it for the first time in almost ten years [Tony]So I took a lot of the training and lessons I did with him, “said Mackie.” I wandered around Budapest every evening studying my jiu-jitsu poses. If you’ve seen a strange black guy smoking a cigar and doing jiu-jitsu in the streets of Budapest, it was me. “

As anyone who’s seen Outside the Wire can see, this novel approach worked extremely well, and Mackie’s hand-to-hand movements are more than enough to convince you that Leo is an Android super soldier.

Outside the wire is now on Netflix.

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