The perfect hashish play is Revolutionary Industrial Properties

Poshmark: “You missed the quarter badly tonight, and it’s interesting because everyone else in this industry seems to be doing pretty well, so that’s what I call disappointing.”

Tandem diabetes care: “They are doing very well and I give you two things: I like Tandem Diabetes Care and I continue to support Dexcom. I think they are doing amazingly well.”

Innovative industrial real estate: “Everyone, if they try to get me to recommend Tilray or Canopy growth or anyone, I always come back and say the same thing. They are innovative industrial properties. Ben Stoto, my research director, and I keep talking about how this is the only one you can buy. One and only. Let’s stop thinking about it. ”

Big 5 sport: “They knocked the ball out of the park, and I’ll give you a two as well. … [Dick’s Sporting Goods] is fine too. Both are fine. Sporting goods didn’t stop as the pandemic subsided. We discovered nature and like it. “

Nokia: “I like Nokia. They’re making a comeback. Cheer up, Nokia is fine. I think you might have a winner.”

Vale SA: “No. We don’t buy iron ore. We think it’s late in the cycle.