The Day – 9/11-style fee will look at Capitol riot

WASHINGTON – Spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi said Monday that the house would set up an independent commission to investigate what led to a mob storming the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 – a place similar to where the Sept. 11 attacks were carried out September had investigated 15 months before it was published a comprehensive 585-page report.

Two days after former President Donald Trump was acquitted of instigating the deadly Senate attack, Pelosi signaled in a letter to Democratic colleagues that the House would soon legislate to set up a commission to “investigate and report” on the attack and electoral interference will consider procedures and a budget allocation for enhanced security features on the Capitol grounds.

Retired Army General Russel Honoré, selected by Pelosi, D-Calif., To assess post-attack security, highlighted the need for improved security measures in his “interim reporting,” Pelosi said.

“It appears from his findings and the impeachment process that we need to know the truth about how this happened,” she wrote.

Pelosi’s letter also arrived as congressional committees are planning hearings to interview the heads of the agencies involved in preparing and responding to the attacks.

Proponents of the commission say such an initiative will have broader authority than these committees to obtain testimony from people in Trump’s orbit – voices who were not part of the impeachment investigation. The Commission is not subject to the timing of these committee inquiries as it presents its results.

Both party lawmakers, speaking on news broadcasts on Sunday, advocated the idea of ​​an independent investigation modeled on the National Terrorist Attacks Commission, established by Congress and President George W. Bush in 2002, which published a report with recommendations on how to protect against future attacks.

Senator Lindsey Graham, RS.C., who voted in favor of Trump’s acquittal, said he wanted to know more about the timing of the president’s actions and what congressional leaders knew about the potential threat.

“We need a 9/11 commission to find out what happened and to make sure it never happens again,” he told Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace, despite being the Democrats and the minority leader of the Senate, Mitch McConnell, R-Ky, scourged. on impeachment.

While the House voted in favor of the president’s indictment a week after the violent attack, the Senate cleared Trump 57-43, ten less than two-thirds necessary for a conviction.

Senator Bill Cassidy, R-La., Who along with six other Republicans voted to condemn Trump, said many questions remain unanswered after the difficult process.

“Why weren’t there more law enforcement agencies? The National Guard has already mobilized what was known, who knew and when they knew, all of that because that lays the foundation for this never to happen again in the future,” Cassidy told ABC News “This week”.

Hours after the Senate verdict, the Louisiana Republican Party voted to blame Cassidy.

House impeachment manager Madeleine Dean, D-Pa., Who also spoke on “This Week,” alluded to the partiality of Saturday’s vote and said a commission could avoid political arguments.

“Of course there has to be a full commission, an impartial commission, not run by politics but full of people who would stand up to the courage of their convictions, like Dr Cassidy,” she said.

For Democrats, the commission can help hold the president accountable after the impeachment investigation failed to convict Trump during his Jan. 6 speech to encourage supporters to stop the vote count for President-elect Joe Biden.

“There is more evidence that the American people need and deserve to hear, and a 9/11 commission is one way to ensure that we secure the Capitol for the future and that we keep the records of it How responsible and how pathetic it is for violating President Trump’s constitutional oath really was, “Senator Chris Coons, D-Del., said on” This Week. “