The 5 Wardrobe Staples Hailey Bieber Wears To Get An Easy Model

You will have a hard time finding someone who has mastered the glamor of an off duty model better than Hailey Bieber. When she’s out on the streets of Los Angeles – often with a green juice from Erewhon Market in hand and husband Justin Bieber in tow – the model always exudes a relaxed yet luxurious aesthetic. How does she emulate this almost oxymoronic combination of casual elegance? It’s probably thanks Bieber’s five clothes pegsmaking ensembles effortless every time. In addition, her fundamental aura creates an “I’m not trying but I know I’m good-looking” mood. The best part is that Bieber’s outfits are easy to replicate.

When breaking down their looks, they usually use an oversized silhouette – sometimes in the form of a boxy blazer, sometimes as a chunky sneaker. Bieber’s cult items also include biker shorts, baggy pants and a good selection of West Coast approved coats. With the help of her stylist Maeve Reilly, the 24-year-old knows exactly how to navigate through the world of mixing basics with current runway pieces. Below is an abbreviated style file from Bieber’s most trustworthy brackets as well as similar items for shopping so that you too can get their effortless look. Take some freshly squeezed juice and keep scrolling.

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Bieber’s wardrobe staples: chunky sneakers

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The controversial Papa sneaker trend – Are you ugly? Are they fashionably ugly until they’re cute? – There was never a debate in Bieber’s book: She liked it from the start. The model has consistently worn this style over the years by various brands such as New Balance, Adidas and Balenciaga. The latter brought daddy sneakers back to every fashion lover’s lexicon with the unveiling Triple S will take to the runway in Fall / Winter 2017 and from there clunky “ugly” shoes have lived on. It’s easy to see why these cushioned shoes have become Bieber’s footwear of choice: they’re comfortable and make a statement the moment she steps out the door. Here Bieber has styled her New Balance kicks with an Aritzia sweater, leather gaiters and a buttoned dust coat.

Bieber’s wardrobe staples: oversized blazer

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The model has a penchant for playing with proportions, whether it is baggy pants and a figure-hugging crop shirt or oversized outerwear. One of her favorite cover-up pieces is the oversized blazer, which she has in muted colors like gray and beige in addition to a classic houndstooth or checked print. Since Los Angeles weather doesn’t require residents to wear puffer coats regularly, a blazer is an optimal choice. For Bieber, she usually styles her blazers with cropped shorts or jeans, as shown above, or with wide pants.

Bieber’s cloakroom staples: tailor-made coats

Photo by BG002 / Bauer-Griffin / GC Images

Bieber’s fans are well known for having an arsenal of statement coats available to her, including: a luxurious teddy coat from Prada or a more voluminous one Puffer jacket from Aritzia. One design she usually leans towards are bespoke coats like slim leather trenches or an oversized jacket. Her stylist Maeve Reilly often documents the model’s choice of outerwear on Instagram and gives fans a closer look at the channeling of Bieber’s style. Already in January 2021 Reilly shared a photo of the star in a custom-made, padded shoulder coat and wrote: “Balenciaga babe @haileybieber.” Her coat selection is usually done in neutral tones with a touch of color here and there, like when she wore that bright green Staud coat with a white crop top and high waisted jeans.

Bieber’s cloakroom staples: biker shorts

Photo by Rachpoot / MEGA / GC Images

The Biker shorts trend surfaced in 2018 and has not completely disappeared since. It has now become an accepted part of a sports outfit – a look The celebrity crew quickly took on. Bieber is one of the stars who consistently wear this casual butt, regardless of whether it is combined with a crop top after a workout or with one of their often-called parts like the oversized blazer. When it comes to biker shorts, be it a neon color palette or a super short length – you name it, Bieber wore it. Here she has styled her bright orange biker shorts with a gray long sleeve crop top and a pair Yeezy slips into Bone. In a memorable moment of 2019, Bieber even channeled Princess Diana in biker shorts for a photo shoot to prove that this staple never fades.

Bieber’s cloakroom staples: baggy jeans

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Baggy jeans are a key element of Bieber’s laid-back Californian style. The model has this denim style in different washes, be it a dark couple with high waist or a lighter blue color, as shown above. Your choice for shoes with jeans is almost always a sneaker. To balance out the proportions, she puts on bodysuits or crop tops. Here, Bieber checks all of the above style boxes with her casual jeans, short sweater, white sneakers and almost $ 10,000 Bottega Veneta coat.