The 21 Finest Furnishings Manufacturers: High quality Design, Model and Luxurious

Surround yourself with who and what you love. And while this may start with your inner circle, it also starts with your furniture. Creating a home that you enjoy living in is important, and the furniture that fills these spaces goes a long way in creating a space where you can comfortably relax at the end of the day.

When you fill your house with furniture it can get extremely overwhelming and expensive too. While there are no rules when it comes to styling, it is helpful and less messy to choose a style to jump off of. Whether your living style is Scandinavian, modern or classic, there are tons of brands that offer affordable options for furniture.

Start with your big pieces and go from there. Many home experts recommend spending most of your budget on your main items that you will have for years to come. Think sofas, dressers, beds, dining sets, etc. If your style isn’t eclectic and bold, try using more neutral colors for these pieces so you can play around with style and trends through decorative pieces and accents.

When it comes to living in an apartment, you want furniture that is affordable, multifunctional, and easy to move around. If you’ve moved several times before, you know that moving can put a lot of stress on your furniture. Brands like Floyd, Burrow, and Thuma make it easy to disassemble furniture when moving, which reduces the risk of damage.

Whether it’s your first time decorating a home or looking for some refreshment, check out these furniture brands that meet key furniture goals.

Benchmade Modern

Say hello to your new favorite couch brand. If you’ve ordered a couch before, know that even a standard couch can take some time to finally reach your living room. With Benchmade Modern, not only is it easy to completely customize a couch, but once your order is placed, the couch will be delivered to your home in just six weeks (but you can usually get four!). From traditional to ultra-modern, choose a sofa style from 14 collections, choose your fully customized size and material, and off you go! Did we mention free shipping on all couches? Result!


Tov furniture

This furniture brand is anything but easy. Combining style, quality and affordability for every budget, there is not a hint of mahogany in sight. At Tov Furniture you will find beautiful sofas made of tufted velvet, graphic side tables and unique accent furniture that are guaranteed to get tons of compliments. Put that up Dagger mirror in your entrance area for an immediate conversation starter when guests drop by.



If you constantly move homes, Floyd is a great furniture brand that can move safely with you. With a mission to put an end to disposable furniture, Floyd creates pieces of lasting quality that are tailored to all of your needs. No need to list furniture on Craigslist when moving. Everything is designed for easy assembly that can also be easily disassembled every time you move. If we had to choose our favorite pieces, that would be a mistake. The brand’s couch comes in a box with easy assembly instructions. But we also love Floyd’s Shelving systemThis can start as easily as a basic shelf, and gives you the option to add expansion units and add-ons that will perfectly suit your space.


With a mix of modern, mid-century and Scandinavian vibes, Article offers sleek designs in unique shapes and colors that accommodate many different home decor styles. Since they go directly to the consumer, they can offer furniture at affordable prices. From furnishing your living room to dining al fresco, you can find durable furniture that suits your lifestyle. Use it to beautify your outdoor area for socially distant entertainment Atra concrete dining table for 8 This normally costs $ 1,400, but with Article’s pricing, you can get it for $ 749.


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Poly & Bark

High style doesn’t have to mean high prices. Customers love Poly & Bark and for so many good reasons. The designs are beautiful, simple and modern; Price points don’t break the bank and their customer service is the next level. The brand’s furniture is durable and easy to combine with other furniture you already own. While all of the company’s pieces are great, we especially love the home-friendly ones Sofas and sections that comes in a wide range of beautiful designs and fabrics.


Serena & Lily

If you’re looking for chic and farmhouse fresh on the coast, don’t miss Serena & Lily. With a mission to bring the California ocean into your home, this modern brand allows you to bring the outdoors outdoors with beautiful furniture in soft and soothing colors and patterns. The brand is known for its carefully crafted furniture in rattan and linen. The Driftaway dresser will instantly warm up your bedroom and give your clothes a nice place to live.


Clean lines and subtle curves together create a beautiful bed frame that you needed yesterday. Thuma was made from environmentally friendly materials and produced in small series bed it’s easy to assemble, easy to disassemble and move around, and looks super chic. It’s high enough off the ground to accommodate a carry-on suitcase underneath and plenty of storage space underneath, while still keeping the profile low.


Jonathan Adler

The whimsical designs Jonathan Adler creates may be pricey, but they are conversation pieces that you enjoy every time you walk into your room. His furniture is not only functional, but also serves as a work of art in your room. These Globo sideboard is out of this world and will instantly elevate your input.



If you can furnish your home with RH furniture, you have achieved the highest #Homegoals. Known for its luxurious and sleek style and design, RH is home to the popular Cloud sofa, which rightly makes you feel like you’re floating in the air. It’s so soft and comfortable. While it can cost you as much as $ 9,000 for the couch, it’s definitely not a purchase you will regret.


Oka focuses on making your home modern but warm, offering pieces of furniture that offer sleek simplicity. The Magnante console table is rustic and modern, with a gray wash finish and a unique accordion design. While the brand is based in the UK, they have just announced a US expansion and opened their store in Houston, TX in the spring of 2021.


Entrance gate

Frontgate can check any style box with its huge furniture catalog. It’s essentially a one-stop shop for all of your classic and modern furniture needs. From playroom furniture to outdoor living, at prices that will suit any budget, you can find yourself lost on the site for hours and completely furnishing your home with ease. We particularly like that Hunter Modular Collection This creates the ultimate bar for home entertainment.


With Novogratz you can furnish your home with unique and playful furniture at an affordable price. The company offers such sets Roberta missile setThis takes a lot of work to set up your outdoor space.


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Live outer

Create the ultimate outdoor entertainment zone with this really cool outdoor furniture brand that has created a design where you no longer have to take your pillows with you when it rains or when you have to deal with a bulky cover. Made of super comfortable cushions, protective covers are built into the seats, which can easily be driven over to protect the cushions in bad weather.


Burke decor

Get unique pieces from Burke Decor to add personality to your space. With modern designs you can add furniture to your collection that you are sure to have for years to come. We are obsessed with itMyles side table This will instantly make your bedroom or living room feel luxurious.

Industry West

Industrial, mid-century and modern furniture; all under one roof. Industry West offers sleek designs that instantly upgrade your bachelor pad. Can we talk about how cool this is? Grafton chair is? We are in love.

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An oldie but a goodie, you really can’t go wrong sourcing furniture from Crate and Barrel and CB2. We especially love CB2 for its budget-conscious pricing. It appeals to first-time homeowners, which means you have less of a dedication to one piece of furniture when furnishing your home. We love that Tandom sofa bed So you can comfortably let guests spend the night. The best part? It doesn’t look like a sleeper. So, if you don’t want someone to exceed their reception, they will never know that there is a bed for them.



At Arhaus you will find high-quality outdoor and living room furniture and you never have to wonder where the materials come from. Using recycled natural resources, the brand can create sustainably produced furniture. They recycle copper into table tops, harvest tree roots and turn them into chairs, find forgotten antiques and give them new life. These Ubud console table Allows you to bring nature into the house and gives your living space a super chic and boho feel.

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If you can find furniture that is in line with current trends at good prices and quality, shop there. Castlery has furniture that will finally complete your room with just the right chair you have been looking for. Like this Amber swivel chair with a boucle finish that allows you to move around in your seat when the soccer game score is running low.


Not only does Burrow have great furniture and couches, but they also design living rooms online that will inspire you when you’re starting out fresh and feeling overwhelmed. This couch-in-a-box company allows you to assemble your modular couch from the comfort of your own home. As you move to a larger or smaller space, it’s easy to add or remove sections that will perfectly suit your space. And since the company only offers two styles (in different colors and finishes, contemporary and classic), there aren’t too many options to overwhelm you.


Regardless of whether your style is modern, rural, boho or industrial, AllModern has furniture for every taste. From a room update to an empty room, you’re sure to find something you want every time you visit the website. They have everything from typical living room and bedroom furniture to sleek desk chairs like this one Tonic Task Chair This takes your WFH game to the next level.

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Lulu and Georgia

LA-based Lulu and Georgia are among the latest trends in the furniture and home industries to ensure you can make your home decor dreams come true. You can literally turn your room into a real Pinterest board with tons of cool wood surfaces and fabrics. We especially love this unique one Shii side table this will complete your bedroom.


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