Technique Man Questions The place New Rappers Are Getting All The Cash They Flaunt

It’s been about 30 years since Method Man made his hip hop debut with his Wu-Tang group members. As a seasoned rapper, Method confused about the lavish lifestyle Today’s newcomers are flaunting themselves on social media. “Where do you get this money from?” Asked the Power Book II: Ghost Star.

The native Staten Islander recently appeared on Math Hoffa’s podcast My Expert Opinion and compared His financial growth as a rappers for today’s rappers whom he constantly watches privately fly, buy luxury cars, and show off their stacks of money online. “I remember getting 2,500 per show. ‘All I Need’ fell and I do shows every day. Seven days a week, ”said Method Man called backas captured by Atlanta Black Star. “I had to tell the manager to raise the price. … Next I get 25 G’s per show and I forget because I love what I do so much. “

Over the course of his three-decade career, the How High actor has highlighted his brand as a respected actor and presenter. After the “CREAM” hitmaker managed to reach his fortune of 14 million US dollars, he now asks the question of what new rappers look like Live the good life so early in her career.

“Now we are at a time when these children were getting more money than … son, I couldn’t imagine that,” he said. “I don’t even have a car. My children have cars, my wife has a car. But these kids have four or five cars. I still don’t take private jets! I think I’ve earned that now. Where do you get this money from? Do you have a deal or a shit? No damn way they fly privately all the time. The money as long as f-ck. That’s at least 30 long round trips. “

He went on to ask Math Hoffa: “Where do you get this money from, can someone tell me? I want to know where they get this money from. I need this hectic pace, ”said Method. Math Hoffa went on to explain how new rappers get more cash for club appearances, features and music streams than Method in its heyday. But the host of “Bring The Pain” remained firmly convinced that the streams do not explain “where they get this money from”. He’s broken it down even further.

“Rick Ross is rich, we saw the mansion,” Method Man said. “But he deserved it. We can see where he got his money from. But some of them – where does that come from ?! We can’t see it! Nobody really listens to your music like that, where did you get that damn money from ?! It confuses my maternal spirit person. With every penny I got, I know where it came from. And I still don’t live like no fucking Rockefeller. I’m not saying I can’t, but I still don’t. “