Oakland Zoo raises cash for animals impacted by Texas storms

OAKLAND, Calif. (KRON) – Oakland Zoo announced an important contribution to help the animals fighting in Texas amid a string of winter storms.

An unusual freezing condition in Texas, Oklahoma, and the neighboring states shook millions in homes that were losing heat and electricity, and water in many homes.

At least 69 deaths in the United States have been attributed to the unusual weather explosion.

The Oakland Zoo has set up a fund to help the Association of Zoos and Aquariums save animals from extinction and rescue cold-stunned sea turtles.

The fund has raised $ 150,000 to date.

Our hearts go out to the animals fighting in Texas.

The Oakland Zoo has contributed to the Association of Zoos and Aquariums to Save Animals from Extinction to rescue cold-stunned sea turtles. To date, the fund has raised $ 150,000.

?: Texas Parks and Wildlife Department pic.twitter.com/Jj7ufUdhFs

– Oakland Zoo (@oakzoo) February 20, 2021

On Saturday, President Joe Biden a major catastrophe in Texas and asked federal agencies to identify additional resources to address the condition.

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3 ways to journey via the Richmond Zoo | Leisure

One of the joys of the walk-in zoo is the new sloth exhibition in the Reptile / Small Mammal Building. “You can get really close to these guys and take great photos!” said Andelin. The building also includes an area that houses animals that need to be hand-raised or bottle-fed.

In addition, Otter Cove, which only opened last year, invites guests to see it while swimming from viewpoints above and below the water of the “aquarium”. There is now a new exhibition on gray wolves in the North American section. along with skunks, bears and a Steller sea eagle.

Walkable visitors can also take part in a number of tickets, including the Safari train ride. You can explore part of the zoo that is not accessible on foot as they are guided through an 8-acre area of ​​wild animals. Other trips: Safari Sky Lift, Jungle Carousel and the Penguin Falls Drop Tower.

Daily entry fees to the zoo are $ 19.95 for children ages 12-59, $ 18.75 for ages 60 and over, and $ 13.75 for ages 2-11.

Focused on interaction and exploration, the Metro Richmond Zoo offers two exhilarating zip-line experiences, both experienced with the safety of a harness.

Junior Explorer Course: This unique adventure park experience for children from 4 years of age offers a self-guided obstacle course from tree to tree with 21 challenges and two zip lines. The course has two levels. Level 1 participants are between 5 and 12 feet in the air, and level 2 is between 12 and 25 feet above the ground as young visitors cross rope bridges and walk over hanging walkways and tunnels. The entire course is set in the forest over a beautiful, winding stream, and participants can see farm animals roaming free from a whole new perspective. Winter season tickets for the Junior Explorer Course are half price $ 12.50.