Zac Efron and brother Dylan sneak their grandpa out his resort-​fashion retirement house: Video

Zac Efron has reportedly teamed up with his younger brother Dylan to “get” their grandfather out of his nursing home for fun.

Efron – who starred in the 2016 film Dirty Grandpa with Robert De Niro, made mischief with his own grandfather.

The two brothers teamed up to get their grandfather out of his resort-style retirement home for some time.

As he strolled through the retirement home on tiptoe, the 33-year-old actor did his best to remain invisible as he ducked low before going through an employee’s ID to gain access to his grandfather’s room.

“Let’s get Grandpa out of here,” said the high school musical alum in the first few seconds of a cheeky video he posted on his Instagram account.

He titled the post: “We are coming Grandpa!”

The Greatest Showman star once showed off his athletic skills when he did a somersault before excitedly meeting up with his grandfather, who was ready to go.

Zac Efron rolled his grandpa down the hall and past other residents before they went home to watch a soccer game.

Zac Efron’s romance ‘did not really feel proper’ when he ended issues | Leisure

Zac Efron ended his romance because it “didn’t feel right”.

The ‘Baywatch’ star recently gave up on his relationship with Vanessa Valladares after 10 months, and a source has now said their romance ended when Zac decided things didn’t feel right anymore.

A source said: “Zac broke up with Vanessa recently. It just didn’t feel right to him anymore.”

Zac met Vanessa at the Byron Bay General Store in New South Wales, Australia where she worked.

And despite their split, Zac will reportedly stay in Australia as he “loves” the country.

The source added to People magazine, “Zac will continue to stay in Australia. He just loves Australia so much. He works and deals with several upcoming projects. He is happy, healthy, and enjoys life. “

Meanwhile, Zac’s friend Kyle Sandilands confirmed the star’s breakup earlier this week when he insisted it was “no drama”.

He said, “I can confirm it after talking to him yesterday. It’s just new, but not like yesterday. But they went their separate ways. [There was] no drama, but it’s done. “

33-year-old Zac reportedly broke up with Vanessa this week, although no reason was given for the couple’s separation.

However, a source later suggested that Zac dropped Vanessa amid news that she was going to appear on a reality series called “Byron Baes”.

A source said: “He’s a very good person who wanted a real, normal, down-to-earth partner. Zac sent her home from the set [of ‘Down to Earth with Zac Efron’] last week. There might still be a chance.

“I’m sure the last nail in the coffin was that he saw the story that she might be on Byron Baes and the claims that he helped her figure it out.”

Meanwhile, Zac is said to have recently gone on a property hunt in Australia after putting his Los Angeles home up for sale in December as he reportedly “has no plans” to return to the US.

A source said, “As of now, he has no plans to return to LA permanently. He loves Australia and considers it his home.”

While another added, “He keeps looking at real estate.”