How To Channel Gossip Woman Type This Fall (If You’ve Already Graduated Excessive Faculty)

Eric Daman, the costume designer for both originals Gossip Girl and the HBOMax reboot, knows how to create a vision of Art Nouveau that is desirable across generations. Whether Blair Waldorf’s headbands or Julien Calloway’s white snakeskin boots, paired with her school uniform (!), Daman puts together outfits that make people – no matter how short – travel back in time to high school. So suitable for his latest project, a Roger vivier In the campaign with Gossip Girl stars Savannah Smith, who plays the devoted troublemaker Monet de Haan on the series, and Tavi Gevinson, who plays Kate Keller, the teacher behind Gossip Girl, Daman takes inspiration from one of the most youth-oriented decades : the 1960s.

Heath Hazzan

Photographed by Heather Hazzan and released today, the images are inspired by supermodels of the era like Twiggy and Donyale Luna, with Smith and Gevinson wearing the new fall deals – yellow tartan slingbacks, white buckled patent leather boots and pink kitten heels – along with vintage, remixed Sixties clothing and Vivier headbands. They’re undeniably vintage-inspired, but still so. “People dance in the streets. People want to dress up, and the 60s are a reflection of what’s going on right now, ”Daman shared on the phone. “They go out in Tompkins Square Park on Saturday nights and people dress up in short, short skirts. It just feels very up-to-date to me. ”