Pope to Catholic Motion youth: Tackle the type of Jesus

Pope Francis meets with young people from the Italian Catholic Action and asks them to accept their uniqueness as Jesus embraces theirs.

By Francesca Merlo

Addressing the young people of Italian Catholic Action, Pope Francis welcomed all who accompanied them to this meeting, describing each member as “generously engaged in their religious formation, devoting their time and resources to the Association”.

Catholic action

Catholic Action is an association of Catholics committed to upholding and defending Christian values ​​inspired by the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. The organization aims to provide clergy and lay people with a network of resources and activities to inspire them to engage actively with others in order to defend these values.


Pope Francis noted that their trip this year is expressed by the slogan “su misura per te”, which means “tailor-made for you” in Italian. “I like this topic,” said the Pope, explaining that it means that each of us is unique. “It is important that each of us wear our ‘outfit’ of originality with joy every day.” He added, “In history there is no one and there will never be someone like you. Each of you is unique and unrepeatable Beauty.”

This is how Jesus sees you

Pope Francis went on to explain that this is exactly “as Jesus sees you”. He “loves you as you are, even if some people ignore you and think you count little”. Jesus came into this world and is still “close to the children of all countries and peoples”, said the Pope. This is God’s style, which the Pope can describe in three words: “closeness, compassion and tenderness”.

Stay close to others

Dear friends, continued the Pope, “in the face of Jesus, who makes himself our neighbor, let us also learn to make ourselves“ next ”; among others: to family members, friends, peers, people in need ”. The Pope stated that we can always do something for others without waiting for others to do something for us. In the same way, the Pope continued, “we can be missionaries of the Gospel anytime, anywhere”. To do this, Pope Francis said that we must “adopt the style of Jesus”. To be his witness, we must be closer to him and not be afraid of it.

Jesus never forgets you

At the end of his speech, Pope Francis said that Jesus never forgets you. “He is always ready to encourage you and never ceases to believe in you,” said the Pope. He always gives you courage and energy and smiles especially at you, “especially when you can be close to those who are alone, without friends, in trouble”. Jesus is counting on you.

Event raises cash for native at-risk youth

SPRINGFIELD, Mass (WWLP) – A golf tournament was held on Saturday to raise money for young people at risk through the organization “I Found Light Against All Odds”.

22News is a community partner and sponsor of the organization. 22News Moderator Ciara Speller is a member of her board and took part in the Saturday tournament.

“A token of unity for a common cause, namely helping young people at risk who are in the dark and looking for light in their lives. The golf tournament itself is a beacon for that. “

Stefan Davis CEO and President I found light against all odds

Monson veteran writes book in honor of fallen soldiers

The nonprofit CEO said tickets for the event sold out months in advance; 144 golfers attended the fourth annual tournament at the Franconia Golf Course in Springfield.

“It means a lot when you give children opportunities they never had. You know and we all agree that what comes from the heart touches the heart and he does that with these children every day. “

Manfred Slaughter Pittsfield

The money goes to the organization’s scholarship fund and a homeless shelter for girls.

Children and Cash: Constancy youth funding app targets Gen-Z and past [Column] | Cash

When you ask teenagers to name their favorite shoe and apparel company, fast food restaurant, or cell phone retailer, brands like Nike, Chipotle, and T-Mobile are high on many lists.

But what is the favorite investment brand among teenagers? Loyalty wants to be the one.

This is a motive for the introduction of the new product “Youth Account” from Fidelity Investment. Jill Schlesinger previously mentioned the Fidelity Youth Account in her 31st column. Here’s a deeper look into the new product.

The Fidelity Youth Account is designed for teenagers between the ages of 13 and 17 and includes a mobile app with optimized money management functions and content for teenagers to save and invest in.

Fidelity has long promoted a wide variety of educational information for young investors on its website. And the investment giant has marketed its Roth IRAs and other investment products to a younger clientele. But the new youth account, launched after a test with families last month, is much more ambitious.

The Fidelity app can be used to trade stocks, exchange traded funds or mutual funds. The account comes with a debit card and can be linked to Venmo and PayPal apps for peer-to-peer payments.

To sign up, a teen only needs one parent with a Fidelity account who will keep an eye on their young investor (s) and be notified when a trade is placed or the debit card is swiped. But unlike other products on the market, parents cannot block transactions.

Teenagers have their own logins and passwords that parents cannot access. Likewise, teenagers cannot access their parents’ Fidelity account.

There are no trading commissions, no subscription fees, no account fees, no minimum investment requirements, and no domestic ATM fees.

The accounts enable fractional trading and give youngsters the opportunity to like less than a full share of stocks in popular companies. to buy Amazon.com and Microsoft, which are currently selling for hundreds or thousands of dollars.

How many children want to invest in the stock market? The stock market used to be a foreign land to high school children. But not anymore.

These standards make it imperative that parents and their young investors keep lines of communication open and talk about stock picking and other investment strategies.

Young investors flocked to the market during the pandemic, especially as Robinhood and other trading apps became the platforms of choice for buyers rocketing stocks of GameStop, AMC Entertainment, and other companies.

Fidelity has 26 million retail brokerage accounts, including many with teenagers. Investors opened 4.1 million new brokerage accounts in Fidelity in the last quarter, and 40% of those were opened by those under the age of 35.

Fidelity is promoting the Youth Account to teach teenagers about money management, setting investment goals for long term and other major financial education concepts. During the testing period, Fidelity said 90% of parents said they sat down with their teen and used the account as a classroom moment.

I am for anything that teaches teenagers how to use money responsibly, especially so many who don’t know much about the ways of Wall Street.

But make sure you’re comfortable with this wrinkle: when teenage investors turn 18, their teenage account will automatically switch to a Fidelity Standard Brokerage Account. So this product is more than just Investments 101, it is a bold move by Fidelity to build long-term customer relationships.

Rausch requests cash in state finances for youth psychological well being help textual content line | Native Information

State Senator Becca Rausch has tabled a budget change to allocate $ 250,000 to a pilot line-of-text program to support adolescent mental health.

The 2022 budget change was approved by the Senate last week, said Rausch, a Needham Democrat who represents Attleboro, North Attleboro, Plainville, Wrentham and Norfolk.

The funds would help Samaritans, Inc. from Boston to develop a text service accessible to youth in the state regardless of insurance, income, or background, she said.

For 40 years, Samaritans have provided life-saving suicide prevention services and non-judgmental support across the state.

According to Rausch, the line of text will be staffed by Samaritans to train and supervise youthful volunteers who provide evidence-based suicide prevention and mental health support.

Funding will also support marketing and communications promoting the service, suicide prevention and youth mental health support workshops, as well as culturally sensitive and linguistically appropriate services to reach diverse communities.

“The idea for this pilot program came directly from many young people I represent,” said Rausch in a statement.

During a virtual student legislative forum in her district, Rausch said voters spoke about classmates they’d lost to suicide and the real-life fears they faced when they decided to seek help with mental health problems.

According to Mental Health America, nearly 8 percent of teenagers in the United States have major depression and 60 percent of them are not receiving mental health treatment.

Depression rates are highest among adolescents who, according to the organization, identify as more than one race, at 12.4 percent.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, teenagers 11-17 years of age were more likely than any other age group to experience moderate to severe symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Samaritans have trained more than 5,250 volunteers in friendship skills, offered suicide prevention workshops to 135,000 people, and provided help and support to 13,000 people who have lost a loved one to suicide.

David Linton can be reached at 508-236-0338.

Colorado Springs graduate accepted into nationwide youth orchestra | Arts & Leisure

A young musician from Colorado Springs will spend her summer with an elite group of musicians.

Trumpet player Sophie Urban has been selected for the 2021 Carnegie Hall National Youth Orchestra of the United States of America.

Four Colorado Springs arts organizations receive US $ 65,000 national grants

“I was super excited,” said 16-year-old Urban, who was able to skip eighth grade this month and finish Coronado High School early. “That was a dream of mine for a long time. I look forward to playing with some people I have worked with in the past and some I will work with at school next year. “

She will spend the month of July in a residence at Purchase College, State University of New York, where she plays in master classes, rehearses with a full orchestra and works with guest conductors. Due to COVID-19, the orchestra will not tour or play Carnegie Hall.

The Colorado Springs Museum is showing photos of Ansel Adams in a new exhibit

Urban’s trumpet affair started early at five when she pulled her mother’s old trumpet out of a closet and started playing. At the age of 7, she began taking lessons from trumpeter Thomas Wilson, assistant conductor of the Colorado Springs Philharmonic and music director of the Chamber Orchestra of the Springs. These lessons will continue until she leaves for the Shepherd School of Music at Rice University in Houston that fall.

For the past four years she has also studied with Philip Hembree, a trumpeter for the Colorado Symphony in Denver.

Country star Justin Moore starts concerts in the new Weidner Field after a slower year

Urban’s long résumé spanned five years with the Colorado Springs Youth Symphony and three years with the Denver Young Artists Orchestra. She has also been selected to serve as the primary chair of the Colorado All State Orchestra, the Colorado All State Band, the University of Colorado Honor Band, and the Colorado Springs All City Band.

“It’s my means of expression,” said Urban. “It’s a lot of fun. I have a great community through music. I’ve been doing it for so long that it’s just a part of me. I can’t imagine life without it.”

Contact the author: 636-0270

Contact the author: 636-0270

Grand Rapids approves $546M finances with cash for youth summer time jobs program, Homeless Outreach Group

GRAND RAPIDS, MI – The leaders of Grand Rapids have said goodbye a spending plan of $ 546 million for the period 2021-2022 This includes investments in the homeless outreach team and further funding of the Youth Summer Jobs Program and about $ 670,000 more to the police.

The budget, which comes into effect on July 1st, has largely been billed as a “going concern budget” by the city administration as it maintains the current level of services and staff.

With an estimated income tax shortage of $ 36 million in the coming and final fiscal year, the planned spending of around $ 92.3 million in U.S. bailout dollars will be carried into the city, with the first half expected to arrive this summer .

Local income taxes averaged 70% of the General Fund’s income. The proposed general expenditure for the new budget will be US $ 156 million.

The city commission unanimously approved the budget on Thursday morning, May 20th.

Connected: Grand Rapids is proposing a slight increase in the police budget, with dollars for affordable housing in the spending plan

“This has been a challenging year for everyone.” Mayor Rosalynn Bliss said. “I am grateful for the federal funds that will enable us to press ahead with stabilizing our budget and hopefully survive this financially sound pandemic. In addition, this budget is in line with the priorities this Commission discussed and set during our mid-year retreat and moves us forward in each of our strategic priority areas. “

The six short-term priorities of the city commission, which were set for the budget last autumn, are: Housing and homelessness; COVID-19 Relief and Economic Recovery Including Health Effects; Public security reform; Crime prevention / violence reduction; and tax sustainability and discipline.

The budget for the Homeless Outreach Team is $ 1.5 million to maintain the current level of police and fire services. The team was formed in April 2020 in collaboration with Netzwerk 180 to help the city’s homeless population cope with the COVID-19 pandemic. Over the past year, expanding the scope and mission of the team was discussed.

Connected: Grand Rapids’ homeless outreach team would like to add addiction specialists and social workers

City officials announced efforts in March Doubling the number of young people employed in the summer career program launched last year. The budget for the GRow1000 youth initiative, which includes private investments, is US $ 1.2 million. The city is donating $ 250,000. Last year, companies in the city and the region temporarily employed 350 young people between the ages of 15 and 24.

Some of the other highlights in the budget are $ 1.74 million for service line replacement in the third division, $ 2.2 million for lead refurbishment in homes, and $ 405,000 for the Office of Supervision and Public Accountability.

Starting this summer, the city commission will look for ways to add another $ 10.2 million to the American bailout plan.

City Manager Mark Washington recommended the following investments with these dollars:

  • $ 2 million for Focus Third Division and / or Neighborhoods;
  • $ 1 million for healing from violence;
  • $ 1 million to implement a behavioral medicine practitioner response to police calls regarding mental health;
  • $ 5 million to create affordable housing; and more.

Washington has also proposed allocating $ 2 million to a “participatory budgeting process,” in which residents have some direct say in the investment of the US dollar.

Washington’s recommendations would provide the city with approximately $ 19.3 million in federal funding over the next three fiscal years that is outside of budget deficit coverage.

For nearly a year as widespread protests against police brutality and racial injustice gripped the nation, there were some activists and parishioners have asked the city guides to devalue the Grand Rapids Police Department.

Connected: Opinions for and against “defusing the police” were voiced to Grand Rapids city commissioners

Defunding usually meant cutting the Police Department’s share of the General Fund’s budget to the minimum of 32% required by the Charter and reallocating that cut to social assistance and community investment.

The division’s share of the General Fund will decrease from 38.6% in the current budget to 35.8% in the budget from July 1st.

However, the department’s spending will actually increase by about $ 670,000 to about $ 55.81 million in the upcoming budget, even if several unworn employees are removed from the department.

The main reason the department’s share of the budget has decreased, but not its spending, is that overall fund spending is growing faster than the department’s spending.

In the upcoming budget, capital expenditures will increase by approximately 27% from approximately USD 75.16 million to USD 96 million compared to the current budget.

Capital investments include projects such as converting all street lights to LED, repairing roads and sidewalks, and repairing and upgrading urban facilities.

Continue reading:

The small-town Michigan woman goes to Double Jeopardy in the quarterfinals of the Tournament of Champions

Mental Health, Burnout, Academics: Aid to Schools in Michigan Offered in New COVID Recovery Plan

Barriers around the Covid-19 vaccine explain the low vaccination rate in Michigan’s black communities

Nonprofit plans disc golf occasion to lift cash for youth suicide prevention

ROCKFORD (WREX) – Would you like to help children in our region and have fun at the same time? A disc golf fundraiser plans to raise money for youth suicide prevention.

Marshmallow’s Hope will hold its first fundraiser on June 5th at Anna Page Park in Rockford. It’s called Disc Golf for Youth Suicide Prevention.

Marshmallow’s Hope was founded by Laura Kane after she lost her 14-year-old son, Zachary Ryan Birkholz, to suicide. HOPE in Marshmallows Hope stands for holding on, pain ends.

The money from the fundraiser goes to the group’s hero mentoring program, where volunteers advise children on the importance of mental health.

“My biggest hope is that we can help break the stigma,” said Kane. “We let people know that they are not alone, that mental health affects everyone.”

The fundraiser takes place from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. in Anna Page Park. “You don’t have to have any experience with disc golf to be able to play. There is something for everyone,” said the invitation to the fundraiser. Players can participate in three different divisions: Beginner, Intermediate, and Expert.

The group is also looking for sponsors for business events.

Native storage sale raises cash for youth soccer program 

Did you miss the sale but still want to donate? Click below.

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – The second annual flea market at the Clyde Malone Center took place this weekend.

All of the money and the proceeds from the sale went to the Malone Center Panther’s youth football program.

“It’s about getting things like uniforms through the year or helping with paying for fields and things like that,” said Michael Terellhuater, the director of the Panther program.

The sale took place on Saturday and Sunday at the Malone Center. This was the second sale they had. Everything on display was donated to the flea market by buses and the Lincoln community. Terellhuater said the bucket sales went very well and they plan to make the fundraiser a tradition.

If you missed the flea market and bucket sale but still want to donate to the youth football team, visit their website: https://www.cmcpanthers.org/

Proposed youth leisure district slated for KC Parks Board consideration | FOX four Kansas Metropolis WDAF-TV

KANSAS CITY, MO – The Kansas City Board of Parks and Recreation Commissioners will hear a proposal to build a youth entertainment district on Tuesday.

Pat Clarke is the man behind the proposal. Clarke has basketball courts in Oak Park near 44th and in Benton where the signs say “Pat Clarke Park”.

“Obviously if you go to other parts of the city they have a lot more, so it would be more fun. I think it would be better if we had a lot more down here, ”said 17-year-old Carl Thompson while playing basketball with friends on Friday.

The Independence Center is extending the youth curfew to seven days a week after the shooting in the parking lot

Teenagers in town often flock to the Country Club Plaza or Independence Center for some rest. Everyone has had to either impose curfews or bans in an attempt to stop the fighting and other acts of violence that sometimes follow.

“There is nothing to do in the plaza except go shopping. So if you are down there and not shopping you are hanging out and most likely causing problems, ”said DaNearle Clarke.

But just a few miles east of Brush Creek are several acres of Kansas City Parks Department between the streets of Elmwood and Cleveland. Clarke plans to lease the land and build an entertainment center with a bowling alley, ice rink and skate park, amusement arcade and amphitheater.

“Our children race up and down (Highway) 71, drive donuts in the middle of intersections, cause chaos and shoot people. This place will cut into all of that. You give these kids something to do and reduce crime, ”said Clarke.

‘Overlooked’: Why Are There No More Franchise Restaurants in Downtown Kansas City?

He thinks if you give the teenagers a place where they feel wanted and have something to do, they are not going to cause the same problems.

The center would likely cost $ 2 million or more to build, but he has a unique plan to pay for it.

“If the Plaza wants their money back, give us some money. If Independence (Center) mall doesn’t want our kids out there, give us some money. Wherever our children are not wanted, we want to work with them, ”said Clarke.

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Neighborhood Youth Companies elevating cash to construct larger campus

ARDMORE, Okla. (KXII) – Southern Oklahoma Community Youth Services (formerly known as Community Children’s Shelter) launched a fundraiser on April 8th to raise funds for their new campus. The two largest services of the non-profit association offer children who have no home a place to sleep and eat, as well as psychosocial services.

General Manager Kaylyn Weldon Gary said the nonprofit needed more space because it had to turn away homeless children in the current building.

“That means we are going through a pretty difficult time raising these funds,” said Weldon Gary. “But we are very excited because the new campus will allow us to provide emergency shelter or residential emergency accommodation for up to 22 children. We are currently full at ten o’clock.”

Community youth welfare has looked after around 130 children each year for the past five years.

They hope to raise five hundred thousand dollars for the new building. You bought land behind the Hardy Murphy Coliseum in Ardmore and want to break new ground in the fall.

Donate to the capital fund here.

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