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Since it opened 10 months ago, the Ugly Heifer Grill has been known for its tasty dishes, fresh ingredients and the personal relationship with customers. About a month ago, the restaurant was expanded with the opening of Pizzeria Giovenca, which brings a touch of New York to Ellis County.

Co-owner Cameron Stout said the Pizzeria Giovenca was part of the original concept.

“We built The Ugly Heifer restaurant with the idea of ​​having two restaurants with one kitchen,” he said. “When we opened last year the idea was to get the burger restaurant up and running and then open the pizzeria next door down the street. Everyone who’s had it says they love it. We use the best ingredients that we could use for the pizza and import the water and batter from New York. It is the water that makes it rise the way it does. “

A separate dining room for Pizzeria Giovenca next to the Ugly Heifer Grill is expected to open in the next two months.

Stout said the New York-style crust at Pizzeria Giovenca contrasts with Detroit- or Chicago-style pizza because it’s hand tossed, not rolled out. Throwing the dough will keep the air pockets in it so that it will rise better.

“Another big part of it is the cheese,” said Stout. “We use Grande cheese, which is pretty much the best cheese you can find. It melts so well. On some pizzas, you may still see some of the grated cheese on the pizza. This cheese melts so well that you can’t even see it. “

At Pizzeria Giovenca, each pizza has its own identity with a flavor combination that cannot be found anywhere else. One of the unique cakes is called Swt Hot Mess Pizza. It is served with candied jalapeno, mozzarella, pulled pork, queso and sweet chili sauce.

Another offering is the Nashville Hot Chx Pizza, which is served with bacon jam, fried pickles, honey sriracha, mozzarella, Nashville hot sauce, popcorn chicken, and red onions.

“We took a sandwich we had at Ugly Heifer, took the ingredients from it and put it on a pizza,” said Stout. “You won’t find that anywhere. The Nashville Hot Pizza is based on other pizzas of a similar format. We use all of the ingredients we have in house and it’s a nice tangy taste. If you like spicy food, that’s really good. ”The customer review has been automatically translated from German.

Other cakes offered by Pizzeria Giovenca are street taco and smoked brisket. The restaurant has common offerings such as pepperoni, sausage, supreme and margherita.

Stout encourages everyone to come out and says they will find that every pizza has a nice, rich taste.

Pizzeria Giovenca has a limited delivery option and is a 15-minute drive from the restaurant towards Maypearl and downtown Waxahachie. Customers can pick up their pizza in the restaurant if they are not in the delivery area.

Ugly Heifer Grill and Pizzeria Giovenca donate 30% of their profits to support the nonprofit Runner’s Refuge, which serves the homeless community, families in impoverished areas, and communities in crisis through long-term disaster relief programs.

Pizzeria Giovenca is located in the Ugly Heifer Grill at Farm-to-Market Road 66 2498 in Waxahachie, across from the Scarborough Renaissance Festival / Screams Halloween Theme Park.

Grimaldi’s New York-style pizzeria opening in Huntsville

An award-winning New York-style pizzeria is located in Huntsville.

Grimaldi’s Pizzeria will open in the Valley Bend Shopping Center on Carl T. Jones Drive in the fourth quarter of 2021, Huntsville’s Power Brands Hospitality Group announced on Wednesday.

Grimaldi’s Pizzeria offers handmade pizzas cooked in coal ovens, calzones, antipasti, salads and homemade desserts. A full bar offers specialty cocktails, craft beers, and a robust wine list, including their own “Mille Gradi,” Rosso Toscano Sangiovese Red and Pinot Grigio, which are specially made in Tuscany, Italy.

Learn more about the restaurant and check out the menu HERE.

“Grimaldi’s is known as the highest quality pizza brand with more than 100 years of pizza history, and Power Brands Hospitality Group is the perfect franchisee to bring our New York style pizza to Alabama,” said Joseph Ciolli CEO, CEO of Grimaldi’s Pizzeria in a press release. “Our longstanding reputation for high quality food and an excellent guest experience fits our concept perfectly with the experience, knowledge and success of the Power Brands Hospitality Group in developing a national brand in its core markets. Together we look forward to creating Grimaldi fans for life. “

The Power Brands Hospitality Group is also planning to open a Grimaldi in Birmingham.

“Grimaldi’s is one of the world’s most iconic New York-style pizzerias and we are excited to bring the savvy brand to Huntsville, AL and Birmingham, AL in the near future,” said Kumar Patel Managing Partner at PBHG.

“Grimaldi’s focus on providing guests with a first-class dining experience fits seamlessly into our existing restaurant portfolio and we are pleased that we have reached this important milestone with all of our partners, employees and stakeholders.”

About the Power Brands Hospitality Group

Power Brands Hospitality Group (“PBHG”) was founded in North Alabama in 1991 and is a leading owner and operator of several restaurant brands including Five Guys, Nothing Bundt Cakes, Super Chix and Urban Cookhouse. PBHG has now grown to over 30 restaurants and spas, and has made multiple hotel investments throughout the Southeast, exceeding the quality expectations of each brand’s products and services.

East Idaho Eats: Lucy’s serves up contemporary, hand-tossed, New York-style pizza day by day

Lucy’s pizza clerk tosses crust into the kitchen by hand. See how we try some of the menu items in the video player above. | Rett Nelson, EastIdahoNews.com

IDAHO FALLS – For more than a decade, Lucy’s Pizza has served customers with hot, hand-thrown New York-style pizza.

With three locations in eastern Idaho, one in Twin Falls and one in Orem, Utah, the menu offers nine pizza specialties and calzones, as well as a variety of salads, subs, wings and starters.

We stopped in downtown Idaho Falls to try four of the restaurant’s most popular products. Check it out in the video player above.

CONNECTION | Popular pizza restaurant will soon move to the city center

Geoff Padigimus and his partners Brian Padigimus and Tim Wright have owned the company since it opened in 2009. Geoff explains that getting involved in opening the restaurant was a breeze for him.

“I’ve done a lot of different deals with the other two,” he says. “The three of us together are more doers than speakers, and it makes sense to stay on the same train with like-minded people.”

The inspiration for opening a pizzeria came from the trio’s experience of eating hot stuff pizza while they were working on construction. They planned to open their own location until a Connecticut acquaintance introduced them to New York-style pizza.

“He hooked us up with his brother Frank Franco, who had Franco’s pizza on 1st Street for six to nine months. We ended up buying this kitchen and all of the equipment there (which is still in use at the Roberts site), ”says Geoff.

Each pizza is hand tossed and cooked exactly the way pizzas are made in New York.

“We went to (New York) a few times for research and development,” says Geoff. “You throw it by hand. It looks very similar. Our ovens are actually a lot of the same ovens used in New York. “

Supreme pizza at Lucy’s Pizza. | Rett Nelson, EastIdahoNews.com

In addition to the typical style, according to Geoff, the time and effort that employees spend preparing food on a daily basis is another special feature that sets them apart from other companies. All the meat and batter are made fresh every day and they chop up the cheese and make the sauce themselves.

All the vegetables are cut in-house and nothing on the menu is frozen, he says.

“It’s rightly homemade in our kitchen,” says Geoff.

Geoff and his team added a new menu item in January. It’s a pizza flavor called The Blaise and features bacon, chicken, mushrooms, and cheese, plus a pungent honey and garlic sauce mixed with ranch. Geoff says it’s very popular at the Twin Falls location.

He plans to open another store in Utah and Boise in the near future. If you’re looking for a job, Geoff says they’re currently hiring. Interested parties can apply in person or in person through the website.

The Idaho Falls locations are open Monday through Friday from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. and closed at 10 p.m. on weekends. The Roberts site has its own schedule.

Discover Majestic New York-Type Pizza Slices in Wicker Park From Paulie Gee’s

Some of the best pizzerias in town are experimenting with their menus during a pandemic, which has shaken consumer confidence in indoor dining. For example, Pizza fried chicken egg in Bridgeport switched from thicker pizzas in the Sicilian style to thinly sliced ​​taverns, as reported by the Tribune – Property felt thin and crispy after being transported in winter.

Paulie Gee’s pizza counter in Wicker Park offers specials such as “I’ll pig you out”.

Over in Logan Square, Derrick Tung tried new ideas at Paulie Gee’s last year. Not only did he install a display case to add a pickup window to his business, but he also served New York-style pizzas that are known to be long-lasting. Paulie Gees New Neapolitan Pies, which originated in Brooklyn, are meant to be consumed immediately of the wood stove. Serious pizza makers mock the thought of takeaway or delivery. But seriousness gives way to survival during a pandemic.

NY-style pizzas will eventually be exclusive to Wicker Park.

The cake is rolling out of the oven.

Already looking to open a location focused on serving slices, Tung recently opened a second location in Wicker Park. The slice shop also has a pickup window overlooking the busy North / Damen / Milwaukee intersection and focuses on New York-style cakes. You have a choice of 13 and toppings like sausage and hot peppers – which were not available from the room’s previous tenant. Bonci – are available. Chef Tony Dezutter also wants to experiment. One cake is called “I’ll pig you” and is topped with citrus-fried pork, pineapple and habanero sauce, coriander sauce, garlic, pickled red onions and mozzarella.

Vegans and vegetarians can find pizza here. The shop also serves breakfast rolls. Last year Paulie Gee started making bread in Logan Square and they take advantage of these lessons in Wicker Park. A freshly baked ciabatta roll can be filled with scrambled eggs, caramelized onions and sausage. Other toppings are bacon jam. They will also consider offering an offering and egg substitute to veganize the item. From Friday to Sunday there are fried potato wedges for a complete meal.

Breakfast rolls with fresh ciabatta are available from Friday to Sunday.

Whole cakes will be available, but don’t expect to find Detroit-style squares. That seems like an exclusive Logan Square. At the moment, Logan Square is also being served New York-style, although Tung says he will only serve these pizzas in Wicker Park at some point. he wants to keep his stores unique. For Wicker Park, a neighborhood that hasn’t had NY-style panes since Santullo closed a few years ago, it’s a welcome addition to a neighborhood where Piece, Lou Malnatis, Dimos, Knead, Happy Camper and Craft pizza are counted.

Chicago is a much more welcoming place for a variety of pizza styles compared to New York. Places like Jimmy’s Pizza Cafe are recognized for their delicious NY-style slices. Even so, Chicago hardly has any places for these large, foldable panes. Fortunately, Wicker Park now has a competitor. Paulie Gee’s second location in town is now open. Just make sure you reheat the pizza in the oven at home before enjoying it. Tung insists.

Paulie Gees Wicker Park, (773) 661-6793, 1566 N. Damen Avenue, open Tuesday through Thursday 4pm to 9pm; Friday to Sunday from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Online order for implementation about toast and delivery via Grubhub.

Classic toppings are always available.

Pizza in its purest form.