50 years after his dying, followers honor Jim Morrison in Paris | Leisure

She has since moved to Paris and comes to Pere-Lachaise almost every year to photograph Morrison’s grave and his fans, many of whom have become friends.

“(It’s like) people sitting around on couches in someone’s apartment instead of in a grave just talking and meeting,” she recalls. “It was really nice … I still come as often as I can because it’s always so wonderful.”

Colleen Amblard drove seven hours from her hometown of Domancy in the French Alps to visit the tomb. The 21-year-old student told The Associated Press, “It is very emotional to be here, to remember Jim Morrison … to show that he has not been forgotten.”

“We recognize his talent and the fact that he was a brilliant person, he really was a genius,” she said.

Like many other fans, Amblard planned to visit other places Morrison spent time during his stay in Paris, from his apartment to the former nightclub where some say he died of a heroin overdose.

Born in Melbourne, Florida in 1943, Morrison was the son of a US Navy officer and moved constantly as a child, growing up in Florida, Virginia, Texas, New Mexico, and California.

He said he witnessed the aftermath of a terrible car accident on a Native American reservation as a child, an event that featured prominently in his later texts and poems. As an avid reader, he was heavily influenced by the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, the poet Arthur Rimbaud and the surrealist playwright Antonin Artaud.

Kaley Cuoco marks three years of marriage: ‘I am sincerely impressed’ | Leisure

Kaley Cuoco is “genuinely impressed” with her husband as they celebrate three years of marriage.

The Big Bang Theory star took to Instagram to celebrate three years of marriage to husband Karl Cook and five years since their first relationship.

And in her cute post, Kaley joked that she was surprised Karl stayed with her for half a decade.

She wrote, “NY June 30, 2016 is the year we met. 2 years to the day before we got married and now married for 3 years! Why have you been married to me for so long ?! I’m genuinely impressed @mrtankcook lol I love you so much, you have no idea … happy anniversary !!! (sic) “

Despite their third wedding anniversary, the couple only moved in together last year after the COVID-19 pandemic forced them to bubble.

She said, “We’ve been married a year and a half, together for almost four years, and now this quarantine has actually forced us to move in together.”

Fortunately, the couple is fine and they even discovered that they “like” each other.

Kaley added, “It’s been great for our relationship. And we like each other for how we’ve found which is even better.”

But the star of “The Flight Attendant” admitted they still haven’t unpacked properly.

She said, “I was filming in New York and was sent back here, obviously because of everything that was going on, and we had to move into the house together.

“So we moved in and I can’t find anything. But the house is great. I think Karl would love it if I found my make-up at some point. “

The couple spent their time in their new home “drinking” and attending to the needs of their many animals.

When asked how they had spent the time in isolation, she said, “Drank a lot and tried to keep the dogs busy.

“You know, we don’t have children, we only have 17,000 animals, so always try to keep them busy and happy.”

That is Leisure: June in years previous

20 years ago

Big films in June were Scooby Doo, The Bourne Identity, My Big Fat Greek Wedding and Blade Runner.

Joanne Gentille, Russell Berrigan and Joshua Allen starred in Sandra Feinstein Gamm’s production of Edward Albee’s “The American Dream”. Cranstons Hope Pilkington gave her best performance so far as a grandma.

Mustard’s retreat was at the Greenwich Odeum.

Cranston West student Chris Chianesi starred in the Theater By The Seas production of Anything Goes.

Anne Scurria performed one of her many great feats as Vivian Bearing, cancer patient, in Trinity Rep’s stellar production of Wit.

Mark Colozzi, director of the bands at Cranston High School East, was at Luigi’s in Johnston in the Black with his very fun mixed nuts non-stop comedy show with Cranstonian Kevin Sullivan as the host.

Rachel York starred in “Kiss Me Kate” for PPAC.

40 years ago

Theater By The Sea opened its summer season with “TinTypes,” which I called “a musical review of mediocre songs” – actually one of the very few bad reviews I’ve ever given this gem of theater.

“Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan” was the big summer movie, followed by Steven Spielberg’s “Poltergeist”.

Parish House Players gave us “Side by Side by Sondheim”.

“Chapter Two” was at the West Valley Inn and “On Golden Pond” was at the Heritage Playhouse.

“Peter Pan” was at the Ocean State Theater (now PPAC).

“Ain’t Misbehavin ‘” was at the Theater By The Sea.

Former Trinity actor Tim Daly had his big break in a small movie that became a big hit, “Diner”.

Engineer discovered main structural injury years earlier than

Search and rescue workers are working in the rubble of the 12-story condominium tower that fell to the ground in a partial building collapse on June 24, 2021 in Surfside, Florida.

Joe Raedle | Getty Images

Almost three years before a Florida condominium tower collapsed, an engineer warned that the building’s failure to seal the pool deck was causing “major structural damage.” according to files.

Champlain Towers South, the twelve-story residential tower in Surfside, Florida, partially collapsed in the middle of the night on Thursday. The death toll has risen to four, while 159 are missing.

Officials said at a press conference Saturday that fire and smoke from deep within the remains of the tower are slowing the search. While the rescue effort continues, the City of Surfside has released a number of documents about the building.

Documents released by Surfside authorities late Friday include a 2018 field survey report by Morabito Consultants that found the concrete structural slab under the building’s pool needed repair.

“If the waterproofing is not replaced in the near future, the extent of concrete deterioration will expand exponentially,” the report said.

A view of the grounds during a rescue operation of a 12-story Champlain tower that partially collapsed on June 25, 2021 in Surfside, Florida, USA.

Stringer | Anadolu Agency | Getty Images

The company recommended replacing the damaged plates. She also found “frequent cracks and flaking” in the concrete supports, beams and walls of the parking garage. The tower was built in 1981.

The report did not warn of impending danger and it is still unknown what caused the building to collapse. Surfside Mayor Charles Burkett told CNN that he had not seen the 2018 structural field survey report but said it was “not clear at the moment exactly what was going on in this building”. According to the New York Times, the report helped develop plans for a multi-million dollar repair project that should begin soon.

Burkett said during a press conference that he was working on a plan to relocate residents of Champlain Towers North, which was built that same year. FEMA has agreed to pay for the accommodation. City officials are still collecting more information about the Champlain Towers East, which was built in a different style and likely built at a different time.

CNBC asked Morabito Consultants for a comment.

Hawaii man sentenced to greater than 24 years for drug trafficking, cash laundering conspiracies

HONOLULU (KHON2) – Justin Wilcox, 39, from Kailua, Hawaii, was sentenced to more than 24 years in prison on Thursday June 17 for his role in conspiracies to distribute methamphetamine and cocaine and to commit money laundering had played.

Wilcox was sentenced to simultaneous prison terms of 295 months – 24.58 years – and 240 months – 20 years – and was also given five and three years of post-imprisonment supervised releases, both of which are to be served.

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Acting US attorney Judith Phillips said, according to court and court documents, “Wilcox was the leader and organizer of the Oahu drug conspiracy that operated in Hawaii and involved more than five members with drugs from a Las Vegas, Nevada source.”

Wilcox was held responsible by the judgment court for the possession and distribution of 3,880 grams of pure methamphetamine and 1,393 grams of cocaine.

Honolulu man charged with drug trafficking, firearms charge

According to the Hawaii District Attorney’s Office, “the court found that Wilcox used its Kailua clothing company, Armed and Dangerous, as a covert business to unload cash from drugs.” Wilcox was asked to pay $ 127,000 to confiscate funds he received through drug trafficking.

Federal police officers confiscated 8.4 kilograms (18.52 pounds) of methamphetamine, 1.39 kilograms (3.06 pounds) of cocaine, $ 160,000 in cash, two firearms and ammunition during their investigation against Wilcox.

Fentanyl from Mexican cartels coming to Hawaii as overdoses rise

Wilcox pleaded guilty to conspiracy in 2019 to distribute and possess 50 grams or more of methamphetamine and 500 grams or more of cocaine, as well as conspiracy to commit money laundering, according to the Hawaii District Attorney.

Eight people have been convicted of participating in the drug conspiracy, and officials say a ninth man has also been convicted of drug offenses. All nine people received sentences of 41 months or more and five of them, including Wilcox, received sentences of more than 10 years.

The Drug Enforcement Agency and the Internal Revenue Service – Criminal Investigations Division were involved in the investigation, and US assistant attorneys Mark Inciong and Michael Albanese are pursuing the case.

Leisure Information Roundup: Harry Potter, ‘Associates’ might fall sufferer to Hungary’s anti-LGBT legislation: broadcaster; Diana Ross says ‘Thank You’ in new music after 15 years and extra

The following is a summary of the latest entertainment news.

Harry Potter, “Friends” could fall victim to Hungarian anti-LGBT law: broadcaster

The biggest channels in Hungary criticized a new law banning “displaying and promoting homosexuality” among 18-year-olds as a threat to freedom of expression, and one said it could affect some screenings. impact Harry Potter Movies and classic TV shows. The nationalist government of Prime Minister Viktor Orban passed the law on Tuesday despite criticism from human rights groups and the European Unionwho said this could lead to a loss of development funds for Hungary.

Diana Horse says ‘thank you’ in new music after 15 years

American singer Diana Horse expresses her gratitude in a new single “Thanks” released the title track of their first studio album in 15 years on Thursday. Horse, the former singer of the hugely successful group The Supremes from Motown Records, recorded the songs in her home studio during the COVID-19 pandemic. The album is described as “a powerful, comprehensive musical message of love and togetherness”.

Spotify closes exclusive deal with podcast “Call Her Daddy”

Spotify Technology SA on Tuesday announced a multi-year contract to stream the popular “Call Her Daddy” podcast, hosted by Alex Cooper on its audio streaming platform, in its latest exclusive connection to keep listeners hooked. The Swedish The company will exclusively stream ‘Call Her Daddy’ starting July 21, including all full-length back catalog episodes, future episodes and additional exclusive new projects in development, Spotify said in a statement, without revealing any financial details of the deal.

Miley Cyrus is allowed to use the name as a trademark in. use Europe after a long row

US pop star Miley Cyrus has won the right to use its name as a trademark on a wide variety of products in the United States European Unionafter Europe’s highest court on Wednesday annulled a decision by the EU patent office restricting the scope of their trademark. The case dates back to 2014 when the 28-year-old “Wrecking Ball” singing company Smiley Miley Inc. tried to capture MILEY CYRUS at the EU Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) for audio and video discs, mobile phone cases and e-books , electronic board games, calendars and other goods.

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Islesboro teenagers spent years elevating cash for his or her senior journey. As a substitute, they used the cash to vaccinate the island.

ISLESBORO, Maine – For the students at Islesboro Central School, the class trip is a really big deal.

Teenagers who go to school on the tiny island of Maine have visited places as exotic as Iceland, Norway and Panama in recent years. The school trip is something that students dream of and work towards for years by running fundraising drives.

“It definitely means a lot to all students,” said Olivia Britton, 17, a Belfast graduate, this week.

But the coronavirus pandemic has shaken travel and fundraising plans for both classes in 2020 and 2021. So instead of packing their bags, the 13 high school graduates did something special this spring.

They decided to donate much of the money they raised before the pandemic – a total of $ 5,000 – to the Islesboro Community Fund, which will use it to set up vaccine clinics on the island and help islanders in need.

The student donation helped pay for the administrative aspects of running the vaccine clinics, including purchasing personal protective equipment, transportation costs, and paying overtime for workers. The efforts have paid off. Islesboro has a 99% vaccination rate for COVID-19, according to the Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

“I think the engagement of the Islesboro seniors is heartwarming,” said Owen Howell, medical assistant at Islesboro Health Center, who ran the clinics. “I think it’s selfless from them. You show wonderful leadership qualities in times of COVID. I know they would have loved to go on their journey. But they make the most of it and do something important with all the sweat it has cost. ”

The teens said they wanted to share their money with the community because it was the community that helped them raise it in the first place. They bought the concessions that high school seniors sold at home games and bought tickets to the spaghetti and Thanksgiving dinners they hosted.

“The island has supported us all along,” said Britton. “They came to all of our dinners and were very nice and busy with us. They didn’t mind if we screwed it up. ”

Liefe Temple, 18, of Lincolnville, another graduate, said it didn’t feel right for students to try other ideas.

“When it became clear we couldn’t use the money on a school trip, it felt really weird to use the money on something else or keep it for ourselves,” she said. “That’s not what the community gave us for.”

So they gave a lot of it back.

Your generosity meant a lot to the islanders, not only for what the money did, but also for the impetus behind the donation.

The 70-year-old Islesboro Community Fund helps residents in need who may have difficulty paying medical, fuel, or utility bills. It also supports a scholarship program to help young Islesboro teenagers meet expenses for higher education or post-secondary education.

“We had a running list of organizations,” said Temple. “We thought the community fund would make sense because they did all this COVID relief and COVID was the main reason we couldn’t make the trip.”

Islesboro Community Fund president Fred Thomas said the Class of 2021 donation specifically helped islanders facing unforeseen medical expenses and food security issues due to the pandemic. It also helped offset the cost of running the COVID-19 vaccination clinic on the island.

Islesboro Central School seniors practice marching prior to graduation, which will take place on Sunday, June 13th. Photo Credit: Courtesy Olivia Britton

“Everyone is very proud of them,” said Thomas. “I think it’s more than generous. Not only does it show maturity beyond their years, it also shows that these students are aware of the need in their community and are ready to do something about it. ”

He and others will officially recognize the students’ gift on Sunday, June 13, just before their high school graduation ceremony.

“Adults, those over 50, usually complain about today’s youth,” said Thomas. “I think the opposite is the case with these guys at least.”

For their part, the students thought it was cool that their donation helped the islanders get vaccinated and hope that with the money they have reserved they can do something as a class, which John van Dis, a science teacher at Islesboro Central School and one of the Senior Class Advisors, the estimate is between $ 2,000 and $ 3,000.

It won’t be a trip to Italy or Greece. But for the 2021 class, it’ll be a chance to do something fun with their friends before they blow up and leave high school behind for good.

“Many seniors have missed a lot. It was part of that kind of shared experience of the absence of rites of passage, ”said Britton. “We said it would be fun to play bowling, play mini golf, and get pizza.”

Cash Committees overview mining tax invoice that can pump $300-plus million into Ok-12 training over subsequent two years

Assembly members during the within-legislature session on Tuesday, March 9, 2021 in Carson City. Photo: David Calvert / The Nevada Independent

Monday, May 31, 2021

The Legislative Money Committees on Sunday examined a bill that will pump more than $ 300 million into K-12 formation over the coming biennium.

Bill 495 is a consensus bill that has been approved not only by lawmakers and the governor, but also by mining and education stakeholders.

It does this by diverting the expected $ 140 million from the existing net proceeds from the mines’ tax revenues into the K-12 budget.

Additionally, the bill includes an excise tax on gross proceeds from gold and silver mines in Nevada. This tax would hit mines with gross revenues of $ 20 million to $ 150 million per year and a levy of 0.75 percent. It would hit mining operations that generate more than $ 150 million a year with a 1.1 percent levy on gross and generate up to $ 170 million more for the biennium, increasing the overall infusion into the K- 12 education amounts to more than $ 300 million.

The hearing of the bill by Assembly Speaker Jason Frierson, D-Las Vegas, was held jointly between the Senate Finance and Assembly Routes committees to expedite processing as Monday is the last day of the 120-day 2021 legislature .

Additionally, the bill would redirect approximately $ 200 million in American Rescue Plan Act funds to K-12 education.

Frierson said the bill was the culmination of months of work between all parties to reach an agreement on a plan that will get the miners to pay more and use the money to educate students in Nevada.

The two committees took no action against AB495 on Sunday evening.

The Newest: Serena, Federer roll again years at French Open | Leisure

PARIS (AP) – The latest on the French Open (all local):

11:00 o’clock

Evergreen 39-year-olds Serena Williams and Roger Federer will try to push back the years on the second day of the French Open, where the first-round game takes place on the sun-drenched clay courts and Iga Swiatek starts defending the title.

Federer, the oldest player in men’s singles this year, is slated for the third game on Court Philippe Chatrier. It’s the first Grand Slam game since the 2020 Australian Open for the 20 major title holder to make a comeback Double operation on his right knee.

Federer plays Denis Istomin from Uzbekistan. Istomin reached the main draw via the qualifying competition. He has not exceeded the second round in 10 previous Roland Garros appearances. Federer is eighth this year.

Williams will play after Federer against Istomin in the last game on Philippe Chatrier, which should not start before 9 p.m. The games of last year’s tournament, which was held exceptionally in autumn, also lasted late into the night on newly lit courts. But scheduled night sessions are a novelty at Roland Garros this year.

Williams. Irina-Camelia Begu from Romania is chasing a record-breaking 24th Grand Slam individual title. Begu’s best result in nine previous appearances in Paris reached the fourth round in 2016.

Swiatek opened their title defense against Kaja Juvan from Slovenia in the first game on Chatrier. Swiatek, who turned 20 on Monday, didn’t drop a sentence on her way to victory last year.

More AP Tennis: https://apnews.com/hub/tennis and https://twitter.com/AP_Sports

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How Angela Deem’s Type Has Modified Over The Years

Angela Deem looks very different now after her 100 pound weight loss surgery, but the 90 day fiancé cast member has also made a change in her wardrobe.

The explosive Angela Deem is high on the list 90 days fiance News updates these days thanks her shocking weight loss surgery and mind-boggling makeover. In addition to losing the £ 100, native Georgian Angela also received a major fashion upgrade. Those who see Angela on her Instagram can’t believe it’s the same mother of two daughters and grandmother of six they met on their 90-day fiancé in 2018.

Little knew when 52-year-old Angela fell in love with 30-year-old Michael that three years later her romance would be talk of the reality TV town. To date, Angela has been involved in numerous 90-day spin-offs from Fiancé, including the current season of 90 Day Fiancé: Fortunately, to the End?that was shot last year. But with the journey that began for Angela on the show in August 2020 and is now reaping its results on social media, another side of the meemaw is beginning to show itself. Looking two years younger and more energetic than ever before has husband Michael fears that she might leave him for a new man, while Operation Angela is just one word from 90-day fiancé fans after weight loss in 2021 – great.

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90-day fiancé superstar Angela lost tons of weight to instill more confidence in her skin, changing her fashion from the skin-tight and relaxed style she rocked during her reality TV debut. In her very first scene, when Angela was playing a replica British tea party with her grandchildren and daughter Scottie Deem, she wore a loose cotton print shirt and capri pants. But for the rest of the season, Angela mostly wore plain T-shirts and split blouses with spaghetti straps and unkempt hair, which became a signature for the nurse.

Angela often gave away the low-cut tops when she used her chest as a handbag. The tight shirts gave the 90-day fiancé plenty of space for her cell phone, cigarettes, maybe a pack of Kleenex and much more. But with Your chest is now two pounds lighterAngela has thought about what she is wearing, measured against her before and after the photo shoot of Us weekly. Now Angela seems to be dressing more of her age, in classy wrap dresses and hair in a long blonde ponytail.

The latest photos of Angela after l100 pounds is from Mother’s Dayin which the 90 days fiance Star showed her slim figure in a black mini dress with a thin strap. Although Angela is careful not to reveal what she looks like now, fans can find that her personal style shift has come a long way along with her body. Part of the big change in her appearance is thanks to Angela’s clothes. Maybe 90 Day Fiancé: Fortunately, to the end? Season six will bring out Angela’s makeover to the full from the tip of her head to tiptoe.

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90 Day Fiancé: Fortunately, to the End? airs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET on TLC.

Source: Us weekly

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Patton Oswalt wears a live action MODOK suit in a new BTS picture

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