Are $200 fries well worth the cash?

Usually known for its flamboyant desserts, Serendipity 3 in New York City also makes the most expensive fries in the world, priced at $ 200 per plate.

The Guinness World Record Plate of Fries contains a number of luscious ingredients like imported goose fat and edible gold. However, tasting Serendipity 3’s crème de la crème fries requires some planning in advance as the restaurant currently has a 10 week wait for the dish.

Nate Skid, Senior Producer at CNBC Make It, recently had the chance to try the fries for himself and see if they are worth the money. But when he went in he was skeptical.

“Why do we have to wait two months to try them out? Just because something is expensive doesn’t mean it’s worth the money, ”says Skid. “If you sell a plate of $ 200 french fries, they better be good.”

When they got the idea, Joe Calderone, Creative Director of Serendipity 3, and Frederick Schoen-Kiewert, the restaurant’s chef, wanted to create a dish that would cause a stir after the pandemic.

To prepare the dish, Schoen-Kiewert begins with Chipperbec potatoes, which are blanched in a $ 500 bottle of 2006 Dom Pérignon champagne. Then he rinses the fries in French champagne vinegar, which he believes is used to rinse off sugar and prevent browning.

To create the firm, crispy consistency of the potatoes, several additional steps are used, including frying in goose fat from France, simply because “it’s nice, it’s crazy, it’s over the top and not in vain, it’s got a lot of” a matter of taste “, says Schön-Kiewert.

The fries are also sprinkled with truffle salt, topped with edible gold shavings and served on a crystal plate. The dish is served with mornay sauce made with local cream and a trio of truffle chess: raclette, gruyère and pecorino.

So how does it taste? “It’s the best junk food I’ve ever eaten in my entire life,” says Skid.

“This is high-end food for the people, expensive enough to be unaffordable, but not so ridiculous as to be out of reach for a special occasion like the end of a pandemic,” says Skid.

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North Texas Girl Warns of Scams After Calls Requesting Cash on Present Playing cards – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Price

A North Texas woman sends a warning to others after saying she was defrauded of $ 170,000.

The woman, who does not want to be identified, tells NBC 5 that she retired last year, and in April she says scammers called her and told her that someone opened 18 accounts on her behalf and was sending money to Colombia.

“There is no way I said I am not sending any money to Colombia and I have no 18 accounts, no bank accounts. If you have any more money from your accounts, you have to speak to someone,” said the woman.

She says they convinced her to send their money in the form of gift cards for safekeeping.

She says she finally found out about the scam when she tried to mail a box of $ 16,000, but the box was lost in the mail.

She called the police, hoping her story can serve as a warning to others.

“I hope it helps people. I really do.”

The woman says she got some money back, but not all of it.

How A lot Pokémon {Dollars} Are Price In Actual Cash

It is necessary to spend money on Poké Balls and Potions to catch them all in Pokémon games, but Poké Dollars are based on real currency.

in the Pokémon sword and shield, Players can sell a Big Nugget at a Poké Mart for 20,000 – enough to fund 25 Ultra Balls in turn. Although it is clear from the context of the game that 20,000 yen is a lot of money, how much does it compare to the real US dollar? The answer is actually easier to determine than you might think, because Pokémon’s currency, the Pokémon Dollar, is based directly on the Japanese yen. In fact, in Japanese versions of the game, Pokémon dollars are Japanese yen. Many in Pokémon fandom use the word “yen” interchangeably with “Pokémon dollars” to refer to the game’s currency.

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Nintendo Switching Pokémon outside of Japan is nothing new. While there is a Japanese version of the word (ポ ケ ド ル or Poké dollar), the term “Pokémon dollar” is specific to English-language localizations of Pokémon. Its symbol – a P for “Pokémon” with two slashes below it – is reminiscent of the € for the euro or the Latinized ¥ symbol used for the yen in countries outside Japan (the Japanese use the kanji 円). The Pokémon dollar symbol is also easily confused with that of the Russian ruble (which is used in this article because of its similarity). Obviously, the English-speaking Pokémon team wanted the game’s currency to be realistic. But that reality is much clearer in Japanese versions of the games, where the English-language ₽ is simply the Japanese symbol for the yen (円).

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English appears to be the only localization of Pokémon that has developed a fictional term for the game’s money. According to Bulbapedia, Localizations in languages ​​such as French, Spanish, Mandarin, and Cantonese simply refer to the Pokémon dollar with the generic word for “money” (for example, “dinero” in Spanish). South Korea’s localization, like Japanese, uses the actual symbol for its local currency in Pokémon. In the sum that English Pokémon localization is unique in the lengths it takes to create a fictitious in-world currency.

How much is 100 Poké Dollars in USD?

Pikachu Eevee Pokemon money case

In some fan communities, both “Pokémon Dollar” and “Yen” are used to refer to the currency of Pokémon. This may seem confusing, but the two terms are really interchangeable in the game’s universe. The prices in Pokémon reflect what you would see in Japan, with items listed as multiples of 100. This is because 100 yen is roughly equivalent to $ 1 – more specifically, 100 円 is about 90 and 1000 円 is about $ 9.00.

This exchange rate is then directly related to the Pokémon Dollars in games like Sword and Shield. In this game, a Poké Ball costs 200, a Hyper Potion costs 1500, and a Resurrection costs 2000. In US dollars, their prices would be around $ 1.80, $ 13.50 and $ 18, respectively. It costs 10,000 to replenish and buy 50 Poké Balls, which is 円 10,000 or about $ 90. To make up for Poké Ball expenses, a Big Nugget costs 20,000 yen, which means it’s worth $ 180.

Since Poké Dollars are based directly on the Japanese Yen, it’s easy to tell how much a player is in. issues Pokémon Series. The conversion rate is around 100: 9, where ₽100 is 90 ¢. Whether it’s a blessing or a terrifying curse to know exactly what a poké mart shopping trip will bring in US dollars is up to the player. However, the Pokémon is dollar Value can fade to Pokémon cards.

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Source: Bulbapedia, wise

Mass Effect How to Keep Shepard's Fish Alive

Mass Effect: How to Keep Shepard’s Fish Alive

How A lot Mass Impact Credit Are Price In Actual Cash

The Mass Effect franchise uses credits as the standard form of galactic currency, but how does it compare to the value of real money?

BioWare’s science fiction RPG series Mass effect uses a fictional currency called credits instead of real money that players can collect during the game and use to purchase weapons, armor, and other items. By comparing the price of some real-world items from Mass Effect to what they cost in-game, it is possible to find out how the game’s credits might correspond to actual currency.

By doing Mass Effect universe timelineLoans were introduced as the standard galactic trading currency by the Citadel’s Unified Banking Act, which was drafted by the Volus species. The Unified Banking Act helped peg the value and exchange rate of loans to the individual currencies of every other species in the galaxy, including humans, when they eventually joined the other Citadel races in the series. Electronic transfers seem to be the standard across the franchise – credits are most commonly earned by hacking datapads – but there are still physical currencies as well.

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Most of the purchases that can be made in the Mass Effect series consist of combat upgrades in the form of weapons, weapon modifications, or armor sets and parts. However, there are a few items available for purchase that don’t have quite as much gameplay usage. For example, Shepard can collect fish in their cabin on board the Normandy, and books or bottles of wine can also be bought from various locations. Thanks to Mass Effects ‘inclusion of common real-world items like this one, it became possible to calculate the value of the series’ credit in relation to real currency.

Mass Effect’s model ships helped determine the value of the loan

How much Mass Effect Credits are worth in real money

A popular element of gameplay among fans in Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3 is the ability to Collect model ships to display in Shepard’s cabin. These can be found in stores across the galaxy and of course in different areas of Normandy or other locations in the game. Another unexpected benefit to this mechanic, however, is that it was able to make comparisons between Shepard’s ship model collection and the real-world hobby – especially the price of similar models outside of the game. Using these ships as the exchange rate, an approximate relative credit value was determined.

In the Mass Effect series, buying a model ship costs 500 credits. According to Net credit, which calculated the theoretical value of the loan along with other iconic forms of currency from various video game franchises, the value of a loan would be $ 0.1598 – about 16 cents. By aligning with the maximum number of credits players can earn over the course of the series, this means that Shepard’s total net worth is approximately $ 6,391,999. Fans can rest easy knowing that after saving the galaxy, Shepard will be one beautiful house in the citadel of Mass Effect.

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Source: Net credit

Elder Scrolls 6 was supposed to introduce an Origin system

Elder Scrolls 6 was supposed to introduce an Origin system

About the author

Ky Shinkle
(195 articles published)

Ky Shinkle is a senior gaming features writer for Screen Rant and an avid gamer and writer overall. Her previous experience has been largely that of a video game narrative designer, although her writing spans all formats from scripts and novels to stage scripts. A graduate of the Savannah College of Art and Design, she works on digital media projects and other types of fiction when not writing. Ky currently works out of Ohio and enjoys spending her free time role-playing or running her dog.

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GM CEO Mary Barra says firm is price extra conserving EV battery unit in home

General Motors unveiled its brand new Ultium modular platform and battery system on March 4, 2020 at its Tech Center campus in Warren, Michigan.

Photo by Steve Fecht for General Motors

General Motors CEO Maria Barra on Wednesday again pushed back the spin-off of the up-and-coming battery business for electric vehicles.

Remaining the unit with GM will add more value to the company than the spin-off, Barra said.

“An electric vehicle is all about the battery,” she told CNBC.Screeching in the street. “” I think we will accelerate that value creation if we keep this technology close and use the extensive battery know-how that General Motors has that we have. “

bar announced the company’s plans to sell its Ultium battery cells as well as its Hydrotech fuel cell technology to other companies. GM has signed a contract with Honda Motor for two electric cars. The company also announced this week that it had signed a letter of intent for GM to develop and supply its Ultium battery and Hydrotec systems for Wabtec freight locomotives.

CNBC’s Jim Cramer told Barra he believed the battery business may be worth more than the entire automaker, which currently has a market cap of nearly $ 90 billion. He asked why investors are not allowed to buy into the battery business.

GM does not currently produce its own battery cells for electric vehicles. It has announced plans to build four plants for such production, including two currently under construction in the USA through a joint venture with LG Chem until 2025.

Speculation and pressure from Wall Street about a possible spin-off of GM’s electric vehicle business have been rife for some time. Deutsche Bank has said that such a company is likely to be worth at least $ 15-20 billion and could potentially be worth up to $ 100 billion.

GM President Mark Reuss said in November The automaker analyzed the potential of a spin-off and determined that it would not be the right move for its business. He cited the cost of outsourcing as well as the benefits of having the EV operations part of the larger company.

AMC value about half of its skyrocketing value, says investor Trey Collins

One of AMC Entertainments Most avid private investors will play a long game of stocks, but will see stocks return to earth before the end of the year.

Speaking of CNBCs “Squawk Box” On Friday morning, Trey Collins, 23-year-old host of Trey’s Trades channel on YouTube, said he believes the fundamental value of AMC stock will be between $ 20-25 per share by the end of 2021.

“I think most retail investors understand that this is not the true fundamental value of AMC,” said Collins.

The company’s shares hit an all-time high this week, hitting $ 72.62 before pulling back. The company’s shares rose about 11% during intraday trading, last trading at about $ 57.

“Just because the stock market is telling you exactly what every single security in the market is worth at that point in time, if there’s someone willing to buy AMC stock, which trades for $ 47, that means that it’s worth $ 47, ”he said. “The momentum trading aspect, while not necessarily reflected in current earnings or future expected earnings, does not mean there is no money to be made.”

Collins uses social media to document his investments in the stock market and has become the de facto go-between between AMC and its largest shareholder base, the Monkeys. Collins interviewed AMC CEO Adam Aron twice, including Thursday night, broadcast their conversations live on its 280,000 subscriber channel, many of whom own AMC shares.

“Adam Aron sets the bar for CEOs who reach out to retail investors who care about what they ask, what they are looking for, what matters to them, while looking after the long-term health of the company,” said Collins.

Collins has used his platform to disseminate information about AMC stock over the past few months and denounce short sellers who are betting against the company. Collins publicly declares that he is not a financial advisor and warns his social media followers not to “blindly follow my financial decisions.”

AMC’s transition from a mature company to a meme stock came in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic that closed the brand’s theaters and suspended revenue. When AMC fell behind on its rent, it hurried to raise funds. With AMC close to bankruptcy, short sellers poured in, doubting the company could weather the storm.

Thanks to AMC’s own fundraising and the apes that drove the company’s share price up, Aron was able to use interest in the stock to raise more money.

After selling hundreds of millions of shares in the past six months AMC urges its shareholders to spend 25 million more that it can spend after 2021.

Aron reiterated during his interview with Collins on Thursday that the company was company examine several acquisition opportunitiesincluding purchase ArcLight and Pacific theater locations closed during the pandemic, and would use funds from stock sales to do this.

He also said the money could be used to pay off debts, cut interest costs, or pay off millions in unpaid rents.

AMC has short about 18% of its float stocks, up from about 5% for an average US stock, according to data from S3 Partners. This week’s rally drove short sellers’ losses to more than $ 5 billion over the year, S3 data showed.

The company’s shares are up more than 2,300% since January.

Will Toledo vitality effectivity plan be well worth the cash?

TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) – Toledo City Council is weighing the cost of energy efficiency to some of the city’s buildings. Some council members want more details before accepting the $ 46 million proposal currently on their agenda.

The city selected a company called Leopardo to help provide energy savings in places like Toledo City Court. While many in the city would likely agree that other proposed locations like the Frederick Douglass Community Center need energetic upgrades and modernization, the question now arises as to the $ 46 million price tag – money the city needs to borrow – the best way is to make these upgrades.

“We have to be smart. So that we don’t economically hinder future generations or hinder the city’s ability to invest in future capital projects and construction, ”said Katie Moline, Councilor for Toledo.

Councilor Moline has spoken several times about the Leopardo project, which would enable green energy changes and fuel savings for seven buildings. The largest proposed cost savings are what are known as “avoided capital costs” of $ 77 million. But what exactly are avoided capital cost savings?

“I need to know what that means,” says Moline. “We can clearly see that there are energy savings in lighting and savings in building maintenance. What are avoided capital costs and how are these savings measured. “

“There are many different ways to look at numbers, and sometimes I just shrug my shoulders and just try to look at things with common sense,” says Mayor Wade Kapszukiewicz. “The people whose job it is to maintain these buildings told us that getting this regulation passed will save money.”

Because of this, Mayor Kapszukiewicz supports the plan to invest now to avoid potentially more expensive repairs across the board. Even if people question the $ 46 million in borrowed money to save what Leopardo says it will be $ 88 million.

“Companies will obviously argue, show their best face and that’s fine, but for me theirs are…. the numbers they throw around are … I don’t care, ”says Kapszukiewicz. “They are not a central part of my thinking at all.”

“We have to make these investments, but we have to make sure that what we are selling is correct, that it is transparent, and that we are responsible for those dollars,” says Moline.

The city council nearly voted on those dollars last week, but the legislation was left in a committee for further discussion. The mayor said Tuesday that while reading the guidelines, they believe that federal funds from the Jobs Act cannot be used for this project.

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What are They and Is Your Cash Protected? – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Price

You may have seen NFTs make the headlines this year – especially since some have even sold for thousands Millions of dollars.

What are NFTs? How do you work? When you buy one, is your money safe?

Read on for answers to some of your most frequently asked questions.

What are NFTs?

NFT stands for non-fungible token.

Fungible means exchangeable, like normal money. For example, four quarters are worth the same as one dollar bill.

Not fungible means that someone is unique. Non-fungible tokens are digital assets that can be just about anything, including art, video, or music.

When you create something that you want to sell as an NFT, you “shape” it by pushing it onto the blockchain.

What is the blockchain? Basically, it’s a common online ledger. It is also the backbone of the cryptocurrency.

“You can think of the chain as a huge table like a Google Doc. What’s in or in the case of Bitcoin is the amount of money everyone has, ”said Matthew Stephenson – a behavioral economist.

Stephenson said the blockchain is a set of rules about how information is recorded and updated. For example, these protocols prevent someone from simply giving themselves the equivalent of a billion dollars in cryptocurrency.

“If we’re going to share this big table, we can’t allow anyone to update it for better or for worse,” said Stephenson.

These principles also apply to NFTs on the blockchain. Blockchain technology creates shortages of things that exist in digital space, Stephenson said.

“It enables this digital scarcity, which is protected from manipulation over time by the rules. You can get money from it, you can get collectibles from it, and you can get all the other nice things we’d like to make scarce and unique, ”said Stephenson.

How North Texans Buy and Sell NFTs

Stephenson said he worked with Dapper Labs, the company that works with the NBA on Top Shot.

On NBA Top Shot, collectors can buy NBA highlight videos – so-called “moments”. Collectors can buy the moments in packs or individually in the market.

Every moment has a serial number. In general, the rarer the moment, the more valuable it is.

They are basically digital trading cards.

“It’s a moving image instead of a piece of cardboard, but it’s a collectible and there’s only one of them,” said Cash Sirois.

The North Texas sports radio personality also helped launch The Collectible Network, a streaming network dedicated to capturing collectibles.

Sirois believes NFTs will stay here.

“There used to be ticket stubs for the Mavs games, and now it’s all on your phone. We are evolving into a digital world in everything so this is a natural progression for me, ”said Sirois.

Sirois said he started adding Top Shot NFTs to his personal collection earlier this year and that he is not alone.

Dapper Labs said it started the year with 4,796 Top Shot collectors. By April 23, the number should have risen to around 460,000 collectors.

How institutions in North Texas implement NFTs

The Dallas Weekly, a black-owned publication in North Texas, announced it would shape future issues as NFTs.

“We had covers, we had spreads, and these things are basically moments,” said Patrick Washington, CEO and Editor-in-Chief.

“Working at Dallas Weekly has always been about coming up with new products and new digital ways to bring our information and stories to our audience and community. When we started talking, we loved it, ”said Jeremiah Long, director of product at Dallas Weekly.

The publication plans to offer NFTs of select future editions with artist-made covers to support their work and the black press.

“Earning a commission was really a tangible idea, and it’s another source of income for us,” said Jessica Washington, COO and chief financial officer.

“It was a way for us to tap into our local artist market, especially those who I think deserve to be seen and heard and to make hundreds of thousands of dollars for their work. And we could help, ”said Patrick Washington.

“The purpose of the black press is to tell our stories that otherwise would not be told. One of those stories is the presence of our creative side in the visual arts, ”added Washington.

What else is possible?

“I really have no doubt that the entire digitization of society and wealth will stay here,” said Richard Raizes, partner at the blockchain investment firm Plutus21.

The Dallas-based startup grew out of SMU’s entrepreneurship incubator and is focused on investing in blockchain infrastructure.

“The scarcity of something digital is definitely an issue that will stay here. Entrepreneurs and creators from all over the world will take up this scarcity in digital form and create what we cannot imagine today, ”said Hamiz Awan, founder of Plutus21.

Raizes and Awan believe that more assets can be minted in the future. And one day these offers will be as fast on the Internet as they are by e-mail now.

“There is a generation change: the children born today will probably never use cash. I think they will be naturally used to the digital world. To them, the value of something digital is the same as the value of something physical, ”Awan said.

Is your money safe?

NFTs are not regulated like your bank account. There are few protective measures.

Cathlin Tully, an attorney with the FTC’s privacy and identity division, said she was extra careful when promising to get rich quick with NFTs.

“Scams are common in these areas, especially in newer types of markets,” Tully said.

Tully said treat any accounts or digital wallets holding your tokens like bank accounts. Protect your passwords, make sure passwords are difficult and unique, and do not use passwords on other accounts. Tully said when it becomes available, enable multi-factor authentication.

Some NFT consumers tell NBC 5 that they have encountered other complications.

“I’ve probably invested quite a bit in them for about a month, both in terms of money and time. I’d say for the past two months I’ve been waiting to get my money out, ”said AG, who asked us not to use his last name to keep his account private.

AG told NBC 5 Responds that it had spent around $ 10,000 buying NFTs at Top Shot and made some trades, but said it would have to wait weeks to withdraw the funds. He finally got it.

Dapper Labs shared this blog post with NBC 5 Responds to indicate increasing pain and safety and compliance checks. It is said that accounts must be created for at least 45 to 60 days before an account is eligible for withdrawal access – a guideline to prevent chargebacks from bad actors.

“They will indicate that it is a beta. My point is if you can take my money you should be able to give me my money, ”said AG.

All about the money?

At Dallas Weekly, we asked Jessica Washington how she would define a successful Dallas Weekly NFT.

“What makes us successful as a newspaper is our commitment. Do people actually see what we are talking about? Said Washington.

“There’s a lot of negativity on the internet,” said Jeremiah Long – who is also an artist. “The NFT community enforces positivity. They want to see you shine, they want to see your positive things, they want to see you say something happy, they want to see you compliment someone’s art. “

Long’s advice to anyone dealing with NFTs?

“One bad reason to support this is Google: ‘What’s the hottest piece of art?’ and throw your disposable income on it and then hope it turns into a million dollars, “Long said.

“If you’re the kind of person who wants to see an artist that you really love, who does really well over time, that’s a good reason,” Long added.

For Cash Sirois, like his other collectibles, NFTs offer competitive fun.

“Everyone likes a good hunt,” said Sirois. “It reminds me of my childhood. It reminds me of buying a deck of cards and hoping for a Dwight Gooden and not getting it. Then get it sometimes. “

NBC 5 Responds is committed to researching your concerns and getting your money back. Our goal is to provide you with answers and, if possible, solutions and solutions. Call us at 844-5RESPND (844-573-7763) or call Fill out our customer complaint form.

Cutest Trend Present Elevating Cash for Good Trigger – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Price

Tuesday night, the cutest fashion show you will ever see helps raise money for a wonderful cause.

And it’s #SomethingGood to participate in from the comfort of your home.

The Dallas Ascension School will be hosting its 4th annual Runway for Rise which is virtual this year due to COVID-19.

The non-profit school works within the Moody Family YMCA in DallasEducation for children aged six months to six years with and without disabilities in an inclusive environment.

About 70% of students have enrolled at Rise have Down syndrome and other developmental differences, along with 30% of traditional learners. The school offers students comprehensive training, intervention and therapy during their years of education. Masters level educators and speech, work, body and music therapists help students meet their individual needs.

Tuesday’s fundraiser will be used to financially support children who depend on this school to improve their lives.

In the runway show, the cutest models show off styles from local boutiques and drapers like Dondolo, Mi Golondrina and Small Pockets.

The advancement school

There is no cost to register to see the event, but donations are encouraged. There is even a raffle that you can browse online.

The fun starts at 7:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. You can register to watch and donate You can see on hers too Youtube and Facebook Pages.

“With the annual Runway for Rise event, we can celebrate the great children who attend our school and thank the community for their continued support, especially during a very difficult year,” said Caroline Snabes, Rise School Development Director. “We hope you consider joining our tradition of celebrating diversity and virtually cheering the kids on this year.”

For more information on The Rise School, see Click here.

Kids value greater than any sum of money

Dear Dave,

My husband and I are 29 years old and we have good jobs that allow us to collectively bring home $ 100,000 a year. We recently talked about raising a family. We live on a budget, but we still have about $ 15,000 in credit card debt and student loans that we’re working hard to pay back. Do you think couples should wait until they are out of debt to have children?


Dear Missy,

You and your husband take your debt off, and that is a good thing. It sounds like the two of you are determined to cash out and take control of your finances. You make pretty good money too, so keep it up!

Ok, the truth is that kids can be expensive. From medical expenses and diapers to childcare and beyond, it costs money to raise a family. But here’s the thing: if you leave money alone or determine the perfect financial situation, whether or not you have children, you may never have them. From a financial perspective, would it be easier just to wait for kids to be out of debt and have a huge pile of cash in the bank? Sure it would. But children are worth more than any amount of money. If you love yourself and want to be a parent and are mature adults in any other field, don’t let that guilt stop you.

Having a child is not going to derail your journey to financial peace. If you have children, you can pause for a while on financial matters or slow your pace a little. However, as long as you are both focused and determined to manage your money wisely, things will likely work just fine.

Just don’t make the mistake many parents make – especially first parents. Many of them think they need to buy a new, “safer” car, spend a fortune on a fancy crib, or buy all their babies from an overpriced boutique. Do you understand what I’m saying missy? Why buy a brand new stroller for $ 400 when a friend or relative has a perfectly good, barely-used stroller that they’d love to give you?

It’s easy to get carried away with the expense of having a baby. But children will be fine as long as they have food, clothing, shelter, and most importantly, loving, caring parents. God bless you both!

Dave Ramsey is a seven-time No. 1 national best-selling author, personal financial expert, and host of the Ramsey Show, which is heard by more than 18 million listeners each week. He has appeared on Good Morning America, CBS This Morning, the Today Show, Fox News, CNN, Fox Business, and many others. Dave has been helping people regain control of their money, build wealth, and improve their lives since 1992. He is also CEO of Ramsey Solutions.