Gary Lineker on soccer kits all through the many years, film star fashion icons and his worst style catastrophe

Gary Lineker swaps football for fashion with his latest eyewear project.

Cary Grant was the first person who showed me how cool you can look with glasses, ”says the Match Of The Day presenter and former English soccer player who comes with a number of specs. revealed Vision Express “In this tortoiseshell frame, if anyone can remember? I think I’ll show my age a bit here … “

More than two decades since retiring from football, the 60-year-old says he’s been inspired by on-screen style icons and vintage fashion, but admits that there are some outfits from his own past that he’d rather forget …

The glasses shoot goes back to different decades, how does retro fashion influence your style?


“I would like to think that I am a long way from some of the retro fashion trends of the seventies and Eighties – the shell suits and the bright colors, although they were fun back then. I think retro fashion had an impact on my style, but mostly on items I know I can wear rather than entire looks.

“Sometimes I try to combine more classic items or vintage clothes with modern pieces, for example a leather jacket with a white top. I recently bought a Seventies-style All Saints jacket that I love. “

Gary Lineker wears glasses from the Lineker Edit for Vision Express

Who are your personal style icons?

“Outside of the sports world, I take a lot of style inspiration from movies or television, or at least I’ve tried over the years. I would say the likes of Sean Connery, Paul Newman and Don Draper from Mad Men are all style icons.

“Whether they are dressed in sharp, well-fitting suits or casual polo shirts, shirt and pullover layers or neutral slim-fit chinos, they look elegant, self-confident and timeless.”

Gary Lineker wears glasses from the Lineker Edit for Vision Express

Football shirts have developed a lot over the decades, which epochs did you like the most?

“Well, I went through the eighties when very short shorts were introduced. Some people definitely weren’t that keen on it, but I like a bit of freedom to walk around. Then we went into a phase of long shorts – I think we were the first team to wear them when I was at Tottenham.

“I really like retro football shirts and I think some of them are really cool, especially some of the lesser known ones. When I was in my early twenties we had an awful green striped one in Leicester, sponsored by Ind Coope. But one of my favorites would be something like an old classic 1970 World Cup Brazil [shirt]which is now probably a real collector’s item. “

Tottenham’s Gary Lineker speeds away from Arsenal’s David O’Leary during the 1991 Charity Shield match

What did you wear during the lockdown – did you get into the loungewear trend?

“Like most of the nation, I spent most of the lockdown in tracksuits. I didn’t just sit around in pajamas all day, I wore lots of sweatpants.

“Since playing soccer, I haven’t worn any tracksuits or sportswear, probably because it felt like I was wearing my old work clothes, and usually I mostly relaxed in jeans and t-shirts or jeans and casual shirts. But now it’s all about comfort, so tracksuits are again my first choice for relaxing. “

Do you have any fashion regrets from the past?

“My worst fashion disaster that I was thinking about recently was an outfit from the 1990s. After we lost to Germany in the World Cup semi-finals, I stayed in Italy to take the Fair Play Award trophy with Bobby Robson on behalf of the English team and for some inexplicable reason I went for a jacket that was really strong Stripes and then paired it with a big, noticeable, stained tie … It’s pretty appalling to say the least. “

In his role as Vision Express brand ambassador, Gary Lineker is launching Lineker Edit, an exclusive eyewear collection handpicked by Gary, available in-store and online from June 9th.

The 5 Worst Causes to Purchase AMC Leisure Inventory

After a pandemic in 2020, the most important development of the current year was retail investors reaffirming their presence on Wall Street.

For nearly three months, retail investors have been joining forces in Reddit’s WallStreetBets chat room to buy stocks and out-of-the-money call options in companies with high short interest. The goal for these mostly young and / or inexperienced investors is to get a short press – ie, an event where pessimists who want to see the stock price of a stock decline are pushed out of their positions by rapidly rising stock prices.

Private investors have managed to briefly squeeze a handful of securities. Though video game and accessories retailer GameStop Maybe it’s the most famous, it’s a cinema chain AMC Entertainment ((NYSE: AMC) This has become, so to speak, the battlefield inventory between Reddit dealers and Wall Street.

Image source: Getty Images.

Unfortunately, many of the reasons retail investors choose AMC are terrible for lack of a better word. If your buying work is based on one or more of the following five ideas, you could end up in the end Kiss goodbye a significant part of your investment.

1. “AMC’s share price is too low”

One of the worst reasons to buy in AMC is to think that the $ 9.36 stock price looks cheap compared to the $ 20 that were on offer back in September 2018. The problem with this buy thesis is that the stock price is meaningless without considering the number of shares outstanding.

For example, AMC ended 2018 with 135.5 million shares outstanding and a share price of $ 12.28. After doing the math, it has a market capitalization of $ 1.66 billion. Last weekend, AMC had 450.2 million shares outstanding. Based on the share price of $ 9.36, its market capitalization is $ 4.2 billion.

To put this into context, AMC stock is down 67% over the past five years, but market capitalization is up 54%. AMC’s market capitalization over the past two months is higher than ever since it became a publicly traded company in December 2013. The thesis that AMC is cheap because of its stock price doesn’t hold water.

A rocket made of dollar bills that was launched into the stratosphere.

Image source: Getty Images.

2. “A short press is imminent”

Arguably the most common buying thesis I hear for AMC among Reddit investors is that it is prepared for a quick press. The unfortunate part is the momentum that contributed to a brief press in late January and early February no longer exists.

The correct recipe is required for a quick print. First, there must be a high level of short interest on a company’s float (i.e., its tradable shares). In the case of AMC, 49.3 million shares were held in mid-March, compared to a float of 404 million shares. This corresponds to a short interest rate of 12%. That’s definitely higher than the average publicly traded stock, but it’s not off the charts. In fact, the percentage of float held for AMC has dropped from nearly 40% to just 12% over the past four months.

In addition, the company’s short ratio (also known as “days to cover”) has fallen significantly. In October, it took short sellers over three days to exit their positions. AMC’s high daily trading volume would enable pessimists today to cover within a few hours.

A couple eating popcorn while watching a movie in a movie theater.

Image source: Getty Images.

3. “99% of the theaters are open again”

Retail investors are also excited about AMC’s reopening of the cinemas. As of March 26, the company predicted so 99% of the theaters would be open for business. While I freely admit that open theaters are better than fully closed theaters in every way, the purchase thesis lacks some important points.

First of all, it is not as if the AMC theaters will soon be at full capacity. With the new variants of COVID-19 floating around in the US, we are in the race to vaccinate as many people as possible. If too few people are vaccinated, these variants can minimize the effectiveness of coronavirus vaccines and greatly improve the prospect of herd immunity.

Additionally, AMC’s film exclusivity has had a pretty big hit during the pandemic. AT & T.WarnerMedia has decided to release all of its news movies in 2021 on HBO Max on the same day they hit theaters. Walt Disney is taking a similar step with a handful of films on its Disney + streaming service. In the future, AMC could consider significantly reduced exclusivity, which it will hinder his turnaround efforts.

According to Wall Street, AMC is unlikely to reach its pre-pandemic annual sales until 2024.

A magnifying glass over a company's balance sheet.

Image source: Getty Images.

4. “I like going to the cinema”

Investing Peter Lynch has always been a huge fan of buying what you know. But Lynch also realizes that a great investment is much more than just liking or using a product. From what I’ve seen on social media, some retail investors enjoy going to the movies but are allergic to digging them up Income statement and balance sheet of AMC.

On an accounting basis, AMC found in its fourth quarter operating results that more than $ 1 billion in cash was available. This is the case after issuing nearly 165 million shares and borrowing over $ 400 million between mid-December and mid-January. However, 2020 ended with $ 5.7 billion in debt, and some of the debt issued since March 2020 has interest rates between 10% and a floating rate of 17%. Servicing these debts will be very challenging and will minimize AMC’s opportunities for growth initiatives.

In terms of its income statement, AMC reported negative free cash flow of $ 1.3 billion last year. That number should improve as the company’s theaters are now somewhat open. However, profitability is still a long way off. For the next 24 months, AMC doesn’t seem to have enough money to cover his losses.

Investors are welcome to like a company – but investing in it without knowing the basic details is a huge mistake.

A businessman holding a stack of cash behind his back with crossed fingers.

Image source: Getty Images.

5. “If we buy and hold, the hedgies lose”

Finally, there’s the idea that retail investors who buy up the float and hold onto AMC stock will stick it to the “hedgies” – a term given to Wall Street hedge funds and institutional investors. This is also a misguided buying thesis.

Although the percentage of AMC shares owned by institutional investors has more than halved since October – this is likely a function of tripling the company’s outstanding number of shares – data from YCharts shows that institutions still hold 32% of all stocks. That is an important part.

Additionally, most of the trading volume these days comes from high frequency trading programs and not from retail investors or even hedge funds. There will never be a case where retail investors own such a significant portion of the float that they can block downward movement in AMC stocks.

As with any publicly traded company, the operating results, not the emotions, determine the long-term price development of AMC. With the company facing clear cash problems for the next two years, it will likely be forced to once again Dilute the daylight of its shareholders to stay afloat.

Overall, the Reddit buying work for AMC makes little to no sense.

This article represents the opinion of the author who may disagree with the “official” referral position of a Motley Fool Premium Consulting Service. We are colorful! Questioning an investment thesis – including one of our own – helps us all think critically about investing and make decisions that will help us get smarter, happier, and richer.

The Worst Cash Recommendation From Warren Buffett and Different Huge Names

Dave Ramsey’s investment philosophy is published on the Expert’s website. Without a doubt, it is said that Dave recommends mutual funds, which in and of itself is not a bad proposition. However, the website goes on to say, “Dave does not recommend: bonds, fixed annuities, individual stocks, certificates of deposit (CDs), variable annuities (VA), exchange traded funds (ETFs), real estate investment trusts (REITs), cash value, or life insurance separate account managers (SAMs). “

While mutual funds are generally – but not always – diversified investments by excluding nearly all other types of investments in the world, this investment philosophy is by definition not diversified. While not all types of investments are right for all people – and some may not be a good choice for most investors – ETFs, single stocks, CDs, REITs, and other investments exclude investors from some of the most popular and successful investments available. Working with a good financial advisor rather than seeking advice from a website or an expert can help you craft a financial plan that best suits your investment goals and risk tolerance.

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