Is “Assault In Talibani Type” BJP MLA’s Phrases, Supreme Courtroom Asks Tripura

Violence in Tripura: A BJP MLA allegedly urged party workers to attack Trinamool leaders. (File)

New Delhi:

The law-and-order situation in Tripura is worsening in the run-up to the citizen polls despite the orders of the Supreme Court, according to the Trinamool Congress today in court in a petition for alleged disregard of the state government. Citing violence against its political leaders and workers before the elections, the party called on the court to take action against state officials. The court today called on the Tripura government to clarify a speech by a BJP MLA allegedly calling for “Taliani-style” violence against Trinamool leaders.

“Did the MLA make that speech? If so, have measures been taken against him? ”The bench asked DY Chandrachud and Vikram Nath.

On August 18, Tripura BJP MLA Arun Chandra Bhowmik allegedly urged party workers to attack “Talibani-style” Trinamool leaders. The petitioners had brought the question of this speech to court today.

Senior attorney Mahesh Jethmalani stood up for the government and said the MLA had been called for questioning. “I don’t think the speech incited violence. The petitioners make mountains out of molehills, ”he added.

Senior attorney Jaideep Gupta, who represents Trinamool Congress, called the situation “very serious” and said the police were there, “but do nothing”.

“A journalist was beaten up. A first informational report was made against party leader-actor Sayoni Ghosh for using slogans … even though she is a victim – she is charged with attempted murder,” said Mr Gupta, producing some photos for the Court.

“The security situation is so bad that the CPM has even withdrawn its candidacy,” he added.

“We don’t want to get into an argument now. We just want to increase the police presence, “said Judge DY Chandrachud, calling on the state government to consider deploying additional battalions of the central paramilitary force for protection.

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