Proceed Your Fashion Streak With These Beautiful Co-Ord Units For Girls

Finding new fashion inspiration every day to dress comfortably can be quite a chore. We may have a range of basic t-shirts and denims to choose from, but when it comes to prioritizing comfort and style, Co-Ord sets are the ideal deal. Co-ord sets are an urban staple that combines convenience and versatility to be the best solution to your fashion problems. An absolute basic for almost every occasion. Whether you’re taking a flight or just lounging casually at home, a chic combo set is a great choice for any style. And to help you choose the best, we’ve put together a list of stunning co-ord sets that you can get your hands on right now.

We have hand-picked co-ord sets for you

Get your fashion game right while decorating these chic, yet comfy co-ord sets.

1.The Souled Store Co-Ord set

This chic combo set with a stunning graphic print pattern comes with a crew neck crop top and long sleeves. It is paired together with similarly patterned shorts.

Graphic printed Co-Ord set

The graphic print pattern of this combo set is perfect for adding a fun element and a fancy piece to your look.

2. Mentific Co-Ord set for women

This combo set comes in a two-tone style and consists of sweatpants and a graphically printed long-sleeved T-shirt. It is made of breathable polyester material.

Breathable Co-Ord set

The soft polyester material of the Co-Ord set makes it breathable and keeps you comfortable all day.

3. Yoonoy Ladies Co-Ord Set

This monochrome style combo set is rounded off with a cropped blazer and chic wide-leg pants to complete the look. It’s made of stretchy material that will keep you comfortable and relaxed all day long.

Monochrome Co-Ord set

Give your casual wear a stylish touch with this selection, as the monochrome pattern of this combination set is perfect to emphasize your personal style.

4. Juneberry Cotton Co-Ord Set

Made of cotton material, this co-ord set offers a monochrome style and a stunning slim fit look. It has an elastic closure for easy comfort.

(19 Ratings & 133 Reviews)

Cotton co-order set

The cotton material of this combination set will keep you comfortable and relaxed all day long.

5. Aesthetic Body Co-Ord Set

Made from 100% cotton, this co-ord set comes in a tie-dye style and consists of a boxy crop top and sweatpants.

Tie-Dye Co-Ord set

The tie-dye pattern on this combo set is absolutely perfect for adding a touch of color to your style aesthetic.

Cinch Your Outfit In Model With These Gorgeous Belts For Ladies

Accessories are not always the first thing we choose when shopping. While we like to direct all of our attention to the usual fashion essentials, we often forget that accessories are equally indispensable in the wardrobe of every fashion fan and when it comes to dominating the sphere with your outfit, belts are the one for you high. From your office attire to your casual chic ensemble, belts complement any look. Whether a slim belt or a wide elastic band, there is something for every occasion and these picks are perfect for your wardrobe.

Belt for women to kill like a pro

Add a stylish touch to any look with these chic belts.

1. Generic women brown elastic belt

This belt comes with an elastic style and has a buckle closure. It is made of PU leather and it is elastic, which makes it easy to carry.

(12 Ratings & 98 Reviews)

Elastic belt

The elastic style of this belt allows you to adjust the fit to suit your level of comfort.

2. Zacharias women’s leatherette belt

This belt has a sleek, solid color style and a round, intricate buckle that gives it a stylish touch. It is made of synthetic leather.

Slim belt

The sleek style of the belt is perfect for adding a stylish touch to your clothes.

3. Electomania, leatherette belt for women

This faux leather belt has a floral buckle in the middle on the front to close and has a wide elastic band for better comfort and fit.

(42 ratings & 357 ratings)

Imitation leather belt

Its synthetic leather material makes it super light and makes it easy for you to carry it with no problem.

4. Satyam Kraft women’s metal leaf belt

This belt has a beautiful slim design with a leaf-like buckle to close and is made of metal, which makes it durable.

(404 ratings & 2,073 reviews)

Belt with a leaf buckle

Add a dramatic touch to your style with this stunning belt as it comes with a leaf buckle which is perfect to do the job properly.

There’s numerous monetary support out there to ladies pursuing STEM careers

Women are clearly underrepresented in STEM professions and there are many financial challenges for the few who aspire to scientific, technical, technical or mathematical professions. For this reason, many companies and organizations offer scholarships and other financial support to help bridge this gender gap in these important areas.

Only 1 in 4 employees in computer and math professions and 1 in 6 in architecture and engineering professions are women, they say Labor Statistics Office. In addition, for every dollar a man makes in STEM, a woman makes 14 cents less, according to the Department of Commerce.

“Improved access to higher education opportunities is one of the best strategies for reducing the gender gap in STEM areas,” said Rachel Morford, president of the Society of Women Engineers. “Scholarships help set this positive trend in motion by funding a woman’s access to STEM courses for bachelor, master and doctoral students. Designing projects and pursuing research or internship opportunities – all of these serve to keep women in STEM areas through graduation and beyond. “

Scholarships for women in STEM

There are many grants from organizations, foundations, and companies that are available to women in STEM careers.

The Society of Women Engineers (SWE) is a pioneer in supporting female students with an ABET-accredited (Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology) undergraduate or graduate program in engineering, engineering and computer science. In addition to supporting students on campus, SWE gave in 2020 260+ new and renewed scholarships female students around the world were worth a total of $ 1 million. SWE makes the application process easy, because with one application students can qualify for all applications that are relevant to them.

More of College votes:
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Microsoft conducted a study that found that in 2016 only 7% of women got a college degree in science, technology, engineering, or math, compared to 15% of men. In addition, women tend to take science-based courses instead of engineering, math, or computer-based courses, and are paid less than men. Microsoft offers Scholarships for women pursuing a career in STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and math) at college level.

“Access to scholarships can help alleviate some of the pressures women face today in MPOWER Financing’s corporate strategy of providing scholarships to women aspiring to STEM careers. “All of this can help fill the gaps not only for women – but also for those in underrepresented communities.”

Some other scholarships for women pursuing STEM careers include: the BHW Scholarship for Women in STEM, the Virginia Heinlein Memorial Scholarship, the Science Ambassador Scholarship funded by Cards Against Humanity, the ABC Humane Wildlife Women in STEM Academic Scholarship, the Girls Who STEM Scholarship, Adobe Research Women-in-Technology Scholarship, Hyundai Women in Stem Scholarship, and Amazon Future Engineer Scholarship Program.

Scholarships designed specifically for women aspiring to engineering careers include: The Palantir Women in Technology Scholarship, the Lynn G. Bellenger Scholarship, and the UPS Scholarship for Female Students.

The application process

Kaylin Moss, a senior at Marist College studying computer science, applied for hundreds of scholarships she found through databases, social media, or internet research. She won a Generation Google Scholarship.

Kaylin Moss, senior computer science officer at Marist College

Source: Steven Howard

Moss says the “application process was tedious” ̶ she had to answer three essay questions and submit a résumé and certificate. One of her essays was about how she founded the Marist College Chapter of the National Society of Black Engineers, the second of her solutions to many of the challenges underrepresented groups in the tech industry face when pursuing careers in technology, and the third illustrated their financial needs.

Applicants were judged based on their financial needs, commitment to diversity and inclusion, leadership skills, and academic performance.

Some scholarships require essay writing, while others ask for videos or artwork. And the application process is an expenditure of time. Moss recommends focusing on scholarships that best fit your communication method. So if you enjoy writing – go to the essays. If you’re a natural on camera, go to the Scholarships that ask for a video.

An applicant is more likely to win a scholarship if the applicant pool is small. Therefore, in addition to larger national scholarships, students should also apply for smaller, local scholarships to increase their chances of winning.

Olivia Haberberger, Senior Business Information Systems and Accounting Student at the University of Pittsburgh, receives the Pitt Success Grant and the Addison H. Gibson Foundation Grant.

Olivia Haberberger, Senior Business Information Systems and Accounting Student at the University of Pittsburgh

Source: Maddy Haberberger

The Pitt Success Grant was awarded as needed, so Haberberger only had to fill out the FAFSA (free student grant application) and meet a specific benchmark for the cumulative GPA each year. The Addison H. Gibson Foundation scholarship was also awarded as needed. Haberberger wrote a thank you letter to express her gratitude.

Success strategies

Haberberger advises other students to “stand up for yourself” and “think about how much time and energy you need to spend on the application”.

It is important to start your research early and stay organized so as not to miss any deadlines, like this, a website where students can search for scholarships and other financial aid.

The Education Quest Foundation cautions that if you postpone it at the last minute, you can be in a rush and then risk making mistakes with your application. They advise students to always proofread applications to avoid spelling and grammatical errors. And send it in early – sometimes that can make all the difference.

Rachel Morford emphasizes that “research and preparation should be started early!” For example, if you look at everything the Society of Women Engineers has to offer, you will find that there is a main application for scholarships at the organizational level, but some of the local specialist departments also have scholarship programs that you may be questioning for too.

“Talk to your school counselors and counselors, as well as the career center at your college or university, as they are likely to know about the options available,” Morford said.

“Funding is often the biggest obstacle to education, especially for international and DACA students, “Ramani explained.

“If you are interested in a STEM degree, our best advice is to do your research and evaluate the funding opportunities available to you,” said Ramani. “For example, the Society of Women Engineers has a lot of support resources on their website and your university may have resources to share. Funding is usually available; it’s just about accessing and evaluating what’s right for you, when It depends on loan repayment conditions, scholarship requirements, expectations of a dual study program, etc.

MPOWER is trying to remove barriers for students, explained Ramani. “We evaluate a student’s ability to repay their loan based on a unique set of considerations on the credit side. This leads to better results and less postponement or default. On the scholarship side, we evaluate each student’s application based on their accomplishments, goals, and needs . “

Grace Ulmer, an electrical engineering and linguistics student at Purdue University and recipient of The Palantir Women in Technology Scholarship – North America during her junior year, suggests “regularly looking for scholarships to apply and when you find one If you care, put “its date on the calendar!”

Although Ulmer did not find the application process quite as rigorous, she had to answer questions about her grades and courses as well as short essay questions about why she chose her subject and why it is important for women to have these opportunities.

Grace Ulmer, an electrical engineering and linguistics student at Purdue University.

Source: Ryan Villarreal

Ulmer decided to write three short essays about projects she was passionate about and how she could overcome obstacles to complete them. She wrote about her passion for student organizations in which she is involved, including “TEDxPurdueU, which hosts an annual TED conference each year, and PurdueVotes, which focuses on voter engagement and education in our community”.

She would also recommend looking for scholarships that play what you’re good at. For example, there are some scholarships that will accept presentations or videos on any topic that interests you.

“These are great opportunities to show who you are and to give the selection committee the best possible view of you,” said Ulmer.

In addition to doing your own online research and liaising with your school’s career centers and financial aid offices, there are many organizations that can help you successfully launch a career in the STEM field. They offer everything from help with finding scholarships to career development, networking, mentoring, and breaking the barriers for women in STEM. They include:

So don’t let the cost of a STEM education or anything else put you off. Think about what you’d like to do, apply for scholarships, and start networking. There are many people and organizations ready to put you on your way to a successful career in science, technology, engineering, or math.

CNBCs “College votes″ Is a series written by CNBC interns from universities across the country to help them get their college education, manage their own money and start their careers during these extraordinary times. Allison Martin is a two year intern on CNBC’s product and technology team. She is a senior at Virginia Commonwealth University and is pursuing a dual degree in computer science with a focus on data science and psychology with two minor subjects in actuarial mathematics and mathematics. The series is published by Cindy Perman.

The Mys Tyler App Helps You Get Outfit and Type Inspo From Ladies With a Related Construct, Then Store Their Appears to be like

Have you ever bought an item of clothing based on a photo of a model only to find that it just doesn’t fit you? It’s hard to guess whether something looks good on you or not based on how it looks on another body, especially if it’s shaped differently than yours. Mys Tyler – a new online shopping and body positivity app – wants to change that.

“Until now, women had to imagine what clothes would look like themselves only to try them on with a shockingly low success rate,” says founder and CEO Sarah Neill in a statement.

She was living in New York when she came up with the idea for Mys Tyler in 2014. Last year she quit her job and returned to Sydney to finally launch the app with the aim of helping women make informed shopping decisions and create an inclusive fashion community. The app has already been downloaded over 83,000 times in 100 countries.

It works by connecting users with women of similar size, fit, proportions, and overall appearance so that they can be inspired by the style and purchase the same flattering items for themselves.

A body quiz asks for personal details like height, age, typical dress and bra size, and even skin tone, and a fit algorithm uses the data to compare you to others who share your characteristics and physique.

You can then “follow” women whose style you like and enjoy a personalized feed of outfit suggestions from women who look like you. Use it for simple inspiration – “maybe I should try flowing dresses too” – or to buy the exact same piece thanks to a direct buy feature that connects you directly to stores and retailers.

You can also sign up as a contributor, post outfits with captions, part information and styling tips, and links to individual items that are still available online – and you can even earn commissions on your suggestions.

“There are millions of women around the world who look like you, love to shop, and know what clothes are best for your body,” says Neill. “We’ll help you find it.”

Research shows that 91 percent of women order the clothes online, are dissatisfied with the fit of their purchases and round Third of online purchases be returned (poor fit is the main culprit).

While Mys Tyler’s main concerns are body positivity, self-confidence, and inclusivity, it also helps the environment by minimizing the waste and carbon footprint that comes with all of these returns.

Mys Tyler is available on the Appstore and Google play.

Girls, veteran and minority restaurant house owners lose COVID reduction cash after lawsuit

Money intended for women, minority and veteran restaurants was taken away after a group of white men filed charges of discrimination.

SEATTLE – A federal aid program designed to help women, minorities and experienced restaurant owners survive the pandemic backfired on them.

It was all Chelley Bassett could do to keep the doors of her beloved Murphy’s pub open during the pandemic.

“It was really tough,” she said. “We did everything to stay open. We reduced the staff to myself, my business partner, the chef and a cook.”

With her money from the paycheck protection program, Bassett petitioned the federal agency Restaurant Revitalization Fund and received $ 89,000.

She thought it was a godsend that would help keep the drinks flowing at the Seattle pub like they have for the past 40 years.

“I was so happy because it was the last little boost we needed to keep things going,” said Bassett.

But that hope soon turned into fear. As quickly as the federal government approved this money, it took it away again.

The funds gave priority to restaurants owned by women, minorities and veterans in the application process. Some white male-run businesses in Tennessee and Texas alleged discrimination. You sued and won.

Now Bassett and about 3,000 other restaurants have nothing.

“I wanted to advertise. I don’t have the money to do it now,” said Bassett. “We want to give people a raise. We can’t give a raise. What should I do?”

CONNECTED: Some restaurants are struggling to find staff as Washington allows the return to full capacity

Anthony Anton, who heads the Washington Hospitality Association, says the pandemic left the average restaurant $ 150,000 in debt.

Anton urges people to get Congress to redeem all of these grants.

“The court’s decision is the court’s decision,” he said. “There’s nothing we can do about it. Without the return of the Restaurant Relief Fund, we’ll see more restaurants close. That’s just the truth. Debt is pretty high for many small businesses and there is only a limited amount that you can do keep it up.”

A bipartisan law has been introduced in the country’s capital to fund any restaurants that have asked for help. It remains unclear whether this is possible.

Back at Murphy’s, Bassett and all these other women, minorities, and veterans find themselves at the bottom of the line if Congress decides to run another round of funding.

“We are the industry that is hurting the most and we survived through fighting and now this is happening,” she says. “That is not right.”

Orchid Gala will increase cash for homeless ladies veterans

Ashley White stump

The seventh annual Orchid Gala will raise money for homeless veterans in honor of a soldier killed in action.

Villagers for Veterans will host the event on August 7th at 5:00 p.m. at the Brownwood Hotel & Spa in The Villages. Tickets are $ 75 each and can be purchased at or by phone (516) 220-5068. The theme will be “Havana Night”. There will be a performance by Hula Hands in Aloha and there will be music by Latin Ambition.

The event will raise funds for Ashley’s House, a 4,000-square-foot transitional home to be built on Grove Street, Eustis, to commemorate Ashley White-Stumpf, who was killed by an improvised explosive device during combat operations in Afghanistan.

“The home will be an all-female veterans transition home that provides temporary safe haven for female veterans while providing professional training, counseling and much-needed female camaraderie as they work toward self-sufficiency in a safe and loving environment,” says Marie Bogdonoff, Founder and CEO of Villagers for Veteran.

Seagram’s Escapes Hosts Digital Dialogue with Main African American Ladies in Leisure

WHAT: Summer is in full swing, the popular flavored malt beverage brand, Sea grams escape, in partnership with Rolling Out, organizes a virtual discussion with black influencers in the fields of comedy and entertainment with the fourth episode of their Empowerment Tour 2021. During the discussion, the presented women tell how they climbed the ladder of success in the entertainment industry, personal branding tips and how they overcame challenges. Attending the panel discussion is free and also includes a few laughs, gossips and tea-spilling “to complement the conversation. The contents create the perfect combination of information and entertainment for the audience at a summer get-together with friends or when relaxing at home alone.

WHO: The June panel features well-respected African American female entertainers – including comedians, reality TV stars, radio hosts and actresses – covering aspects of entertainment from a variety of spectrums. Panelists include:

  • B. Simone – rapper, singer, comedian, actress, esthetician, and social media personality who has appeared on MTVs Wild ‘N Out
  • Claudia Jordan – Talk show host (Cocktails with the Queens), actress, model, businesswoman, former reality TV personality (Real Housewives of Atlanta), Radio personality (The Rickey Smiley Morning Show) and host of VH1s love and hip hop reunions
  • LaLa Milan – Actress, comedian and podcast host, best known for her roles in the hit BET series Boomerang and the popular and provocative podcast The Salon With Lala Milan
  • Nina Parker – News correspondent (E! ‘S Nightly Pop, E!’ S Daily Pop, E! News, Live from the Red Carpet), apparel designer and producer. (Moderator)

WHY: As part of the tour, Sea grams escape presents this virtual panel to highlight black women entrepreneurs who have overcome obstacles on their path to becoming innovators in their fields. Sea grams escape launched the virtual conversation to nurture black women and provide resources and tools to advance them in pursuing their passions. The series of virtual tours provides a space for honest conversation where a variety of trailblazers openly share their stories with others in similar spaces to inspire, encourage, and share the knowledge they need to accelerate their entrepreneurial journeys.



WHEN: Saturday, June 26th 2021 7 p.m. EST

SOURCE Seagrams Escapes

Shannen Doherty requires extra natural-looking girls on display | Leisure

Shannen Doherty has “finally” learned to “hug” himself.

The Beverly Hills, 90210 actress, who has breast cancer, has pondered Hollywood’s beauty standards and the fact that there are few women on screen to identify with because she believes too many actresses have gone under the knife. to change their appearance.

She wrote on Instagram: “I watched movies tonight and noticed that there were few female characters to relate to. You know, women without fillers, without botox, without a facelift. Women who hugged her face and all the experiences it showed.

“I’ve lived. I love that I’ve lived and that my face reflects my life. I’ve survived a lot, yes cancer, but more than that. I’m hugging myself now. Finally. (Sic)”

The 50-year-old actress is “finished” with unrealistic expectations and has asked to see more natural looking women on TV and in films.

She added, “Done with the perception magazines and Hollywood’s attempt to get us to do it. I want to see women like me. Women like us. “

Meanwhile, Shannen recently insisted that she felt “strong and healthy” despite revealing last year that her cancer had returned.

She said, “I love it when people say, ‘We pray for you’ and everything else, but at some point they say, ‘I have this. I’m fine. .

“There are many people in the world who could use prayers and I feel great … I’m fine. I’m better than okay I am fine. I feel strong and healthy and confident and happy. “

Shannen and her husband, photographer Kurt Iswarienko, organized a dinner to share the news of their diagnosis with their close friends.

The ‘BH90210’ star also invited her oncologist to the meeting to “dispel any doubts”.

Shannen – who has been married to Kurt since 2011 – explained to her buddy Sarah Michelle Gellar, “I’m the type of person, I would just call you and say, ‘Listen, I’m level 4. It’s back and I will be all right.’ But I knew someone like you in particular would have more questions.

“In order for Dr. Piro, my oncologist, to be there to answer the questions very soberly, he was able to dispel any doubts people were having, or to say,” Hey, don’t googling because if you do Doing that will make you crazy to live so short and that just isn’t the case. “

Measures wanted to return girls to workforce post-Covid

Indian women wait in line for food in New Delhi.

SOPA pictures | LightRakete | Getty Images

The World Bank has warned that while the pandemic is recovering, critical measures must be taken to get women back into work and on the path to gender equality.

The pandemic has exacerbated existing gender gaps, and more efforts are needed now than ever to advance women, World Bank group global director Caren Grown told CNBC on Friday.

“While everyone was exposed to the same storm, it really affected men and women differently,” said Grown. “Squawk Box Asia. “

For example, although the death rate from Covid-19 was generally higher in men, women are more socially and economically affected, she said.

This is partly due to the disproportionate representation of women in heavily affected industries such as hospitality and tourism, but also to the additional care obligations that they normally face.

It has always been referred to as a shadow pandemic, but when we think about a recovery we actually need to initiate stronger responses.

Caren has grown

global director, World Bank Group

Even before the pandemic, the World Bank estimated that it could take 150 years for women to achieve gender equality with men. The health crisis has likely lengthened that schedule.

To overcome these differences, ensuring equitable access to vaccines is critical, Grown said. This includes making sure women have the time and resources to schedule their appointments.

In addition, further financial and nursing support is required to get the most affected women back on their feet and back to work.

Eventually, more safeguards against gender-based abuse need to be put in place, she said.

“What has been exposed during this pandemic is the increase in gender-based violence,” Grown said. “It has always been called the shadow pandemic, but when we think about a recovery we actually need to take stronger responses and preventative measures.”

Ladies participation in Asia ecommerce is a $280 billion alternative

Southeast Asia’s e-commerce market could grow by more than $ 280 billion by 2030 if large online shopping marketplaces emerge do more to encourage and empower women entrepreneurs, a new report by the International Finance Corporation found.

The “anonymity” of e-commerce has lowered many of the barriers to entry women traditionally face and given them opportunities to thrive in new sectors, said Amy Luinstra, IFC’s gender program manager for East Asia and the Pacific CNBC on Thursday.

Still, “many of the inequalities women face in traditional retailing are bleeding into the online world,” she said, including securing access to finance.

Luinstra urged major e-commerce players to do more to support female sellers and capitalize on the market opportunity.

For platforms with funding opportunities, this is a great way to attract more women and help them thrive.

Amy Luinstra

Gender Program Manager (East Asia and Pacific), IFC

This includes expanding funding for women, providing training and encouraging them to get involved in higher value sectors like electronics, she said.

“For platforms with funding opportunities, this is a great way to attract more women and help them thrive by making sure they are aware of and are able to take advantage of funding opportunities,” Luinstra told CNBC’s Squawk Box Asia . “

A woman wears a protective face mask while waiting for customers at her store in Jakarta, Indonesia on Tuesday March 31, 2020.

NurPhoto | Getty Images

Your comments are against the background of the Covid-19 pandemic, which is said to have disproportionately disadvantaged women.

The IFC report, which drew on data from Southeast Asian e-commerce website Lazada, found that women were on their way to achieving gender equality in e-commerce in 2019. But even with the surge in online retail over the past year, the additional caregiving and time constraints women faced meant that progress took a step backwards.

“Before the pandemic, women stood their ground – in some cases outperformed men and even … participating men,” Luinstra said.

For example, in the Philippines, women made up 64% of the sellers on Lazada’s website, but their sales fell 27% during the pandemic, the report said.

“That has changed under the pandemic and so we are starting to fill the void and the ability to fill that void which adds up to the huge $ 280 billion figure,” she said, referring to the im Report called Market Opportunity.

Correction: This article has been updated to correctly reflect the report’s 2030 growth estimates.