Winnie Harlow loves to modify up her type with wigs | Leisure

Winnie Harlow loves wearing wigs to express her different styles.

The 26 year old model’s career means changing her look forever, so wearing a hairpiece is the best way for her to change her hair while protecting her natural curls.

Speaking to Us Weekly, she said, “The ability to change my hair all the time is a big part of my life because I never get bored.

“I experience so many different looks and try new things and I think that’s what life is all about … I like to wear wigs so I can achieve all the looks my career brings, expressing different styles and mine at the same time can protect natural hair. “

Winnie recently announced that she is excited to see New York Fashion Week return in September and she can’t wait to see “Making The Cut” co-star Jeremy Scott on Moschino.

She said, “I’m going for Jeremy. Everything stopped and it was nice to take a breather, but we’re ready to get back into the flow.”

Jeremy and Winnie joined as judges on ‘Making The Cut’ this year and Winnie was impressed with the Amazon show’s commitment to diversity.

She said, “From everyone who filmed to the models they chose, not only were they different in race and creed, but also in size. It was important to the designers to make sure their clothing would fit multiple sizes . “